Igloo Energy Review: Get £50 Cashback & Really Cheap Energy

Are you interested in possibly saving £100-£300+ with Igloo Energy on your annual energy bills and claiming an additional £50 cashback reward in the process?

Switching energy suppliers to Igloo Energy is quick and easy as I highlight in this review along with other key money-saving reasons I chose to switch.

Igloo Energy Review

Disclaimer:  If you use my Igloo Energy refer a friend link I will also receive cashback towards my energy bills.

Click my Igloo Energy £50 refer a friend link here to get a quote.

<<Alert 23rd September 2021>>

Due to the current energy crisis, Igloo Energy is not currently taking on new customers.

Feel free to check my Best Refer a Friend Deals page for other options.

Currently, Igloo Energy is only available to customers who pay monthly.

Reasons You Might Choose to Switch to Igloo Energy

Here are the main reasons I chose to switch energy provider to Igloo Energy:

  • Cheap energy prices (estimated to save £200+ a yr)
  • £50 when you switch
  • MSE cheap energy club “Top Pick” and 5-star customer service rating
  • 3% interest on any account balance you build up to £1000.
  • One simple competitive variable tariff
  • No exit fee (switch anytime to a better deal if prices rise)
  • No fixed term
  • Refer friends and get another £50 cashback towards bills each time.

Easy Energy Switch Process for £50 Cashback

Switching energy suppliers to Igloo Energy and claiming the £50 cashback in the process is incredibly simple and easy to do.  It literally takes just 5 minutes.

Here’s a run-through of my personal switch process.

  • Visit via my refer a friend £50 cashback Igloo Energy link
  • Enter your postcode
  • Get a quote simply by choosing the size of the property in relation to number of beds

Igloo Energy QuoteYou will then be presented with an average energy bill quote for your bedroom-sized property.

From here you can refine your quote further:

Refine Quote

Select your current energy supplier and the tariff you are on.  You should be able to find your current tariff name when you login and view bills or stated somewhere in the top portion of any paper bills you receive.

Next, input the typical monthly spend or your annual energy usage stats.  These should be easily available on your current energy suppliers web site or app.  For my previous existing supplier, Bulb, all my annual usage data was available on the tariff page of their web site.

If there is anything you are not sure of, MSE has a good page on understanding your energy bills with illustrations on where to find current tariff names and your 12-month energy costs which should also be on every bill.

As you can see below, I was told I would save £204.87 a year, which was an even higher saving than CheapEnergyClub estimated and doesn’t include the £50 cashback.

Igloo Energy Saving

If at this point you are happy with the saving and the idea of claiming £50 reward on the first bill you can proceed to put the switch into action.  All of that action takes place behind the scenes and you will be kept up to date on progress via email. It’s as simple and easy as that.

About Igloo Energy

Igloo Energy is an energy supplier based in Southampton which launched in 2017.

They offer just one simple competitive variable tariff and state they are committed to keeping customers bills low.

Switch With Confidence

Igloo Energy is a member of the Energy Switch Guarantee (ESG), having joined in February 2020.

The Energy Switch Guarantee is designed to ensure the switch is hassle-free.   The whole switch is undertaken by the provider you are switching too and guarantees completion within 21 days.

You can read more about the Energy Switch Guarantee here.

Igloo Energy Reviews

One of the main reasons I chose Igloo Energy was because of its excellent reviews by existing customers.

MSE’s Cheap Energy Club highlighted Igloo Energy as a significantly cheaper option than my current tariff.

MSE also highlighted them as their “Top Pick” with 5-star customer service (as of June 4th 2020).

Cheap Energy Club (review) is one of the key ways I save on my gas and electric bills and I’ve been using for a number of years.

MSE Top Pick

Also, Igloo Energy review rating on Trustpilot was rated as Excellent, with a score of 4.5.

Igloo Energy Reviews by Trustpilot

At the time writing the Trustpilot review rating was made up of the following:

  • 75% rated Excellent
  • 14% rated Great

A total of 89% with the great to excellent range alone.

Over and Under Billing

When it comes to energy bills it can be frustrating when underpaying for a period of time and then after a meter reading get hit with a bill much higher than expected and then having to pay a higher monthly fee.

Igloo Energy has what’s called a “Winter Uplift” which specifically set direct debit payments to be up to 20% higher in the winter months.   At least then you won’t be unwittingly paying your typically lower summer usage levels through winter building up a bill deficit and subsequent high bill shock.

It can also be frustrating to overpay and have £100-£200 of your money sitting in energy suppliers account.  However, if this ends up being the case with Igloo Energy, they pay you 3% interest on credit balances from the very first day you are billed by them.  That rate certainly beats any bank current in the current climate.

Claim £50 cashback – Refer friends to get another £50 each time

As stated above you can use my Igloo Energy refer a friend link to claim £50 off your first bill.

If you use it and complete the switch we both get £50 each.

Of course, another great advantage is as soon as you sign up you can also share your own link with friends or social media followers and earn even more cashback.  Not only will they be getting the £50 reward, but it’s also highly likely they will benefit from cheaper energy bills too.  Win-win!

Once you’ve switched you’ll be able to let them know how easy the switching process was and the annual savings you expect to make.

When Will Yo Recieve Your £50 Cashback?

You will receive the sign up £50 in your Reward Account 30 days after your first Direct Debit.

For any friends that you refer, you will receive an immediate email notification and £50 will be paid into your Reward Account within 30 days of their first bill payment.

Switch Timeline

The initial switch is relatively simple as outlined above and assuming you can find your current tariffs and annual energy consumption from your current supplies bills or websites it should take no more than 5 minutes to complete.

Almost immediately you will receive a welcome email that includes confirmation of your reward for signing up via friends referral link.

In two weeks time, you’ll need to send them your meter readings.

In 3 weeks the switch will be complete.

If for any reason you change your mind about switching you can cancel within 14 days.

Other Ways I Save on My Energy Bills

Here are a couple of other less obvious ways you can save on your energy bills without reducing consumption:

  • ZipZero – No.1 rated of the best receipt apps
  • Pay Direct Debit via cashback bank account, e.g Santander Lite pay 2% cashback on utility bills.


If you switch or are already a customer, please feel free to share your experience with Igloo Energy in the comments. I’d love to hear.

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