2016 Beatrix Potter 150th Anniversary 50p Coin Value in 2024

The Beatrix Potter Anniversary 50p is the coin from the whole set of Beatrix Potter 50ps that is dedicated to the author herself.

It was released in quite high numbers but is still worth more than face value if you find it in good enough condition.

Read on to find out the latest values.

How Much is the Beatrix Potter 50p Coin Worth
Credit: The Royal Mint

2016 Beatrix Potter Anniversary 50p Coin

The Beatrix Potter Anniversary 50p coin was one of the first 5 designs released to celebrate the 150th year since her birth.   Whereas all the other designs were dedicated to characters from her famous Tales, this was the only coin specifically dedicated to the author herself.

Sometimes referred to as the Beatrix Potter Portrait 50p coin, a head and shoulder portrait of the author and illustrator can be seen at the top centre point of the design.

Her name “BEATRIX POTTER” is inscribed in the centre of the design.   Beneath this, we see inscribed the years of her birth and death 1866 to 1943 which are separated by the ears of the character she was best known for creating, that of Peter Rabbit.

This image of Peter would appear on its own coin a year later on The Tale of Peter Rabbit 2017.

Beatrix Potter Portrait Anniversary 50p Coin
Credit: The Royal Mint

How Much is the Beatrix Potter Anniversary 50p Worth?

While the Beatrix Potter Anniversary 50p is relatively common in relation to most commemorative 50’s it is still worth higher than face value in very good to excellent condition.  The highest value version of the coin is one in uncirculated condition.

Estimated Prices are as follows:

  • Average circulated condition 50p
  • Very good to excellent circulated condition  £1.00 to £3.00
  • Uncirculated condition £3.25 to £5.00

How Many Beatrix Potter Anniversary 50p Coins in Circulation?

There were 6,900,000 Beatrix Anniversary 50p coins minted in 2016.

Is the Beatrix Potter Anniversary 50p Coin Rare?

The Beatrix Potter Anniversary coin is not considered that rare.  It was the 7th rarest of all the Beatrix Potter 50ps.  Although if you find one in your change or collection that is in excellent condition it is still rare enough to be worth more than its face value.

Is it Worth Selling a Beatrix Potter Anniversary50p?

If you have an anniversary Beatrix Potter 50p in excellent or uncirculated condition it could be worth selling if you are happy to get £3.50 to £5.00 for it.

Who Was Beatrix Potter?

Beatrix Potter is a well-known author and illustrator. She was born in 1866 in London, England. Her real name was Helen Beatrix Potter.

Beatrix Potter wrote and illustrated many children’s books including “The Tale of Peter Rabbit.” Her work has been translated into at least 36 languages.

Beatrix Potter created timeless stories for generations to enjoy that are still just as popular today as they were over 100 years ago when they were first published.

The most well-known example is the story of “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” which tells about a naughty rabbit’s life and how he gets into a bit of a predicament when he ventures into a vegetable garden.

Characters from her many other famous tales are featured in the set of 13 Beatrix Potter 50p coins.

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