How I Made £1783 Extra Income in Just 30 Days

How I Make £1783 Matched Betting Income

Please excuse the delay in the full report.  There have been so many Matched Betting opportunities in the month of October.   Regardless of the date of the report it still fully shows the many ways that I used to make an extra income that pretty much anyone else can use every month.

There was no report for August as I basically took the month off.  For the record, I made £83.33.

However, September I was back with a vengeance.  I initially set myself a low target of £300 and also to work out some new ways of making money this month after some easy money offers of previous months finished.

Below I share the ways and tips as to how I boosted my side income using to a record month and hopefully give you ideas for how you can do the same.

Beginners: Check out my Matched Betting Guide or simply try the free trial at Profit Accumulator.  Both are ideal for beginners.

Matched betting is not gambling, it’s a way of exploiting various offers and promotions for tax-free profit.

Read on to see the various ways I profited.

Matched Betting Profits Breakdown

The whole point of my income reports is to show what extra income can be achieved and mostly how much you can make from Matched Betting. This is because it’s simply the easiest and most lucrative option for extra money in my opinion.

As you will see, there is so much to Matched betting other than the first few sign up offers and free bets in general.

  • Sportsbook Sign Ups, Reloads, Price Boosts, Arbs £1253.83
  • Price Boosts £49.10
  • Casino Offers £480.60

Matched Betting Total £1783.53

This was my 31st month of Matched Betting, so just goes to prove there’s plenty of money to be made after the sign-up bonuses.

Sports Profits £1253.83

Sports made up the bulk of my monthly profit.  The profit came from a wide range of sources.

Now is a great time to profit from sports betting because both Smarkets and Matchbook have 0% commission deals with Profit Accumulator the Matched betting service I use and highly recommend.

I’ve used this post to highlight key areas of Profit Accumulator that I use to make money from home every month.  I’ve included the link paths to specific forum threads so you can find them and follow them too if you want to.

  • Sign-Ups £54.62 (signed up to 2 new Bookies)
  • Sports Reloads £124.20
  • Price Boosts and Arbing/Dutching etc £1124.11

Sign-Ups and Reloads

During the month I signed up to new bookies.   There are always new bookies being added.  I’ve been Matched Betting about 2 and a half years and there are still about 10 bookies I could sign up to.

Sports reloads offers were mostly typical and bet and get types offers.  Place a qualifying bet and get a free bet or free spins.

You can find examples here of free bet offers to make money from.

It’s possible to make a lot more from sports reloads if you are a beginner.  I can’t do many of the offers because I’m gubbed at many of the bookies.  However, you can still make very good profits from gubbed accounts.

Price Boosts, Arbing and Dutching

There are may ways to make money from Matched betting without free bets, and these are some of the simpliest.

Price boosts are bookie offers.  Arbing and Dutching are ways of profiting from bookmaker odds by either laying lower at an exchange (arbing) or covering the opposite outcome of the bet at another bookie (Dutching).

Price Boosts

Price boosts are official like arbs.  The bookie boosts the back odds they offer on an outcome and if the lay odds are lower we can make a profit.

Some daily price boosts can be found in the Profit Accumulator Reloads, but most are to be found in the forum posted by the Profit Accumulator admin team and many members.  Pretty much throughout the day.   Many of these price boosts might be short-lived, others will stay live for a good few hours.

You can get notifications of price boosts by visiting the Price Boosts No Chat Thread and setting it to “Watching” as highlighted below.

Price Boosts Alerts

How to find Price Boosts:

There are many different types of price boosts.  With time you’ll quickly learn which are most suited to you and worth your while.


While Smarkets and Matchbook offer 0% commission to Profit Accumulator members I thought it was a good opportunity to profit from a few arbs from old bookie accounts that haven’t been offering me any value for months.

Although arbing is the easiest way to make a profit from bookies it’s also the last resort because you should only ever do it when there is no other way to make money from a bookie account.  The bookie will soon restrict your betting stakes eventually down to pennies rendering the account useless.

However, some bookies offer no other promotions from which you can take advantage of.  It was these I chose to arb and Dutch with.

If you are looking to build a decent monthly source of profit from Matched Betting, one of the most important tips is to keep building your pot.  This really helps to make money later down the line like I am now.

My advantage was that over the last 2 years I have built my matched betting pot, so when an arb opportunity arose I was able to place a fairly big stake on it.   Even if you are a little restricted with your stakes at a bookie some will still let you place big stakes on a low odds.  These lower odds bets are ideal as you also need less money in the exchange.

How To Find Arbs

To find arbing opportunities use the Profit Accumulator Oddmatcher and look for high profile events with a rating over 100 (see the highlighted column) with lots on money in the market, which you can see in the availability column to the far right (left out of this example).

How to Find Arbs Via OddsMatcher

Arb Examples

Premier League Draw Bookie Odds 5.5 Smarkets Odds 5.2 £200 stake = £11.53 profit

This same bookie sometimes limits my bets to £20 -£50 on events so I was surprised I could stake £200.

High Odds Arb


A Low Odds Arb Example

A low odds arb of 1.87/1.78 on a Champions League match gave a profit of £5.05 per £100 stake, and I could stake a few hundred.

Juventus to win v Napoli Bookie Odds 1.87 Smarkets 1.78 £570 stake = £28.82 profit.

Low Odds Arb

Yes, the combined stakes and liability needed at the exchange is quite high, especially from the perspective of a beginner.  That’s why I also stress the importance of building your Matched Betting bank so you can take advantage of these opportunities later down the line when you are more experienced and have more money.

I’ve since written a much more in-depth guide to Arbitrage Betting with lots of advice on how to find these money-making arb opportunities every day.


Dutching is a form of arbing where you place 2 bets at different bookies and between them no matter what the result you guaranteed yourself a profit.  For example, betting on over 2.5 goals at Bookie 1 and under 2.5 goals at bookie 2.

To find Dutching opportunities under Oddmatcher visit the Profit AccumulatorDutching” Oddsmatcher” which basically rates current live Dutching opportunities.  If you are new to this there is a training guide video showing how to use and profit from the software.

Example of a Dutch Bet 

This is an example of a Dutch Bet I made during the month, although it wasn’t with either of these 2 bookies, the odds and stakes are the same.

As you can see, if I place a £96 bet at one bookmaker and another  £100 bet on the opposite outcome at another bookmaker make me £7.00 profit.

Dutched Bet Example

Its quite possible I could place this bet at higher stakes or even use a combination of other bookmakers with the same odds to profit a few times.  Which is actually what I did, managing another £18 profit on top.

Consequences of Arbing/Dutching

2-3 bookies eventually restricted my stakes down to levels that make any future betting pointless.  One bookie reduced my stakes to just £100-£200 on low odds so I’ll only make a couple of pounds a time if I do them in future.

However, as I said, these accounts weren’t offering me any potential to make money so I made a few hundred from arbing them and will now bin them.  Plenty of other accounts to make money from even without arbing.

Warning: If it’s not clear enough already, arbing will get your accounts not only gubbed but also restricted, which renders them useless for sport making money from sports.

I arbed and Dutched a select few bookie accounts this month.  Other months I may not do any arbs.  It’s just one of many ways to make money some months.

Casino Offers Total Profit £480.60

Casino offers can be a great source of profit for Matched Betters.  Check out my post How To Make Money From Risk-Free and Low Risk Casino Offers.

My personal favorites are the totally risk-free offers which are a no-brainer for easy money.  Many of the offers can be ideal for beginners with small pots/bankroll as you don’t need any money in your account.

Personally, I would stick with risk-free offers when starting out and concentrate on building your matched betting pot.

Some months more than others I attempt the low to sometimes medium risk casino offers.  This month I attempted as may I as could in the spare time I had available.

How to Find Casino Offers

You can find the Casino Sign Up Offers in their own category at Profit Accumulator.  Like any offers, some are really good value, others may not appear so good, ie x99 wagering.  However, they may still be worth attempting as you can claim future risk-free offers from these accounts when they have them.

The bulk of the casino offers I do on a monthly basis are fund in the Profit Accumulator Reloads section.  Check this everyday.  Sometimes twice a day because offers are added through the day.  Often casino Reload offers are only available for a short amount of time, that particular day or a couple of days.

These 2 links will take members directly to the correct pages of the site:

Also check the forum links listed below and set them to “Watch” to receive notifications when offers are posted.

When there are no free spins available I look back at past free spin giveaways and open accounts with those casinos, ideally taking advantage of a sign up offer in the process.    So even if I don’t benefit this month, I will in future months.

Risk-Free Casino Offers £153.75

Risk-free casino offers and free spins are by far my favorite way to earn money from casinos.  If I’m going to do any casino offers I will prioritize these first.

I’ve discovered how fruitful these are the last few months and each month I sign up to a few new bookies or casinos just to claim future free spin offers.

I often mention these risk-free offers on my social media channels and they are a great source of extra income, even for people with small matched betting pots.

Many free spins are given away totally free, you just log in, claim the spins and keep the winnings.  Sometimes you’ll have to wager the winnings.  Most of the offers I do have no wagering or x1 wager of winnings.  Sometimes I’ll do bigger wager winnings offers too.

To profit from these offers, get into the habit of looking for them every day.

You can find them in the Profit Accumulator Reloads section and also the forum in the category under:

Set this thread to “Watch” and you will receive a notification of when any offers posted.

The vast majority of these offers are only available for one day, so get in the habit of checking, or maybe doing in the evening while in front of the TV.   They take literally a couple of minutes to complete.

Only a few are time-limited, ie for example between 7-10pm.  Often these type of offers are repeated for a few days, so if you miss out, aim to catch the next day if you can.

Free spins win example – 50 free spins available in an existing account I had.

50 Free Spins Win

20 Free Spins No Wagering – Takes a couple of minutes to claim

20 Free Spins Win

Casino Offers Under 20% EV £263.13

Every casino offer has an expected value.  This is the average amount you would expect to profit over the long-term, but what actually happens in the short-term will be quite different.

As a way of measuring my results over the longer term, I split offers into 2 categories to see if it makes any difference to my profits.  Days or weeks I’m too busy, I may only stick to these higher Expected value offers in relation to wagering.

The lower value offers in relation to wagering are a lot more common.

This month I completed 57 offers, 26 of which were the same offer by a range of IPS casinos (now run by Leo Vegas).    Every casino had the same offer and I tried to run as many as possible in separate browser tabs at the same time.   This happened on two occasions.

No real big wins this month, just a constant flow of completing offers.

Biggest profits

  • IPS Casinos (same offer across all 13) £91.99
  • MrSmithCasino  £41.08
  • Betfred £31.87
  • IPS Casinos (same offer across all 13) £24.54

14 offers ended in a loss, ranging from 15p to £22.90

Casino Offers Over 20% EV £64.27

These particular offers, the expected value is at least 20% of the amount I need to wager.   Therefore generally more value in these offers and more likely to end in profit.  Although sometimes the estimated value is only higher because the spin values are higher, e.g 50p to a £1, so, therefore, the variance is higher.

I completed 11 offers in this EV to wagering range, including

  • Boyles Wager £10 get 10 free spins x 1 wagering (completed this offer 4 times)
  • Videoslots Deposit and wager £20 for 100 free spins (completed this offer 3 times)
  • Gala Spins Deposit and wager £20 get 20 free spins.

These are low-risk offers.  You must wager your deposit once and claim the free spins.  You are unlikely to lose the whole deposit (although it is possible) if you are wagering at minimum stakes.

Other Current Ways To Make Money Matched Betting

There’s usually a few Matched Betting offers which stand out as the biggest current money earners.  Currently, they happen to be two offers I can’t do because I’m gubbed at both bookies.   However, maybe you can. (I certainly would be attempting these if I could).

The 2 stand out offers which I consistently see members say they are making good profit from are the Paddy Power and Bet365 2 Up football offer and 14 up NFL American football offers.

These are extremely lucrative offers as the bookmakers pay out your winning bet if say for example the team you bet on goes 2 goals up in football or 14 points up in NFL match.

Depending on the starting odds and also whether the opposing teams start to make a comeback you can profit quite significantly on this with the lay bet which is still in place.

Using the Profit Accumulator Early Payout calculator you can cash out your lay bet for a profit.  Alternatively, you could just let the match complete and see if the result changes and you also win your lay bet outright.

There is plenty of discussion in the forum as to how best to approach these offers as regards odds, staking and strategy etc.  There are also 2 forum threads well worth putting on “Watch” so you get notification by other members of current close matches.

You can find the threads via the following paths:

From the offer pages in Reloads, also look at the “Discuss Offer In Forum Threads” for each individual offer.  For the Bet365 2UP offer alone there are over 19,800 posts by members.  People asking and answering questions, providing info on how they are doing the offers.  Don’t be afraid to get involved.

Previous Months Earnings

Every month is different for Matched Betting, offers change all the time.  Plus some months I do more Matched betting than others.  In total, I have made well over £18,000.  All tax-free.

Have a look at some of my past month’s income reports to see where made more money.

Money Saving

I’m always on the lookout for easy ways to save extra money.  This month I looked into the best apps to save money on the supermarket shop or general food bills.    I found these 2 apps to be the best options.

Shopmium App

Claim free food and discounted items from a number of local food store via the Shopmium App (review).

This is a quality app and worth checking every week.  It’s easy to use and some of the items you claim 100% cashback on, so you are basically picking them up for free.

I purchased 3 totally free vegetarian options and received the cashback the next day.


Another option is Checkoutsmart which has a range of offers at a very wide range of stores.  Check out my Checkoutsmart review.

How You Can Earn Money Too

Get started with the free trial at Profit Accumulator which is ideal for beginners.

Earn every day.  Make it a habit.  Aim to do at least one offer a day.  Whether it’s free bet or 10 free spins.

Commit to learning.  Learn something new every day, whether it be trying a new offer type or reading a forum thread for tips.

For existing members who are looking to boost monthly income try the Free Spins and Risk-Free offers.

Price Boosts are another source of regular income.  Follow the price boosts thread and if ever the opportunity arises to make some profit, consider taking it.


Hopefully, this post has shown just a few examples of the many varied ways you can make extra money from Matched Betting.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel to mention below, or by all means, contact me by any social media channel.

If you know of anyone else who might be interested in earning more money from home feel free to share this post 🙂

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