My Extra Income Report November 2017


How I Made £520+ Extra Income In November

Welcome to my November 2017 Extra Income Report.

This particular month Matched Betting made up 100% of my extra income.  Within Matched Betting, there are so many different ways to make money.  I can literally sit down on my laptop and make a few extra pounds at any time, day or night.

If you haven’t previously heard of it, check out my beginners matched betting guide.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand it straight away, it’s all totally new information for most people. Even many seasoned gamblers haven’t come across a “lay bet“, which is one of the keys to understanding how bookies offers can be turned to your profitable advantage.

The best thing about Matched Betting is that it is also tax-free.   You can make money right from day one by taking the Profit Accumulator free trial.  Ideal for beginners, with full instructions and accompanying walkthrough videos they guide you through two offers that simply following the instructions, will make you a profit.

These first two offers also give you an understanding of how the basics of Matched Betting works.  It’s then up to you whether you sign up to join the thousands of other active members to make a lot more tax-free money.

Monthly Extra Income Target

My monthly target was £500+.  I’ve been Matched betting for a while and have lost some bookie accounts.  Even so, I still find it relatively easy to make £500+ a month.

New offers you can profit from are added throughout the day, so I normally check in the morning and again in the early evening before any big sporting events of the day might have kicked off.

Breakdown of Monthly Matched Betting Income

I thought it would be more helpful to Matched Betting novices to see exactly where the money can be made.  You might then be able to add some of these methods to your own matched betting routine if you don’t already do them.

Please note, there are many other ways to profit from Matched Betting.  Each individual Matched Bettor tends to concentrate on areas of offers they like.  For example horse refunds, accumulators or maybe member submitted casino offers and loopholes.   All of which I haven’t attempted this month.  There really are such a wide range of offers to choose from.

My breakdown is as follows:

  • Sportsbook Reloads: £227.81
  • Dutching £30.00
  • Price Boosts £13.10
  • Casino Offers £181.11
  • Cashback: £70.77

November 2017 Matched Betting Total Profit £523.07

A grand total of £523.07 extra tax-free income, exceeding my monthly target of £500.

It is important to remember this is Tax-Free income.  The government doesn’t tax profit from gambling (just as they don’t offset losses), so they can’t tax profit from Matched Betting, even though it’s profit.

£523 tax-free income is the equivalent of around (very rough estimates):

  • £650 extra income to a basic rate taxpayer
  • £870 extra income to a higher rate taxpayer

That’s how much extra you would have to earn doing any taxable work to end up with around £520 in your bank account.

Also, as its non-taxable, you don’t need to keep any records or accounts for income.

How the Extra Money Was Made

With the exception of a couple of exclusive offers in my email, all offers were found at Profit Accumulator. Mostly in the “Reloads” section.  I also made use of their tools such as the  Dutching and OddsMatcher, plus the Matched Betting Calculators etc.

Sports Reloads £227.81

No new sign-ups this month.  All profit was from daily reload offers.

Most profitable offers of note were:

  • Sun Bets Darts: £104+ from £1 free bet for every 180 scored in the PDC Players Championship offer.
  • Red Bet: £47+ Weekly £100 qualifying bet for £20 free bet.  I did this offer 4 times.

The Sun Bets Darts offer was particularly lucrative.  The offer was on for a few days for 2 weeks.  The first week was more lucrative as more legs were played during each match, so higher chance of more 180’s.  Some Matched Bettors made a lot more than I did on this offer as they started sooner and took more qualifying matches.

Dutching £30

Dutching is placing bets at bookmakers which cover all match outcomes.

For example, 2 bets like Over and Under 2.5 goals.  You bet on “Over 2.5 Goals” at one bookie, and “Under 2.5 Goals” at another.  The Dutching tool helps you calculate the stakes you need to lay at each and the profit you will make.

Dutching is also a valid way to profit from gubbed accounts.  Although be wary of using your healthy bookie accounts that still issue free bets as its considered a form of arbing by some.

This is only the third month I have been using the Profit Accumulator Dutching Tool.

The previous 2 months I made well over £200+ from Dutching alone.  This month, I didn’t check as often and when I did there just wasn’t as many matches available.

Predominantly for me, the profit comes from combining a good Dutch bet with a bookie price boost.  Some bookies offer a daily price boost to place on a bet of your choice and with on decent stake amounts.

So far in my limited Dutching experience, the availability of matches depends on what major football tournament are on.  I find if there are a number of international football games on, be they qualifiers or a number of friendlies there seem to be many more Dutching opportunities available.

Price Boosts £13.10

I didn’t do any price boosts from the ones posted in the Profit Accumulator  “Price Boosts Thread”.  The only 2 I did do were daily price boosts offered by a couple of bookies.  All you have to do is place the price boost bet at the bookie and lay it off at the exchange.  Quick and easy profit.

Casino Offers £156.96

This month I did a lot of re-load casino offers.   Most offers don’t take very long to do and many you can set up to auto-spin and get on with other tasks at the same time.

I did more casino offers than normal as I wanted to see the results of a larger sample of offers.  I will combine these results with past months data and go over these results in due course.

For this month the breakdown was as follows:

  • Casino Offers Expected Value Under 20%: £13.73
  • Casino Offers Expected Value Over 20%: £143.23

Expected Value is the expected profit from an offer.   I then divide this by the total amount to be wagered, then split into 2 categories, those over and under 20%.

Some people do all the casino offers, regardless of the expected value.

I personally want to monitor whether the more borderline offers work out worthwhile for me to keep doing in the long run.  Sure some months I might get a big win from 1 single spin from a low EV offer, but ultimately it will even itself out.

In addition, if the expected value of an offer is so low in relation to the required wagering, the number of times I will end the offer in a loss can also be expected to be higher. Which sometimes feels like a step back when trying to make money.

Ultimately, you don’t even have to do casino offers if you don’t like the risk of losing some profit. You could simply put that time and money elsewhere to make a profit instead.

Casino Risk-free offers £24.15

Are just that, risk-free, I don’t risk losing any of my own real money.  I did 9 quick offers ranging from 4 – 25 free spins.     All were no wagering or wager winnings x 1.  I didn’t do any offers with higher wagering than x1 even though some were available.

There are plenty more offers with free spins but with wagering up to 30-35 times, but most of the time I don’t win on these.  Although as always you can get lucky, and they are totally risk-free.  I just don’t have time to do them.  You might.

Cashback: £70.77

Cashback is an added bonus.  I don’t aim to specifically make it, but I get because I was savvy enough to sign up to bookies and casinos via some cashback deals (this is something matched betting sites don’t cover).  See my TopCashback review for examples of extra cashback I made.

If the results go the right way over the course of a month and I lose money from a bookie into an exchange doing an offer, I earn cashback.

It is effectively a form of passive income. Some months I get cash back, others I don’t.

While on the subject of cashback, you can pretty much get it from every expense you make online, including household bills, so make sure you check out my best cashback sites page.  It also includes how to get cashback on your bookies and casino sign-ups.  Cashback can amount to hundreds of £’s per year.

Do You Want to Earn An Extra Income Too?  

To get started, I’d recommend you have at least £60 to utilise to do the offers. You can get started with less, just to test the offers out, but you will be missing out on profit.

When you realise how easy it is to make money you’ll probably wish you’d have put the profit towards future offers to make even more profit.

As stated above my Matched Betting Service of choice is above Profit Accumulator.  It’s extremely beginner friendly.

To get started just try the Profit Accumulator free trial, it’s totally free, no need to submit payment details of any kind.  Plus you will make a profit from these 2 offers. What’s to lose?


Hopefully, his breakdown of my monthly Matched Betting income has helped you see how and where some of the profit anyone can make can be made from.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.  Or suggest any info you’d like to see in future income reports.

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