Chase Bank Referral Code UK – Free £20 Cash – Refer a Friend

Chase Bank is currently offering £20 free cash when you use a friend’s referral code.

If you already know how the offer works and are just looking for a Chase referral code you can use this one: nypFTxta

or it should track via this invite link which downloads the Chase Bank app.

If you sign up through my link you can claim a free £20 when opening an account and depositing £20. Within a day you should receive your £20 reward which you can withdraw immediately.

Read on for our easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions to make £20 within just a few minutes’ effort, plus tips to make even more.

Chase Bank UK

How to Claim Your Chase Free £20

The whole process takes about 10 minutes of effort excluding the wait time for your I.D to be verified.

  1. Sign up directly via this link
  2. Verify Email
  3. Verify Mobile Number
  4. Confirm I.D (Wait for details to be checked)
  5. Get the card and choose a PIN
  6. Choose Card Design
  7. Activate 1% Cashback
  8. Visit the Rewards section and enter Referral Code: nypFTxta
  9. Deposit £20 on the same day
  10. Receive £20 reward within 24 hours

The referral code should track if you visit via the link.  However, it’s best to double-check in the app to check the code has been applied, see images below.

For many more lucrative offers like the above check out my free money UK page.  There’s typically £100’s worth of free money available.

Confirming I.D

You will need to confirm your identity in order to open a Chase Bank account.  This simply involves using your phone to take a photo of your chosen form of ID.

Either your:

  • Passport
  • Drivers License
  • Identity Card

Once you have submitted the photo of your I.D you will then be asked to take a selfie.

Both of these actions will literally take just a couple of minutes.

Once submitted you will have to wait for your information to be checked and confirmed, this can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.

With the launch of the new £20 refer a friend sign up the programme it may take a little longer.

Once the checks are complete you will receive a text message.

How to Claim Your £20

In order to claim your free £20, you simply need to deposit £20 within the given timeframe, mine was the same day.

I recommend doing this straight away so you don’t forget.

You’ll need to transfer £20 to your new Chase account sort code and account number as shown in the app.

You should get your £20 reward within 24 hours, and you can withdraw both your deposit and reward immediately.

To check your code has been tracked visit the Rewards section of the app as seen in the image below.

Chase Bank Rewards

Just tap the above and you’ll go through to the next screen as shown below.  In the instance below the referral code still needed to be added manually.

Where to check Chase Referral Code

However, the code will often have tracked automatically so you won’t need to add anything.

Earn More Refer Friends and Family

Once you are signed up you can refer up to 20 friends and earn £20 per referral, giving you the potential to earn up to £400 in referrals.

You can continue to refer more than 20 friends so they get the £20, but you won’t earn anything yourself.

If you live with a partner, just simply referring them will earn you a total of another £20 each to the household, so a total of £60 in total.

I always sign up and immediately refer my wife.

Other Benefits of the Chase Bank App

Once you have claimed your free £20 cash you may be wondering whether it’s using the app on an ongoing basis.

As it happens the Chase app does offer some very competitive features.

1% Cashback 

If you want to continue using the Chase card after claiming your free £20, that’s up to you.

You wil be offered 1% cashback on everyday debit card spending subject to terms and conditions.

1.5% Savings Account

At the time of writing, Chase Bank offered one of the best savings rates in the UK, with its offering of 1.5% interest on easy-access savings accounts.

Chase allows you to open up to 10 savings accounts with savings up to £250,000.

It is part of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, so your funds will be protected up to the value of £85,000.

You can read more about the savings account in this review here by becleverwithyourcash.

What Is Chase Bank?

Chase Bank UK is a digital app-based bank offered by US company JP Morgan.

It can only be accessed online via your smartphone.

Is Chase Bank UK Legit?

Chase Bank UK is owned by JP Morgan, one of the largest banking organisations in the UK.

The US JP Morgan Chase Bank was originally founded in 1799, so has been doing business for over 222 years.

You can read more on the Chase Wiki page.

When Did Chase Bank UK Open?

Chase Bank UK was launched in September 2021.

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Final Thoughts

The Chase free £20 refer a friend code is just part of their marketing to gain more UK users and is well worth taking advantage of.

It’s also one of those free money offers that might also benefit you by continuing to use it while it offers the cashback and relatively good easy access savings accounts.



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