Sherlock Holmes 50p Value in 2024 (Really Worth)

How Much is the Sherlock Holmes 50p Worth?
Credit: The Royal Mail

How Much is the Sherlock Holmes 50p Coin Worth?

The Sherlock Holmes 50p coin is valued in the range of 50p to £1.00

Depending on the condition of your coin you could expect the values to be around the following:

  • Average circulated condition 50p
  • Good Circulated condition 50p
  • Uncirculated condition £1.00

Prior to the mintage figures being released in early 2021 the Sherlock Holmes coin was fetching slightly more, around £2 to £3.00 for a perfect uncirculated one.  Since the mintage figures were released and confirmed this was much more common than some people thought the price has fallen.

Upon its release, the Royal Mint was selling Uncirculated Mintage presentation packs for £10.

Sherlock Holmes 50p Coin

The Sherlock Holmes 50p was released by the Royal Mint in March 2019 to mark the 160th anniversary of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s birth.

Obverse Design

The obverse of the coin portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, by Jody Clark

Reverse Design

The reverse was designed by Stephen Raw, a designer and textual artist. The design features a silhouette of Sherlock Holmes in the centre, with the names of the stories he has appeared in on either side.

The coin features a representation of Sherlock Holmes smoking a pipe in his deerstalker hat surrounded by some of the titles of his most famous stories.

Sherlock Holmes 50p Coin
Credit: The Royal Mint

Either side of the centre Sherlock Holmes portrait are listed the following titles:

  • The Hound of Baskervilles
  • The Sign of the Four
  • A Study in Scarlet
  • The Valleys of Fear
  • The Speckled Band
  • The Red-Headed League
  • A Scandal in Bohemia
  • Silver Blaze
  • The Final Problem
  • The Blue Carbuncle
  • The Musgrave Ritual
  • The Empty House
  • The Dancing Men
  • The Six Napoleons
  • The Bruce Partington Plans
  • The Man with the Twisted Lip

How Rare Is the Sherlock Holmes 50p Coin

The Sherlock Holmes 50p coin in circulation is not considered rare with 8,602,000 minted in 2019.  This is nearly 8 times more than some of the rarest 50p coins in circulation.

Rarity is one of the key factors in determining the value of a coin.  Upon release, the Royal Mint may not release mintage figures for some months or years, so there can be a time period where people are not sure.

Now we know the mintage figure is over 8 million, we know this is one of the more common 50 pence pieces and therefore not worth as much as some of the rarest.

About Conan Doyle – Author of Sherlock Holmes

The Sherlock Holmes 50p coins are in many ways a celebration of one of the most famous detectives in literary history, but they are also a commemoration of the life and career of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Born 22nd May 1859 Conan Doyle wrote 60 Sherlock Holmes stories in total between 1887-1927, paving the way for future crime authors.

The traditional elements of a Sherlock Holmes story include a great detective in a great city, with a confluence of cases, clients, assistants and suspects.

The detective in this case is the great Sherlock Holmes, who has become an icon in contemporary fiction, portrayed by many actors on both television and in film including Basil Rathbone, Jeremy Brett and Benedict Cumberbatch.

Conan Doyle died on 7 July 1930 at the age of 71, with his final Sherlock Holmes story incomplete.

In his life, Conan Doyle also succeeded in the field of medicine, volunteering as a medic during the Second Boer War from 1899 to 1900.

He was knighted for his humanitarian work after World War I.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Sherlock Holmes 50p’s Were Made?

8,602,000,000 or in words, eight million, 6ix hundred and two thousand copies of the Sherlock Holmes 50 pence coin were produced and released into circulation in 2019.

Is Sherlock Holmes 50p in circulation?

Yes, the Sherlock Holmes 50p was released into general circulation in 2019.

What Makes Sherlock Holmes 50p Valuable?

For a Sherlock Holmes 50p to be worth more than its face value it would have to be in brand new uncirculated condition.  Even then it would only be worth about £1.00 as it is a relatively common 50p coin.

There are other collectable Sherlock Holmes 50p’s available which were not for circulation.    For example, silver and gold proof Sherlock Holmes 50p would fetch considerably more.

Examples of Other Sherlock Holmes 50p Coins Editions (Not in circulation)

A number of other collectable editions were released including:

  • Gold Proof limited edition 400 copies
  • Silver Proof limited edition 2500 copies
  • Medal Covers limited edition 7000 copies

Where to Sell Sherlock Holmes 50p?

It’s only worth selling uncirculated coins and any special editions collector’s pieces.  You can sell them on eBay.


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