2 Months Full Time Income Report – How Much Could I Make?

Full On Matched Betting Profits

Matched Betting is a way to make money by exploiting for profit the free bets and many other promotions offered by bookmakers and online casinos.  Read my Matched Betting Beginners Guide and feel free to message me via any social media channels if you have any questions.

For many months I have typically made £500+ profit. The last few months I have put more time and effort in exploring where I can make more money and also to share with others so they can see the full potential of Matched Betting and do better themselves.

Most Matched Bettors are making money in varying ways so they will be plenty of other options to profit as well.

I use and highly recommend Profit Accumulator  as my Matched Betting service of choice.  It’s ideal for beginners with tutorial videos and the forum and information from other members is really helpful as you become more experienced. It’s totally free to take the free trial and you should make over £40+ profit.

November and December Were Full Time Matched Betting Months.

All these profits were achieved from my own single accounts.  It’s too easy for some people to dismiss big profit months as multi-accounting.  No, these results were produced from putting in extra time and effort and exploring multiple avenues within the wide range of Matched betting opportunities.

Full-on or Full Time Matched betting?

Although I say “full-time”.  I’m not at the laptop or iPad 40 hours a week, although I was on and off the devices throughout the day every day.  Often though I would combine with other tasks, such as shopping online at Christmas or redecorating my daughter’s bedroom, putting together flat pack furniture etc.

While doing those other tasks, I was within earshot of any forum notifications etc for close matches.  Or if I needed a break from DIY, I’d go and sit down and set up a casino offer or check the Oddsmatchers filters for close matches for offers or arb opportunities.

But don’t get me wrong, I put the time and effort in overall.  The profit did not just come easily.  Experience certainly helps.

0% Commission Is One of the best Offers – But Ending Soon

The last 2-3 months I have realized the full potential of the 0% commission at some of the exchanges, which open up a whole range of ways to profit.  These 0% deals were due to end early 2019, so I fully made the most of them while they lasted.  Although both deals have subsequently been extended for the time being at least.

After a successful couple of months Matched Betting, (£1783 in September and hot on the tails of my best every month when I made £4905 in October I wanted to push the boundaries and see what could be achieved with a concerted effort over a month or two and make the most of the 0% commission.

Constantly Learning

I’ve learned a lot the last 2 months and I’ll be sharing more in-depth profit-boosting tips in forthcoming blog posts and also on my social media channels.

Hopefully, this income report highlights the potential there is in Matched Betting to make decent money.  There are certainly way more offers than I could actually complete myself within 2 months.

Build Your Matched Betting Bank (Best Advice For Long Term Profits)

I saved the profits I made from the previous 2 months and used it to complete the offers and profit opportunities this month.  A bigger bank certainly helps in completing the bookmaker cashback wagering offers which allowed stakes of £200-£400+ and also for taking advantage of any arbing or Dutching possibilities.

It also helps if you have enough money to spread around the exchanges so you can take advantage of the exchange with the lowest odds.  All these little factors help to boost profits.

Month 1: November 2019 Profit Breakdown 

November Sports Profits  £1242.41

The bulk of this profit came from 3 offers at 3 bookies simply offering cashback on wagers over the course of a week.  It was really easy to get close matches too.    This offer was not on the Reloads because it invite-only, so not open to everyone.  However, if you keep an eye on the offers posted by members forum thread you spot these gems.

November Arbing £138.97

Various small arbs, taking advantage of the 0% commission and betting at bookies that don’t give offers.

Arbing is a last resort and only used on accounts which I know I’m gubbed at and no promotions to profit from.  This is something you learn from experience and some bookies may appear not to have offers for a while, then start offering really good ones.  Other bookies just haven’t had offers in over 18-24 months, so I arb them.

November Price Boosts £45.38

Price Boosts are one of the easiest ways to make money matched betting without free bets.

I didn’t keep an eye out for price boosts this month.  Plenty more can be made from these if you look out for them.  I used a few Will Hill horse boosts and spotted a decent Novibet boost that made an easy £14+ profit.

November Casino Offers

The longer I do Matched Betting, the more money I make from casino offers.   If you are new to them I would recommend starting out with risk-free offers, that’s where I’ve made the bulk of my profit.  Check out my guide to make money from online casinos and risk-free offers.

After my massive risk-free wins in October, I decided to explore how much in terms of casino offers was available.  The last few months I have signed up to more online casinos so I can take advantage of regular free spins offers.  There’s still quite a few I need to sign up to.

During the month I hit as many offers as I could that I deemed worthwhile.

Some members do any offer that is EV positive.  I generally stick to offers which are low risk and offer an EV that is at least 10% of the wagering required.  So for example, if I need to wager £10 to get free spins or a bonus, I would want a minimum Expected Value of £1.00

Sometimes I’ll go a little lower if it’s an easy to complete offer on what is seemingly from what I know a low variance slot.

I tend to stick to slots offers.  They are quick and easy to complete rather than blackjack or any live casino games.  Although there are always exceptions, especially if a risk-free offer.

November Casino Offers  £1089.34

I completed 98 low-risk offers.  The majority were wagering £10 get a bonus or free spins.  The most I wagered was £50.

52 offers resulted in a loss, the biggest of which was £21.65 (which was due to a mistake auto spinning on £1.60 spins on a £15 wager offer) and £22.30 on a wager £50 offer.

There’s no doubting I had a very lucky month as my profit was far in excess of the combined expected value of the offers.

I had offer profits of £198.57, £197.38, £101.82., £100, £97.94, £97.04 and many others in the £20-£60 range.

The key difference for me was increasing the spin-stake to £1 when wagering bonus money.  When a big win is hit it makes it much more likely I’d complete wagering.

I also hit an extra £47+ from the last spin loophole that was mentioned as part of the offer instructions.

November Risk-Free Casino Offers £394.39

Risk-free offers are an excellent source of profit.  There’s no ups and downs, just opportunity to rack up the profits.  Sometimes pennies and few pounds at a time, but every so often a big win.

In November I completed 30 risk-free offers for a total profit of £394.39.  most of this came from one offer win of £257.32.   It was a Deposit £20 get 20 free spins.  You don’t use any of the deposit, just spin the 20 free spins.  However, I then had to wager the winnings.   This particular offer holds the free spins winnings as restricted funds until you bust out of wagering is completed.  However, any winnings over the restricted amount go into your real money balance.   The more offers you do the more you pick up these kinds of tips or loopholes.

The best thing about risk-free offers is there are no losses or losing streaks.  Just continually building profit.

Cashback Extra (Potential £25 – Not Counted)

I signed up to Dunder via a Cashback site offer which said I had to wager £25 to get £25 cashback.  This made the sign up Risk-free if I actually receive the cashback.  Currently, Quidco is indicating I should  receive the cashback by mid-March.  I always consider cashback a bonus and I’d seen Dunder was often giving away risk-free spins, so I wanted to sign up anyway.  It soon paid off, see big win screenshot from December).

I have made a good few extra hundred pounds from cashback offers over time I have been Matched Betting.

November Matched Betting Total    £2910.49

November 2018 was my second highest profit month in over 2 and a half years of Matched Betting.

November Big Win Examples

This £80 win came from a 10p spin.  I wager minimum stakes to qualify for the bonus to keep the variance down.   This type of slot can be hit or miss.

Slots offer win £80 from 10p spin

Example of a win during wagering.  Wagering £50 on Blackjack to get a £25 bonus that you have to wager x 30 may not seem worthwhile for some.  However, I spin the bonus at £1 stakes, if bust out quick I haven’t wasted much time.  However, sometimes you hit nice wins like this, £165 from a £1 (bonus money) spin, which makes completing the wagering a lot more likely.

Casino Win Wagering Bonus

Month 2: December 2019 Profit Breakdown

Another month, pretty much full-on Matched Betting, yet not quite full time as I obviously took time off for Christmas and New Year.

December Sportsbook Profits £603.20

Again this month was boosted by cashback offers by 3 bookies that allow you to wager a set amount, e.g a total of £5000 from multiple bets depending on the max stake allowed and how much is available at the exchanges and they pay a cashback on your stake.  So all I have to do is wait for close matches and back and lay them.

Most of the other sportsbook profit came from relatively new bookmakers I have signed up to, MoPlay, Novibet, Volt Casino.

December Price Boosts £24.62

I didn’t actively watch for price boosts, I just picked up a few whenever I came across them.  I did 12 in total, so as you can see, they were just small quick and easy profits.  Sometimes if I look for price boost I don’t know if I can’t get a large stake on or not, so even if not, I pay for the time logging in and looking by just making a couple of pounds, or pence if that’s all it is.

Most of the price boosts were for William Hill horse boosts, which also qualified me for refunds offers.

December Arbing Profits  £553.26

Making the most of the Smarkets and Matchbook 0% commission deals I took advantage of a number of profitable arbs  Typically from bookmaker accounts that offer me no other value from offers.

When I  see an arb opportunity I do use large stakes to maximize profit as best I can.  Sometimes I’ll still take smaller amounts for profit on restricted accounts.  It all adds up.

Arbs clearly have a lot of potential on the right bookie accounts, read my Arbitrage betting  post which also includes more info on Dutching too.

December Dutching Profits £214.15

Dutching is similar to arbing if placing the bets results in a profit, but instead of using a betting exchange you bet at 2 bookmakers on opposite outcomes (or 3 bookmakers if a 3 way Dutch).  Use the Dutching Matching Tool to highlight profitable Dutches.

December Horse Refunds £36.29

In part, this profit was from a price boost, but the main reason I was doing the boost was that it also qualified for free bets if the horse wins by 5 lengths.

I didn’t particularly attempt any direct horse refunds this month.

December Low-Risk Casino Offers £189.38

In total, I completed 70 offers17 resulted in losses, the highest of which was £27.02, in part because I wagered but did not get the free spins due to the slot not working and awful customer support from the casino.

My biggest wins were £52.28, £32.36 and £32.05 and £30.04

My biggest loss was £20.00 on a high-risk offer, which generally I avoid.  I also lost £19.56 on another offer for wagering £100 and didn’t receive the bonus.  I didn’t waste time chasing it up as it was an account I’d made a lot of profit from in other ways.

December Risk-Free Casino Offers £638.05

Another great month of profit from risk-free offers.  Check out my profit from risk-free and other online casino offers.

Christmas is a great time for risk-free casino offers because many of the Advent offer days give away free spins on bonuses.

I profited from 32 offers although I did do a few more but didn’t record exactly how many if I won very little or nothing.

I recorded that there were at least 10 occasions I claimed risk-free spins from the deposit and get offers but won nothing.   The risk-free spins totalled 330, but required wagering.  This just highlights it’s about hitting the risk-free offers, even though you won’t profit from all of them.  There’s certainly value in them to be had and it only takes one decent win on a £1 spin during bonus wagering to guarantee a profit, as was had amongst the offers I did profit from (including the £400 win spin screenshot further down).

Total December Matched Betting Profit   £2258.95

Although I made a profit from low-risk risk offers, it wasn’t as much as November considering the number of offers I completed.  Just goes to highlight that the EV evens out in the end, in this case, it started evening out pretty soon after.

The month had the advantage of Advent offers for extra free bets and risk-free offers.   Obviously, with it being Christmas I eased right off the Matched Betting.  Both in the build-up with the getting ready for Xmas but also during and after actually enjoying Christmas itself, especially while the kids were off school.

December Big Wins

BGO sometimes give free spins away if you deposit.  Note, they do make a small charge for depositing and withdrawing, so not totally risk-free.

This was a win from one single 10p free spin.

Big Free Spins Win

This win below was from a risk-free offer, Deposit £20 get 30 free spins x 25 wagering.   So I simply deposited £20.  Did not use any of it.  Spun the 30 free spins and then had to wager the winnings x 25. I think I won about £8, so that I could get at least 10 spins with the bonus money I started wagering at 80p spins when I hit a massive win of £400.40.    This guaranteed me a profit and after completing wagering the offer I profited to the tune of £364.84.

This particular casino was giving away this type of free spins almost every day through December.  I didn’t catch on straight away but I did as many as I could once I realized.

Big Risk Free Slots Win

Note, I sometimes post a video of decent wins on my Instagram stories.   It’s easier to catch the end of a bonus round on video.

There’s So Much More To Do & Potential Money To Be Made

There are so many more offers and opportunities for profit.

I still have a number of bookies and casinos I could do sign up for.

Other Profit Accumulator members are concentrating on all kinds of other offers or little niches they are finding.

Don’t forget im gubbed at a wide range of bookies, so it’s highly likely you could be doing way more offers than I can.

I also don’t personally bother doing any weekly club bets or accumulators.  I barely did any horse refunds unless part of a price boost.

There are numerous other ways to attempt to make money.   Some I spotted too late in the month.

Many are more the refund hit and miss type but some members who take the time and practice and put in place procedures do very well from them.  One, for example, was arbing horses at bookies that offer a minimum bet guarantee on certain races, even on gubbed accounts.  I had a go at this and found it time-consuming, but could see with more practice and experience it could be fairly lucrative for the right person.  Although it’s not for me.

Every Time I Log On There’s A Way to Make Money Or Take Value

Literally every time I login to my laptop, there’s a way to either male money or potential make money and take value.

Even if just 5 minutes I could browse the Reloads see if there’s an easy one to pick off.  Or see if any free spins have been posted.  Check the Oddsmatcher for close matches or arbs.

Some offers I can do on auto, even when too tired to do more complex tasks.  Or while sitting in front of the TV.

Is It Possible to Go Full On Full Time?

I did these 2 months full on knowing the offers were there at the start.

0% commission is a great offer in itself and opens up a wide range of possibilities that aren’t generally as profitable if at all.

I also started November with the lucrative sports cashback offers on the go.

All these things can change.  The cashback offers have weakened.   The 0% commissions will end at some point.

If you try too hard to stay full-time you might end up going into the realms of advantage play and value betting or high-risk casino.  All of which could lead to losses, which for me, is not what Matched Betting is about (albeit it might be ideal for a minority).

If the best offers dry up, you find yourself putting a lot of time into offers or strategies that maybe don’t pay so well.  I tried arbing horses at Bookies that allowed a minimum bet guarantee.  At times it was fruitful, at other,s it was just a boring waste of time.  However, I like giving things ago and over time I learned from it, and just added it into the mix for making a few extra pounds, rather than trying to do well solely focusing on it.

I know full well if the 0% commission alone stops, it would make it a lot harder for me to profit.  Hence why I milked it these last 2 months.

Am I Continuing To Put Full On Effort In?

No.  My goals for this year are to target an average of £1000 a month throughout 2019.   However, you can’t force it and if the offers aren’t there or I lose key accounts or 0% commission deals, there’s not much I can do.  I’m hoping to get off to a good in 2019, albeit the month did start slower for me.

Previous Months Income Reports

Disclaimer: Profits 100% from my own single accounts.

Below I’ve highlighted other key areas of profit.  The income reports feature full breakdowns and some show tips and specific forum threads I follow in order to find more offers and make more profit.

Income Highlights

June 2018 £1464.30 I discovered the potential of risk-free spins and started doing as many offers as I could find many of which were posted almost daily in the Profit Accumulator forum. I then went on to find 780+ risk-free spins in July.  I’ve continued to make the most of forum posted risk-free offers ever since.

October 2018  £4905 was my best ever month.  An amazing month mostly due to one ongoing risk-free casino offer which I was able to take full advantage of for a couple of weeks because I’d built my bank previously and could do deposits of a few hundred pounds at a time and not have to wait for the withdrawal to repeat the offer again.

November and December 2018 £2910.49 & £2258.95  With my bankroll built from October and my appetite to explore even more options for profit I put full-on effort into making as much profit as possible in these 2 months.

I wanted to make the most of the 0% betting exchange commission deals while they lasted (subsequently extended much longer).

Since 2019 started I have ceased doing new income reports.  I realized I was becoming further and further away from the beginner’s stage of Matched betting and many of the tips and breakdowns of profits in my income reports were not of use to people with less experience and smaller bankrolls.

Plus all my strategies and tips are within the above reports and future reports would just be repeating them.

However, as a whole, they show what can be achieved if you consistently keep learning and doing various offers types and above all build your bankroll.


There’s way more to Matched Betting than meets the eye, even for those who have been doing it for a while.

When you find the right channels, there’s literally a constant flow of offers through the day and evening, every day.

There’s also a much wider range of strategies for making money.  Some it’s true are hedging towards more risk using advantage play and value betting.  High-risk casino alone seems to be providing many members with endless offers.  I’d be busy even without these.

Hopefully, this posts shows what’s possible with Matched Betting.  A lot more than free bets from initial sign-ups.   As with anything, the more you put in the more you get out.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments.

Also if you ever have tips or advice or where I can further improve my profits, please feel free to recommend.

Most people won’t want to aim for £2000+ a month.  Even I don’t intend to do this every month.  It’s just worth knowing that if you want to earn £500 to £1000+ a month, which tax-free would make quite a difference to most people’s lives, the potential is certainly there.

I’ll also say one more time, it’s a lot easier too if you build your bank.


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