Stake Referral Code: ADAMS485 for Free Stock – How to Claim Step by Step (UK & AUS) &

Stake Referral Code UK

Stake Referral Code UK & AUS: ADAMS485

Click this referral link to go ahead and open your account and deposit £50.

Use the referral code: ADAMS485 and enter via the referral link if you looking to sign up for a share dealing account with the Stake App and want to receive one of the following free shares:

  • GoPro
  • DropBox
  • Nike

The free shares on offer are subject to change, so check the offer details when you sign up.

You will find out what free stock you win within minutes of completing your account set up and making your first deposit of £50.

If you are totally new to this offer simply read on to see an illustrated step by step process of how to sign up and claim your free stock.

If you haven’t already you can then repeat the process with other share dealing apps giving away free shares, find out more in my how to get free stocks and shares worth £100’s post.

How to Claim Your Stake Referral Code:

Below is the basic order of steps you need to follow in order to set up your Stake account and qualify for the free stock.

It’s really pretty straight forward, as follows:

  • Start by clicking this referral link (to qualify for the free stock)
  • Download the app
  • Click “Create Account”
  • Select Region (e.g United Kingdom, Australia or New Zealand)
  • Enter Stake Referral code: ADAMS485
  • Enter your email address
  • Set account password
  • Verify your email address (within 15 minutes)*
  • Complete personal details

Completing the personal details should take no more than 2-3 minutes, although it will help if you have your National Insurance number to hand.

Select Region from Australia, New Zealand, Brazil or the UK.    You’ll also need to toggle on the “Keep me updated on Stake and the market” and agree to Stake’s Privacy Policy.

As regards enter referral code, it should track from the link, but to be 100% sure of qualifying for the free stick key in the Stake referral code: ADAMS485

*To verify your email, you will need to enter code your were sent.  Do this straight away because it is only valid for 15 minutes.

You will need to complete the following details:

  • Title, First and Last name
  • Postcode
  • Mobile number
  • Date of Birth
  • Country of citizenship
  • Select current employment status (Employed/Self Employed, Student or Retired)
  • Regulatory confirmation
  • Confirm you are not a US tax resident
  • Enter your National Insurance Number
  • Click Create Account to agree to the Terms and Conditions
  • Account Created

Some of the above questions are part of completing a W-8Ben form which is required for non-U.S citizens investing in U.S stocks.  It allows Stake to claim a US tax reduction on your behalf for any dividends you might receive from your US shares.

For the 3 Regulatory confirmation questions, it will just be a matter of selecting “No” for the vast majority of people, a you can see in the image below:


Once your account has been created  you will be shown your:

  • Account No:
  • Date Created
  • Status: Active
  • Buying Power

Qualify for the Free stock – Deposit within 24 hours

In order to qualify for the free stock you must deposit £50 into your account.

Once you click “Add funds & Get Free Stock” a countdown timer will start.

You will have  24 hours to fund your account in order to be rewarded with one of the following free stocks

    • GoPro US$ 12.41 (worth £9.02)
    • Dropbox US$ 27.35 (worth £19.89)
    • Nike US$ 137.12 (worth £99.69)

Note: Stock prices change by the seconds when markets are live, so the above prices will no doubt be quite different.  They are just shown here now as a guide.  At times the shares on offer may change too.

To find out the current share price of any particular stock simply type the “stock name” followed by “share price” into Google.  For example, “Nike share price”.

Get the Free Stock

Click “Get Free Stock”

From the next screen click “Add funds”

Under Transfer Speed you will be given 2 options

  • Express
  • Regular

If you opt for the Express speed you will incur an Express Fee of 0.5%, which on £55 equated to:

(I uploaded £55 just to be on the safe side, but with the hindsight of completing the offer I don’t think this is necessary).

Stake Fee

On the next Select your bank from the long list and then click “Proceed to Bank”.  You will then be taken to the login page for your bank account.  Once logged in the payment details should all be set up and you simply need to confirm the transaction.

Once complete you’ll return to the app.  A confirmation of your email will have been sent to your email address.

You can opt whether or not to be notified when funds have arrived.

Once you have made the transfer, and even if your funds haven’t yet landed in your account, you will see a message that says “Congrats, your free stock is now ready to be claimed” and you can click the “Claim Free Stock” button as shown below:

Claim Free Stock


You’ll then be taken to the “Claim Your Free Stock Screen”

Click the “Spin For Stock” button to get the wheel spinning and to find out which free stock you win.

Spin For Free Stock

For the wheel to finally land on the stock you win.

I won 1 share of GoPro.

Won Free Go Pro Share

Expect to receive the free share within 3 days of trading.  (Markets are open Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays.

So there you have it, you now own an actual share in US company.  Hopefully some of you win the higher valued shares, especially the Nike.  Please feel free to let me know what you get either in the comments or message me via social, I love to hear.

Stake Withdrawal Fee

It is also worth bearing in mind that Stake charges a $2 withdrawal fee.

Plus the value of your funds may change in either direction, up or down depending on the moving of the UK£/U.S$ exchange rate.

Get More Free Stocks

You can get more free stocks added to your portfolio by simply referring any friends or family or posting your referral code online via sites like Reddit, or any Facebook groups etc that will allow a referral.

Some people have built their own mini portfolio’s doing just this.

Plus don’t forget you can also do the same by claiming more free stocks and shares from other share dealing apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stake?

Stake is an Australian based company offering citizens of the UK an opportunity to open a US brokerage account to trade a range of US equities.  (Accounts can also be open in Australia, New Zealand and Brazil).

What is Stake Referral Code AUS?

You can use the Stake referral code ADAMS485 if you are signing up from Australia.

What Free Shares Do You Get From the Stake Referral Code?

Spin the wheel to win one of three shares, currently Nike, Dropbox or Go Pro.

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