Use Daily Affirmations For Money & Super Success (Proof)

Daily Affirmations To Make Money & Be Successful

Have you ever thought of using daily affirmations for suucess and to lead to making more money?

However, when you realise the fact that many highly successful people are more often than not using daily affirmations it makes you sit up and take much more notice.

In this post, I take a deeper look at daily affirmations and who’s successful that is using them and importantly, how they are using daily affirmations for money and to achieve success.

As you will find out, daily affirmations don’t just work by themselves.  You need to do them properly and combine with other basic key elements.

Let’s take a look:

How To Use Daily Affirmations For Money and Success

It’s easy to find pre-written daily affirmations online or via daily apps.  These might have there place for general well being and confidence-building, but when it comes to making money and being successful you need to create your own.

Especially if you have specific desires to make money or be successful at whatever it is you choose your goal to be.

Your daily affirmations are for your personal goals.  They must resonate with you.  You must feel and believe in them.

They should motivate you to work hard taking action to achieve them.  

John Assaraf – Train Your Brain (Includes Daily Affirmations)

For me, in this video John Assaraf (author and brain/mind researcher) represents the best way of approaching daily affirmations combined with other key factors.

In particular, you have to remind yourself of your affirmations twice daily with feeling. 

You are not just saying affirmations, you living them, feeling them, seeing the goal you want as if it’s already achieved.

Next and most importantly, you take action.  Ideally combined with hard work.

From doing your daily affirmations the call to action becomes impulsive, you can’t resist the pull to achieve your daily affirmed desires.

Key points from video:

“In order to achieve your goals, first you have to have the CLARITY of what they are.”

Makes total sense right? Do you know yours?

Step 1: Get Clear on Your Goals

Step 2: Create Your Daily Affirmation – Read your daily affirmation every morning and every night, 5 – 10 times.

Visualize your affirmation as if its really happening.  Feel it as if it’s real.  Like you’ve already achieved it.

If it helps create an accompanying form of the vision board for your affirmation and goal.

These steps trigger your brain to activate and work out how to achieve these goals.

It will also help you think bigger and work towards goals that you previously might not have considered or maybe thought were out of your reach.

Final Step Take action.    The daily affirmations and visualization should help you decide and focus on what actions you need to take each day.  These might evolve over time as you’ll find you’ll start getting ideas and spotting more opportunities that previous you might not have noticed.

The only other aspect I would add to the above video, even though it’s mentioned in the below examples, you need to work hard and with focus.  The daily affirmations should also motivate you in this respect as well.

Successful People Who Use Daily Affirmations (or similar) 

I’ve put together a few examples of a diverse range of successful people who use daily affirmations or attribute the use of them or similar to reaching their success goals.

Dana Pena ($50 Billion Dollar Man)

This guy, if you haven’t previously heard of him is ruthless as well as super successful (self-confessed).

In his own words, he’s not interested in being liked. He just gives advice and mentors.

Hard talking, no-nonsense and super successful from nothing.

Dan claims to have created a net worth total of his mentees to the tune of a staggering $50 billion dollars.

Now 74 years of age and he’s still setting goals.

Dan claims to give away the recipe for success all for free on his site

On his web site, he has the 10 Habits To Super Success.

What’s the No.1 habit? Practice Daily Affirmations! 

As well as many other elements, Dan combines these affirmations with working hard.

(Warning: Contains strong language)

Below Dan Talks more to London Real about his affirmations.  (Warning: Contains strong language)

Notice how Dan Pena affirmations start with:

  • I’m excited every day”
  • “I’m excited, thrilled

He uses emotional words that generate a feeling.

When you say your own daily affirmations use words that generate belief and feelings within yourself surrounding your own goals.

Brian Rose – Daily Affirmations For Success

Brain Rose, founder of London Real and interviewer of Dan Pena in the above video.

In the first 2 minutes of this video, Brian talks about the importance of daily meditation and how it’s a habit of many successful people he knows.  For the record, in another video I watched, Dan Pena said he does not meditate, but stated he sees nothing wrong with meditation.  He actually talked about how many of his mentors do meditate.

Brian was sold on Daily Affirmations by Dan Pena and in the video covers his pre-conceptions, one being he didn’t expect someone like Dan Pena to be using them.

In the video below, he covers so many key points in a short amount of time.

Brian starts talking about affirmations at 2 mins 15 seconds.

A key point, he says “even when I say them I feel better, it empowers me and I believe it’s a huge gamechanger”.

Again notice how Brian Rose affirmations start with an emotional feeling.

  • “I am excited to be…”
  • “I am so proud…”

Say your daily affirmations like they are true today.

Even the interviewer says he has used daily affirmations for about a year and they have really changed his life.

Grant Cordone’s Daily Ritual

Grant Cardone is certainly an entrepreneur who can get anyone fired up to achieve.

He’s reportedly built a net worth of $300 million dollars from a starting point of literally nothing.

In the video below, go to 5.00 mins and listen to his morning routine.  Before getting out of bed he rolls over and starts writing out his daily goals.   His goals are huge!

At 21 mins 45 secs he states his nightly rituals. Firstly he writes down that day’s successes.  At 22.10 he writes down his goals again before going to sleep.

Not quite full-on affirmations, but he is reminding himself of his goals in a powerful form, writing, each morning and night.

Jim Carey – Daily Visualisation (Came True)

For those that don’t know, Jim Carey was a hugely successful comedy actor in the 1990s and early 2000s

Every night, before he was famous, he would drive up to Mulholland Drive, which if you didn’t know is a well-known road that features in a range of Hollywood movies as well as books and songs.

David Lynch, writer and director of a Mulholland Drive the movie has is quoted as saying one can feel “the history of Hollywood” on it.   

It’s aspects like this, which really create the feeling, emotion and desire to achieve your goals.

Again the affirmation comes with Work Hard like Oprah says “Visualisation works if you work hard” and Jim says  “you can’t just visualize and go eat a sandwich”.

You need to work hard towards your goal and the daily affirmations will help you do this.

Jim also kept a self-written cheque version of the goal in his wallet, so he’d see it every day.

He was later paid $10,000,000 for Dumb and Dumber (one of the funniest movies of all time because of Jim Carey).

Will Daily Affirmations Work For You?

If you are still questioning whether affirmations work, ask yourself this.

What are you going to achieve if you don’t have a clear goal and focus to achieve it?

Daily affirmations keep you focused on your goals and motivate you to take daily action towards achieving them.

Practised consistently they can help in transforming your scarcity mindset to an abundant mindset.

How can that not be a benefit to anyone who wants to achieve more?

Of course, ultimately, not every goal or affirmation may become actual reality, but hopefully, some other equally good scenarios will, that otherwise wouldn’t have had you not been as focused.

This week I’ve started using daily affirmations, some regarding this blog.  I’ll let you know how they pan out, but I can tell you one thing, I’ve certainly been more productive.

If nothing else, if you are doing your affirmations correctly, you should feel better.


I’d love to hear from you about what you think about daily affirmations.

Also, if you know of any other well known successful people who you’ve heard talk about using daily affirmations, please let me know in the comments.

Chances are you’ll start spotting these references more once you’ve become aware of there use.

Do you use daily affirmations to start the day, or before you go to sleep? Have they helped?

By all means, feel free share to your daily affirmation in the comments.

Has this post inspired you to start?

Please let me know 🙂

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