May 2018 Income and Savvy Savings Report

Welcome to my May 2018 Income and Savvy Savings report.

May 2018 Income and Savvy Savings Report

Matched Betting Income

My 26th month of Matched Betting, and I’m still finding it relatively easy to earn few hundred tax-free pounds a month.

I say this because some peoples misconception is that Matched Betting is only a short-term money maker.  However, there’s a lot more on offer than just the initial sign up bonuses.

My monthly target was £300+.  If I can make £10 as quickly as possible then I will pretty much leave it for the rest of the day.   However, my Matched Betting source of offers Profit Accumulator, adds reloads offers throughout the day, so it’s always worth checking in the evening for easy pickings when I get a chance.

Savvy Extra – One of my most important tips is to keep building your pot.  In my case, this enables me to bet bigger stakes on Price Boosts and typically make £5-£7+ in a matter of minutes.  If I hadn’t saved up the big pot I wouldn’t be able to cover the liability for these bets in the exchanges.

For the record, if I had a smaller pot, I would do more of the smaller offers for £5-£10 bets, most of which I currently ignore.  Rather than place multiple bets to get a free bet, I’d currently rather use my time to profit from one price boost bet.

May 2018 Matched Betting Profits Breakdown

For beginners or for those of you who wonder how to make money after the sign-ups, I break down each month how I make my own monthly profit.  This hopefully gives you some ideas of how to make your own.

  • Sportsbook Reloads & Arbs £55.31
  • Price Boosts £215.81
  • Casino Offers £98.75

Matched Betting Total £369.87

Below I go into a little more depth as to how the money was made.

Sportsbook Reloads and Arbs Profit £55.31

This months sportsbook profit was purely from reloads and a couple of small arbs.

I took advantage of being ungubbed at Coral and did the Bet £5 and Get Free spins offer 4 times.

Here’s a brief overview of the sort of offers I attempted:

  • Grosvenor £10 Risk-Free Bet
  • Fun88 £10 Risk- Free Bet
  • Sportbet £10 Free bet (Gift to my account)
  • Bwin Bet £5 get £5
  • Bwin Arbs
  • Coral Bet £5 get free spins

Chances are if you are new to Matched Betting, you could potentially make a lot more from the Sportsbook reloads if you are not gubbed at as many accounts as I am.

Also, plenty of people do well from the weekly bet clubs and picking up the £5-£10 free bets.

Price Boosts Profit £215.81

Price Boosts are my current favourite way to make money  Matched Betting without free bets.

£213.76 profit came from 35 William Hill price boosts.  That makes an average of £6.10 per boost and these take literally a few minutes to profit from.  They are just a matter of backing at the higher odds and lay betting at lower odds for an instant profit.

During the month, each day William Hill offered one Daily Boost via mobile up to a maximum stake of £200.  I typically look for close matches with odds of around 3.0 and with a few hundred to thousands of pounds in availability (money in the exchange market for this event).

A couple of times this month I also took advantage of the William Hill ITV Races boost.  I was given the tip of setting the odds range on OddsMatcher between 5-17.0 and picking close matches.  The higher the odds the less close the odds need to be to make a profit from the boost.  Ideally, I don’t want to go too high odds wise because you need a lot of liability in the exchange.

If no matches are available and I’m short on time I will set the odds range lower and consider taking just take whatever match is available that will give me a few pounds profit.

Some days are better than others.  So far I have found this works well on Saturdays but not so well on midweek ITV race days.  However, hopefully, it will do better at higher-profile race events in in the future.

Casino Offers Total Profit £98.75

If you are new to casino offers be sure to check out my new make money from casino offers post.

Not a great month this month and a bit of a mixed bag of results, but still a profit.

  • Casino Offers under 20% EV £79.06
  • Casino Offers over 20% EV £-64.14
  • Risk-Free Casino offers £82.86

Casino Offers Under 20% EV £79.06

This month I attempted 22 offers with an Expected Value below 20% of the amount to be wagered.  9 were profitable and 13 resulted in losses.

My biggest loss was £4.74 and my biggest wins were £36.20 and £25.72

The bulk of the offers were made up of William Hill Wager £5 or £10 and get a bonus and Mecca £20 get free spins. I also had 2 attempts at the Mecca Wager 50 and get 50 free spins.

Casino Bonus Offer Win
Win From One Part Of William Hill Offers</center>

Casino Offers Over 20% EV Loss £64.14

I started splitting the casino offers into over and under 20% Expected value in relation to wagering to see if it showed if it was worthwhile concentrating on just doing the higher Expected Value offers.

Although note, sometimes an offer results in a higher expected value because the spin value is larger and therefore the variance is higher.

As it happens May was a poor month for these offers resulting in quite a loss.

I attempted 12 offers, 6 of which resulted in a profit and 7 in a loss.

My biggest loss came from a medium risk casino offer, a type I generally don’t do.  However, because I was writing my casino offers post I decide to attempt one.  It was a £50 buyin to get a £25 bonus both of which had to be wagered x 20.  Expected value was £10, so 20% of wagering.  Once you start this type of offer you have to complete to carry on until wagering complete or you’ve lost all funds.  Anyway, this offer resulted in a loss of £39.23.  Not the kind of variance I like to incur.  However, it gave me a fresh feel for doing these offers and why for many they should probably be avoided.

Risk-Free Casino Offers £82.86

My favourite form of casino offers is the risk-free spins.  No risk of losing money and generally very quick and easy to do.

This month saw the start of a great offer by Gala Casino.  Over the course of a long weekend Friday to Sunday they gave away 30 free spins on a range of slots.

I followed the Profit Accumulator guidelines and stuck with the highest RTP slot and spin value suggestion.

This offer ran for 3 weekends (and is still running into June).  It was deposit £30 and get 30 free spins each day of the promo. That’s 90 x 0.25p = £22.50 of free spins with no wagering, which means we keep our winnings.

In total, I made a profit of £45.51.  About £5 an attempt.  I didn’t hit any particular bonus rounds.  It may not sound much but this offer takes less than 10 minutes.   There’s also the chance profits could be much higher.

The rest of the profit came from all kinds of 5-20 free spins no wagering offers.  For some offers I had to make a deposit to get the free spins, but each time funds were fully withdrawable without having to wager.

My biggest free spins win this month win was for Betfair 5 x 20 p spins on Bianconeri Wilds with a win of £10.89.

Betfair Win From 5 Free x 20p Spins
Free Spins Win

Ungubbed At Coral

During the month I was fully ungubbed at Coral Sports.  While this is not such a rarity in itself as Coral are known to partial gub and ungub, I was properly gubbed for about a year.  After initially being gubbed not long after becoming a Coral VIP for a month or two, I arbed and dutch bet the account.  Although my stakes weren’t restricted I then received an even harsher gubbing email which basically let me know I wasn’t entitled to any form of promotion including BOG or casino offers etc.

I am now entitled to everything, free bets and casino offers.  Which is more than I ever expected.

Ungubbings are extremely rare at other bookies but for most accounts, you can still make money from gubbed accounts.

May’s Savvy Savings £41.20

One of my favourite ways to save money on expenses is to buy discounted gift cards for where I’m going to make a purchase anyway.

During the half term, the kids were treated to a trip to the cinema, which can be quite an expense with a family ticket being £25.12.

However, available on Zeek were Cineworld online gift cards for a 14% discount.  First I needed to upload some money into my account.

Zeek was offering a deal whereby if I uploaded £200 they would give me an extra 15%  free, so a nice £30.  This alone covered the cost of cinema tickets.   Plus I will need the rest of the balance for forthcoming expenses.

I then purchased £80 of Cineworld vouchers (as we will definitely use this balance before the 2020 expiry) at the 14% discount for a saving of £11.20.

This is only a real saving if you don’t go to the cinema more than you otherwise would just because you have gift cards.

Over time, this could be viewed as a total saving of £41.20.

Savvy Extra – You can sell unwanted gift cards for a small fee.  How many do you have tucked away in draws or never used in your wallet?  

Past Income Reports

Each months extra income sources are slightly different.  Sources of Matched Betting income can also vary month to month.  Feel free to have a look at past reports for more ideas to boost your own income.


26 months in and I’m still making an easy £10+ a day from Matched Betting.  I could have achieved this £300+ a month target with just with just Price Boosts and risk-free casino offers.  Both of which typically takes me very little time to complete.

Saving money on expenses can be just as important as earning extra income.   A saving of £40 is the equivalent of earning an extra £50-£65+ taxable income.

Earn more and save more and you’ll be turbocharging any medium to long-term financial goals you might have.

I hope this report helps.  If there is anything more you would like to know please feel free to ask in the contacts or contact me via one of my social media channels.


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