How to Get the Cheapest Breakdown Cover Every Year

How to Get Cheap Breakdown Cover

Are you looking to save money by finding the cheapest breakdown cover?

As with most bills, if you auto-renew your car breakdown cover it’s highly likely you will be overpaying.

Fortunately, the quality of cheap roadside assistance services by different providers is all fairly similar.  There is no real need to stay loyal to a particular brand.

Let’s look at the options for getting the cheapest breakdown cover possible:

How To Get The Cheapest Breakdown Cover Every Year

Regardless of what type of cover you need, the best way to get the cheapest deal is to swap Breakdown Cover Providers each year.  This saves money in two ways.

Firstly you get their cheap new customer low price deal.  This is alone is likely to be much cheaper than your renewal quote.

Secondly, by swapping providers you can sign up to your new provider via one the best cashback sites.  This can amount to a decent percentage saving on just basic cover and quite a substantial saving for more expensive comprehensive cover, for which you can currently get up to £120 cashback.

Let’s have a look at what’s on offer.

Bear in mind, prices and cashback offers can change at any time.

Heres a look at the range of Breakdown Cover Providers that you can get cashback from at Topcashback.  Now straight away you can see 4 decent options for cashback.  However, the standout options are the most well-known, the AA and the RAC.

Topcashback Breakdown Cover Cashback options

Examples of AA Breakdown Cover Cashback Amounts

Depending on the cost of the particular type of breakdown cover you take out you can see the varying amounts of cashback you could get.  Typically 25-35+% off.  This is clearly the best way to get cheap AA cover.  Significant savings.

AA Breakdown Cover Cashback

Examples of RAC Cashback Amounts

Here you can see the RAC offers very similar cashback deals to the AA.  Again, with the cashback it really makes for cheap RAC cover.

RAC Breakdown Cover Options

Simple Strategy For Cheapest Car Breakdown UK Cover

My simple money-saving strategy would be to one year go with the most suitable cheapest AA cover and the following year go with the cheapest RAC breakdown cover.

Each year taking advantage of the lowest prices they offer new customers and combining with the very generous cashback offers.

Assuming similar cashback on offer each year I’d simply an alternate breakdown service providers, for example:

  • Year 1: AA
  • In Year 2: RAC
  • Year 3: AA
  • in Year 4: RAC
  • and so on.

Obviously, keep an eye out for other breakdown cover options.  Some years other providers may have deals on which may work out cheaper than the above deals even including the cashback.

How To Activate The Breakdown Cover Cashback

To qualify for the cashback, click the link from the cashback site to the breakdown service provider of your choice.  In the above AA and RAC from Topcashback images, you would click the red button near the top that says “Get Cashback Now”.

A new page would pop and you’ll see this:

Topcashback Cashback ActivatedIt will then take you through to the AA or RAC websites as normal.   If you make the purchase, the cashback site will be credited with your purchase and in time you’ll receive the cashback.

Do note, cashback is never 100% guaranteed, although I have received mine the vast majority of times.  If you are in doubt as to whether the transaction will track because maybe you have visited the breakdown providers previously via other sites.  Simply clear your browser cookies or open the cashback site in a different browser, log in to the cashback site and visit the AA or RAC, etc site from there and it should track.  If you have any issues with missing cashback you can make a claim.

Read my Topcashback review to see how it works and more ways you can get cashback.  Over time it can add up to hundreds of £’s.

How To Find The Current Cheapest Breakdown Cover Deals For New Customers

To start with I look for the current cheapest breakdown providers.  I do this simply by going to look the MSE Best Buys Breakdown Cover. They highlight the providers with the best new customer deals.  Usually, the AA and RAC are up there as one of the cheapest.

I then take out the breakdown cover by first visiting Topcashback or Quidco.  It’s always worth checking both cashback sites.  Typically I find Topcashback offers a little more, however, in this instance for some cover amounts Quidco was offering high cashback for both breakdown providers on the highest premiums but a little lower on the basic cover premiums.
Quidco Breakdown Cover Cashback

Here you can read my full Quidco review with plenty of tips to boost cashback and even the final payout.

What Type of Breakdown Cover Do You Need?

If you have a new or reliable car then you may just want to take out the cheapest basic cover.   My new car is 3 years old and this is the option I went for.

My previous car was older and reached that point of potentially being a little more likely to break down.  Thankfully it never out on the road, but there was one occasion when it wouldn’t start outside my house so I  was glad I had the cheapest breakdown cover with Home-Start.  Although, you still pay over the odds for parts, in our case a new battery.

The cover varies as well in terms of whether you cover the car or the driver.  If covering yourself as a driver expect to pay more.

Also whether you need just standard UK cover or maybe European cover if you have likely road trips to  Europe within the year.

Do You Even Need Breakdown Cover?

I only ask this question as I did a poll on Twitter and was surprised at how many people didn’t actually have a  breakdown cover.  Admittedly a small sample size, but 57% said “No”.

If you break down you can still call up a breakdown service, you’ll just have to pay more if you do need them.

If you do decide to take this option of no cover, it’s always best to save at least the equivalent of the premiums to cover any future costs of having to pay for an emergency breakdown service.

As of July 2018, for car cover (not personal cover) you would typically be looking at:

  • Basic cover £35 (minus £11 cashback) £24
  • Full cover (home start etc) £150.99 (minus cashback £70) £80.99

In July 2019, the scenario was slightly different.

  • Basic Cover £55 (minus £22 cashback) £23.00 total
  • Full Cover £135 (minus £53 cashback) £81.00 total

Personally, I like the peace of mind for myself and especially family when they are out and about having breakdown cover.

The end price totally highlights how worthwhile Topcashback and Quidco are worth having for this alone.

Other Ways To Get Cheap Breakdown Cover

Sometimes breakdown cover is included within packaged bank accounts or as part of a car insurance policy.

If you know the cheapest breakdown cover using my method above of combining cheap new customer deals and cashback discounts, you’ll be able to work out whether the breakdown cover in the package is worth the cost when compared to other packages or insurance policies which don’t include the breakdown cover.

Averse To Switching But Still Want To Save?

If you really don’t want to switch roadside recovery providers for whatever reason.  For example, maybe you really like some of the member’s benefits which offer discounts in a location you guarantee to make decent savings from or you just can’t find 5-10 minutes to switch.

There is a lazy but less effective method.  Haggling.

I call it haggling but don’t be daunted by this.  Simply ring up and ask your existing provider for a discount.  If you tell them you want to cancel they are known to easily offer good deals to keep your custom.

This lazy approach will save you money on your renewal quote but you probably won’t get the best saving on par with a new customer deal and you won’t get the added benefit of cashback.

However, you should at least be offered free add ons.  I was also offered 15 months for the price of 12 months.


Although breakdown cover is a fairly low-cost annual bill for some if you only get basic cover, the savings percentage-wise are significant and can certainly add up over time if you make use of my tips.

Do you know of any other ways to get cheap breakdown cover.

If you try my methods and tips out, please let me know how much you’ve saved in the comments.

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