Do Lottery Strategies Really Work?


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For the most part, lottery winnings rely on luck rather than skill. However, Some lottery players have claimed to use certain strategies to win the lottery. Essentially, a lottery strategy is a system used by participants to predict the lottery numbers that are likely to be drawn. 

People have been using some winning strategies to increase their chances of hitting different lottery jackpots. However, what remains a little contentious is whether these strategies really work. This guide covers some lottery strategies that can boost your chance of hitting the jackpot and the ones that are almost useless. 

What is the Probability of Winning the Lottery? 

Lottery numbers are drawn randomly, as stated earlier. That means the chance of hitting the jackpot is extremely low, usually one out of a several hundred million. 

However, this doesn’t stop players from trying to crack the system. In fact, some people have won various lottery jackpots more than once. These players claimed to have used specific strategies to achieve this. 

Some strategies can boost your odds while others cannot. Let’s start with the ones that may not increase your winning chances: 

Lottery Strategies that May Not Boost Your Winning Odds

  1. Playing Every Week: Usually, lottery draws take place every week. However, playing the lottery on a weekly basis may not improve your winning chances. This is because every weekly lottery draw is independent, meaning there is no correlation between the odds of one game to another. 

For instance, you may buy tickets for a game with a 1:1000000 winning chance this week and buy a ticket with the same odds the following week. This won’t affect your winning chances since you will have participated in two different games. 

  1. Choosing the Same Numbers in Every Lottery Game: People tend to have lucky numbers that they think might help them win the lottery, such as dates of birth. However, lottery numbers are usually selected randomly, meaning the same numbers could appear as winners in more than one game or not show up in the same game at all. Remember that the chance of winning the lottery is one out of several hundred million. 

Strategies that May Boost Your Winning Chances 

  1. Purchasing extra tickets in the same game: Technically, buying more lottery tickets increases your winning chances. However, this strategy may not significantly boost your winning chances because winning odds are usually one out of hundreds of millions, as stated earlier. 

For instance, if you buy ten tickets, and the winning odds are 1 out of 292 million, your winning chance becomes 1 out of 29.2 million. Therefore, the more you increase the number of tickets, the higher the chance of hitting the jackpot. 

  1. Joining a lottery syndicate: A lottery syndicate is a group of people who come together to share the cost of lottery tickets and any winnings that may be realised. A syndicate can be formed between co-workers, family members, or friends. For instance, a syndicate of co-workers in California won $543 million playing the Mega Millions Jackpot. However, forming such a group means you must share the winnings.   
  2. Playing games with higher chances of winning the prize: Unless you have a lot of money to waste trying to hit huge jackpots, it is advisable to play smaller games which have better odds. These odds go as low as 1: 400,000 with an estimated prize of €200,000. 

Besides, some lottery games allow players to win more than one prize. Therefore, instead of targeting the jackpot where you must match 6 numbers to win, you can go for the 2nd or 3rd prize, where you can match 5 or 4 numbers to win a prize. 

  1. Select numbers that are likely to be drawn: According to research by Arin Zaegarian, some Powerball numbers have a higher chance of being drawn than others. The research suggests that balls with more ink (double-ball numbers) are more likely to drop and get selected due to weight differences in their ink. 

Final Thought 

No matter the strategy you apply while playing the lottery, the chances of hitting the jackpot are extremely low. In fact, you are more likely to get killed by bees, date a supermodel, or have identical quadruplets than win a Powerball jackpot. However, applying the above tips is better than playing lottery games blindly. 


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