How I Earn Extra Money From Home Income Report December 2017

Earn Extra Money From Home

Welcome to my December 2017 Income Report where you can find out how I earn extra money from home and then do similar yourself.

This month I have included a form of tax-free income, as well as significant cashback earnings everyone should be taking advantage of, and also passive income on savings in the form of dividends.

December 2017 Earn Extra Income Goal

This particular month my goal was to make £300 or more from Matched Betting alone.

This is lower than my typical £500+ a month goal.

December is a very busy family month with Christmas and having 3 children.   Combined with also wanting some time off work to enjoy it.

Although the opportunity to earn more is possible in December with Bookies having Daily Christmas Advent Offers and Bank Holiday sporting events etc.  I personally wanted a bit of break from my laptop and working on the internet in general over the Festive period.

It’s useful to have a realistic goal to aim for.  £300 is just £10 a day, which for me is easily achievable even though I have l lost a fair few bookie accounts over the many months I have been Matched Betting.

Breakdown of December Matched Betting Income

If you’ve not previously heard of Matched Betting, it is, in my opinion, one of the best and most profitable ways to make extra money working from home.  Most people over 18 can do it. It is not gambling. There is no win or lose.

There are only ways to profit.

As a quick example of how making money from free bets works, imagine you place 2 bets which cancel each other out. If one loses the other one wins. So overall you can’t lose all of a bet. What happens is, you tend to lose about, let’s say 50p, but as a result, you qualify for a £20 free bet, from which you can expect a profit of say £15-£16.

If this sounds a little confusing, well, that’s exactly why I created a complete beginners Guide to Matched Betting.

If you are just starting Matched Betting, it’s potentially so much easier to make more than £300-£500 a month because you have all the sign up offers to choose from as well as all the reloads that I now only do.

For beginners and also Matched Bettors who have started, I thought it would be helpful to see where and how the Matched Betting money was made each month.

You might spot methods you don’t currently utilise and can use them to make extra money in the future too.

In addition to the methods I use, there are many more way to make money from home  that I haven’t tried this month.

I currently focus on making the money as quickly and easily as possible.  So I’m currently not attempting many refund offers, which can be highly lucrative.

If you want to earn more, be sure to check out the Football refunds, horse refunds, accumulators and many other ways to even make a profit without free bets.

As well as the possible casino offers submitted by members and Loopholes forum threads.

There are so many offers to choose from that Matched Bettors tend to gravitate to particular offers that suit them, but which might not appeal to others.

My December 2017 Matched Betting Profit Was Split As Follows:

  • Sportsbook Reloads: £188.04
  • Dutching £105.29
  • Price Boosts £44.46
  • Casino Offers £14.47
  • Matched Betting Cashback: £0

December 2017 Matched Betting Total Profit £352.26

For such a busy month I was really pleased to beat my target of £300 income from Matched Betting.

One of the things that makes profits from Matched Betting extra special is that they are tax-free.  So if you already work and pay tax on earnings this is extra tax-free money on top.

£352 tax-free income is the equivalent of around (rough estimates):

  • £440 extra income to a basic rate taxpayer
  • £586 extra income to a higher rate taxpayer

So that’s how much extra you’d have to earn in your tax-paying job or most other income-producing but taxable side hustles.

Closer Look At How the Matched Betting Money Was Made

All the offers I completed during the month I found at Profit Accumulator.   You can pay a monthly or annual fee to join.   You can make the cost of the monthly fee back by just from completing one offer.

Sports Reloads £188.04

No new sign-ups this month. All profit was from daily reload offers.  I did a complete mix of offers.

The most profitable offer of note was:

  • Sun Bets: £99.65 wager £10 on sports get 10 spins.  I attempted this offer 4 times, 1 time I won £87, most of which can from the “Free Games” bonus round which you can see a screenshot of below.

Casino Win

As you would expect I was really pleased with this win as it allowed me to ease off and take a good few days off over Christmas and still beat my target.

I classed this as a Sports Reload offer because I had to wager £10 on a specific football match.  I just had to back and lay bet a £10 qualifying bet, so at most I would lose a few pence.

This bet then qualified me for the offer, which was free spins per goal scored in the match.  There was no wagering on the free spins so I got to keep all the winnings without having to play through anymore.

Dutching £105.29

Dutching is profiting from placing bets that cover all results and in doing so makes you a profit no matter what the outcome.   For example “Both Teams to Score”, placing a Bet at one bookmaker on Yes and placing another bet at another bookmaker on NO.  You have all outcomes covered.  The Dutching calculator will confirm the profit you have made depending on your stakes.

Profit Accumulator has a Dutching tool which ranks suitable ditching matches.  It is a slightly more advanced form of Matched Betting.

The last couple of months I have often been combining Dutching with other bookmaker price boost offers.   I also placed high stakes bets, so I was making £7-£10 per Dutched bet. I try and stick to major events and check the odds at the exchange so I’m not mistakenly placing a big arb bet.  Although note, some people consider Dutching a form of Arbing.  Something to be aware of and not to overdo.

Dutching is ideal for bookmaker accounts that have already gubbed you, providing your stakes aren’t too restricted.

Price Boosts £44.46

This came from 8 bets.  7 of which were simply laying off William Hill Mobile Price Boosts .

I also caught one Sky Bet Price Boost posted in the Profit Accumulator Price Boosts thread.   Previously I’d thought my stakes were restricted really low on price boosts at Sky Bet, so just goes to show things might change over time.

Casino Offers £14.47

This month I really cut back on doing casino offers.  I just wanted to keep edging towards my £300+ monthly goal.

I didn’t want to be doing lots of borderline value offers that would increase the variance I incurred and maybe set me back with some losses.

Mostly I stuck to offers that offered an Expected Value of at least 20% of the amount I had to wager.

So if the offer required me to wager £10, I only did if the Expected Value of the offer was £2+

As it happens I did do one low expected value offer because the expected value was quite high for the minimal time input at around £7 for wagering £50. I  lost £6.99.  That’s what I wasn’t in the mood for this month, even though in the long run I’d be expected to profit that £7 per time doing the offer.

  • Casino Offers Expected Value Under 20%: £6.99 (Just one offer)
  • Casino Offers Expected Value Over 20%: £13.10 (Just 5 offers)

There are many elements of Matched Betting and Casino Offers is just one of them.  You don’t have to do them.

Actually, it’s quite likely I could have done many more casino offers than normal as many bookies and casinos had daily Christmas Advent offers.  Profit Accumulator highlighted the best and guaranteed to receive Advent offers.

Casino Risk-free offers £8.37

This month I just cherry-picked the best and easiest risk-free casino offers.  Free spins no wagering or x 1 wagering.  Nice and quick.  If I got lucky great, if not, it’s only taken a couple of minutes to have a go.

I only attempted 3-4 offers.

There are always plenty more offers to do, I chose not to attempt offers with higher wagering.  They are very hit and miss.  Some people love doing them and occasionally do get nice wins.

Gambling Cashback: £0.00

Gambling cashback is an added bonus.

Some months I get some cashback from Gambling Deals and other times I get cashback from signing up to casinos via the best cashback sites.

Any Gubbings in December?

A gubbing or being gubbed, is when a bookmaker informs you that you no longer qualify for free bets offers and other promotions.

Gubbings impact the ease with which you can make future Matched Betting income.  However, it is still very often possible to continue to make money from gubbed bookies accounts.  In fact, some of my best months have been due to profit from bookmakers I was already gubbed at.

During December I was gubbed by:

  • Sun Bets – gubbed in sportsbook and stakes are restricted to a degree.

Sun Bets Gubbing

We never know for sure why we are gubbed.  However, I have had the account over a year and used it continuously with very little mug betting.  In November 2017 I hit the Darts offers hard.  A sport I had previously not used to bet on with Sun Bets.

I have also used the account for some fairly high stakes Dutching.  Often combined with the William Hill Mobile Price Boost offer, which allows a stake of £200.

Other forms of Income

Excluding my work from home day job, I have always found extra ways of making a little money.  Quite often based on my current interests of the time.

Facebook Group Admin  £50

This is a prime example of making money from a recent or current interest you might have.

When I first discovered Matched Betting it was totally new to me.  I joined a relatively new Matched betting group which helped me on my road to discovery.   After a few months, I become one of the more knowledgeable members and was happily helping other group members with their questions.

The opportunity arose to become a member of the admin team for a small monthly payment, so I took it.

Cashback Passive Income £79.78 (Pending)

Did you know you can get cashback on nearly all your household bills and online shopping?

Cashback is essentially a form of passive income.  All you need to do is click through from a cashback site to wherever you are doing your online transaction.  You can get cashback for almost all your online shopping as well as there being some available for pretty much every household bill.

Cashback isn’t guaranteed, so I consider it a bonus.  Although its very rare it’s not been paid.  You can also chase up and dispute unpaid cashback.

Although I haven’t received any cashback yet from December you can see what I have pending from my December spending.

Cashback December 2017

As you can see I have £79.78 pending cashback, all from transactions I would have undertaken anyway.

In case your wondering, the transactions were as follows:

M&S was paying for a large Christmas food order.

AXA was Home Insurance and at £167 was already the CHEAPEST quote on the comparison sites by some distance and cashback on top was a complete bargain.

Admiral was insurance for my new car.  I was already an existing customer so I may not get this particular cashback.  However, they also offered the cheapest quote which I obtained via comparison site hence the £2.30 pending cashback for using them to compare car insurance quotes.

Dividend Income

I don’t really count dividend income as part of my monthly extra income.

However, this month I thought I’d give dividends a brief mention as they are a form of long-term passive income.

With my eye on the long term, I invest in dividend-paying shares.  Typically I look for high yielding dividend shares.  Those yielding above the typical long-term market average of 3.5%.

The yield is basically the dividend per share divided by the share price.    So if the shares are £1.00 each and they pay dividends totally 3.5p a year, the yield is 3.5%.

The potential advantage of dividends is that they can rise each year.  So you get a higher return on cash from your investment. A growing income over time.

If you buy a share yielding 4% and it raises its dividend 10%, you are now receiving 4.4% back in cash each year on your investment. After 2 years that might be 4.8%.  So you can see the appeal.

If the companies dividend can be grown over time, it is likely the share price will also increase.  So you make a gain on your capital as well as receiving a dividend income.

Obviously, it’s not as simple as that and some companies go through a hard time will cut their dividend.  So it’s important to have a balanced and diverse portfolio of companies if deciding to pursue dividend income over the long term.

Anyway, In December I received dividends from the following companies.

CompanySectorDividend TypeDividend Per ShareChange on Year
Ashmore GroupFinancialsInterim12.1pUnchanged
Card FactoryGeneral RetailerInterim + Special2.90p + 15p SpecialInterim +3.5%
Imperial BrandsTobaccoQuarterly59.5p+9.2%
PaypointSupportInterim + Special15.3p + 12.2p SpecialInterim +2%
Royal Dutch ShellOilQuarterly35pUnchanged
Telecom PlusTelecomsInterim24p +4.3%
UnileverConsumer GoodsQuarterly32p+10.6%

No advice intended and the above information is just presented as an example of how and to illustrate why I like income from dividends.

If you thinking buying shares is a complex process you couldn’t be wrong.  See my step by step example of how to buy shares.

How You Too Can Earn Extra Money From Home!

If you have at least £60-£100+ to utilise the easiest way to boost your monthly earnings as of right now would be to take the free trial of Profit Accumulator.  Or you can first read my Profit Accumulator review.

You don’t spend the £60+, but you need it to get started.  You will earn profit from day one.

However, take your time and read the instructions and watch the videos a couple of times.  Take a break, let it sink in and read again.  Remember this is new to almost everyone who’s ever undertaken it.

If you don’t have £60, I will shortly put together a post on ways to make your first £60-£100.  However, the easiest way you a can raise £60+ is to look around the house, garage, shed or loft and see if they have anything you don’t need and can sell.  An old mobile phone, a bike the kids have grown out of, a mirror, etc.

If stuck for ideas have a browse of Facebook Market Place or local selling groups and see what others are selling in your local area. (No buying though until you’ve started earning 😉

If you haven’t signed up to the 2 main cashback sites, Topcashback and Quidco, that’s well worth doing if you agree £79.78 off your bills for doing nothing other than click through a link first is worthwhile.  Read my TopCashback review for more information.


Hopefully, you can see how easy it is for almost anyone to boost their monthly finances.

Matched Betting to boost monthly tax-free income.

Make cashback a habit to make huge savings on your bills and online shopping.

Possibly dividends if ever you are interested in earning a different passive income from savings.

Please feel free to comment or ask any questions.


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