13 Matched Betting Tips and Tricks for Beginners


Matched Betting Tips & Tricks

As you may already know, Matched Betting is one of the best ways to make extra money online in the UK.    I myself have made well over £35,000+  in over 3 years as a part-time side hustle.  All the profit is tax-free.

If you are totally new to the concept, I recommend first checking out my Matched Betting Guide which explains the basics and also refers you back to this post for some extra tips to help you maximise profits from the moment you start.

Below I share some of the best Matched Betting tips and tricks I’ve worked out or wish I knew from the start.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate or referral links that earn me some commission if you sign up through them.  However, this is at no extra cost to you.  Read more here. Thank you if you do use them as they help to support my blog.

Top 13 Matched Betting Tips and Tricks

There’s a couple of Matched Betting tips and tricks you can do from the start that will help you maximise profits from the start and make it easier for you to keep making money long term.

#1 Get Started

If you have heard of Matched betting but haven’t yet tested the waters – get started.

Otherwise, you risk just keeping putting it off for fear of this or fear of that.

One of the best things about Matched Betting is anyone can do that and there is huge support guiding you every step of the way.

#2 Learn and Profit With a Free Trial

My first tip would be to learn the basics via a walkthrough free trial.  I started with the Outplayed.com free trial which guides you via clear instructions and step by step videos to making your first £40+ in tax-free profits.

It’s then up to you as to whether you want to continue and complete the next 50+ sign up offers (100+ if including casino and bingo) and eventually moving on to the 100’s of daily reload opportunities to profit.

#3 Combine Sign-Ups With Cashback

Potentially make £100’s extra with this cashback tip!

Right from start as well as profiting directly from the bookmaker, casino or online bingo sign up offer,  you may also be able to combine sign-ups with Topcashback and Quidco cashback offers.

They are both among the best cashback sites and if you don’t already use are well worth signing up to for free and make savings on potentially all your online expenditures.

Check out my TopCashback Review and Quidco Review for more info and see how I’ve had over £1000+ cashback from both of them combined.

Be Aware: Make sure you read the T&C’s on the cashback site to check you qualify for each offer, occasionally they may not combine with other offers.  However, in my experience most of the time they do.

Sign up offers on Matched betting sites will be profitable anyway, so I consider the cashback an extra bonus.

Examples of my best cashback’s from Topcashback

  • Betway £31.50
  • Boylesports £23.65
  • Betfair £70
  • SkyBet £26.25

Cashback Examples I’ve been paid from Quidco

  • 888Casino £80.00
  • 188Bet £10
  • Buzz Bingo £10
  • Virgin Games £10

Just visit TopCashback and Quidco for yourself, type “casino” or “bingo” or just “gambling into the search box and you should see a long list of cashback options.  Some of them won’t even be on a Matched betting site, so view those as extra opportunities to make more money.

#4 Make Matched Betting a Habit

The best way to consistently hit high monthly earnings is to make Matched betting a daily habit.

Set at least sometime aside every day to login into to your Matched Betting site, in my case Outplayed.com and complete at least one offer, be that new signup or reload.

Quite often just setting down to do this one offer will result in you doing at least a few more.

A quick and easy £10 a day and you have at least £300+ extra income every month.

#5 Build Your Bank – For Long Term Profits

Building your bankroll is one of the most important tips I can give to anyone who wants to make money from Matched Betting over the medium to long term.

Reasons why a bigger bank will help you make more profit:

      • Attempt multiple offers at a time
      • Able to do bigger stake offers
      • Less need for continually depositing and withdrawing from bookies
      • Split money at different exchanges to take advantage of the lowest available lay odds
      • The option of large stake Arbing and Dutching for profit

By all means, siphon off as much profit as you want, but if you can keep saving a portion to continually build your bank it will certainly help.

#6 Set up a new email 

It helps to keep organised if you set up a new email address solely for Matched Betting.

I also set up a separate email just for casino offers.

This way you’ll easily spot any really good email offers when you specifically sit down to do some Matched Betting, rather than them being buried amongst a load of other emails.

#7 Set up a new bank account

Consider setting up a new bank account at some point, purely for your Matched Betting.

A new account will make it easier to keep track of your bookie transactions and profit.

It’s not totally necessary, and as bank switcher for money, I just used a mix of existing bank accounts.

Starling Bank is a popular choice amongst Matched Bettors.

#8 Get Your Partner to Sign Up

One way to boost your household profits from Matched Betting is to get your partner involved.  Be careful to only choose partner-friendly bookies otherwise you might run into some issues.

The vast majority, if not all offers, are one per household.  You’ll need to work out between you who’s doing what so there are no accidental cross overs and you end up doing the same offers.  If you do, it’s just more likely to get you gubbed.

#9 Mug Betting Tips

If you are new to the term, a mug bet is when you back and lay a bet not to qualify for an offer, but purely to make your account look like a natural punters account.

If I had my time again I wouldn’t do any mug betting at all.

Here’s why:

  • Every mug bet you place uses your time.
  • Every mug bet costs you in qualifying a loss when you back and lay.
  • If you have a small bank it’s tying your bank up.
  • You still get gubbed.

Don’t waste your time or money mug betting accounts.  In my own experience, I’ve never seen any benefit from mug betting.  When I started out, I wanted to keep accounts healthy and placed some mug bets.

Ultimately, it made no difference, and in fact, I think some of the mug betting I did actually resulted in me being gubbed.

The reason is, when people mug bet, they still take close matches.

To mug bet like a real punter, you should be betting on bets like small stake acca’s that you wouldn’t waste time laying, or on bets which are nowhere near close matches with the exchange, like correct scores and goal scorers it would cost too much money in qualifying losses to make it worthwhile.

Secondly, with a couple of years experience under my belt, I realised accounts I didn’t mug bet on at all lasted as long if not longer than any accounts I did mug bet on.

A gubbing isn’t the end of the world.  You can still make huge profits from gubbed accounts.

Some of them, like arbitrage betting can be far more lucrative and much easier to make money from on some bookie accounts than from offers.

#10 Don’t Worry About Gubbings

A gubbing is when a bookmaker stops your entitlement to free bet and similar offers.

Often beginners fret about being gubbed.  They’ve found this new easy method for making money and want it to continue indefinitely.  Unfortunately, we all get gubbed by at least some bookies no matter how safe you play it.

However, there are multiple ways to make money from gubbed accounts.   You might not get free bets, but you may well be able to do other still lucrative offers.

Even if totally gubbed, you may still be able to start arbitrage betting which is an easy way to make money, although it does help if you have a larger bank to make the most out of it.

#11 Tips to Avoid a Gubbing

Sometimes its simply your destiny to be gubbed.  Some bookies just naturally gub real quick.

While there are no hard and fast rules to avoid a gubbing, I found the following kept my accounts alive a lot longer than some others.

One of these was Betway which is well known to gub and which I kept going for well over a year.  It might have a been a total fluke, but here are my tips anyway:

  • Don’t bet on really close matches.
  • Don’t use the free bets on too high odds, stick to around 5.0 to 7.0
  • Stick to high profile sports, e.g Premier League football, Champions League, ITV Race days

#12 Pay Annual Membership (to save money)

If you do commit to making a consistent monthly tax free profit consider taking out a money-saving annual membership.   You can typically save £75 to £100 over the course of the year compared to paying monthly with Outplayed.com and never looked back.

Set yourself a short term goal to make that money back as soon as possible so the rest of the year feels like its fee-free and pure profit.

#13 Use the Forum

Assuming you use a service like Outplayed.com make sure you make full use of the member’s forum.  In my opinion, the forum and community are worth the membership fee alone.

Every offer has a forum thread for you to gauge how other members are fairing with an offer and whether there are any tips to be had.

Monthly income threads are a great source of motivation, especially when starting out.  Use them to find out where members are currently focusing to make the most profit as offers change all the time.

There are loads more reasons including:

  • Members posted offers
  • Extra Free spins posted offers
  • Great arbing thread for possible gubbed or no reload offer bookie accounts
  • Price boosts

and much more which will likely vary depending on the current stage of Matched Betting you are at.


Hopefully, these tips will help you make even more money.

Do you have any further tips of your own?  Please feel free to let me know in the comments if you do.

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