Free Money Offers UK 2024 (Sign up for £100’s)

There’s typically £100’s worth of free money to be claimed at any one time by taking advantage of free money sign-up offers while they last and making a habit of checking back for new ones as they get released.

Updated regularly, take advantage of these quick and free money offers while they last, as some are only around for a couple of weeks.

Fast and Easy Free Money Sign Ups
Best Free Money Sign Up Offers

How to Get Free Money Uk

If you are interested in how to get free money UK, simply work down the list of the latest free money offers and start signing up to claiming your free cash.  It’s that easy!

For many free money offers I’ve added links to more info on exactly how to claim step by step, as well as more in-depth information on the servicesso you can decide if it’s something you want to keep using longer term.   Often they can help yo save or make more money longer term.

I only highlight free money sign-up offers I have tested myself and that I think are worthwhile.

Some of the best offers are short-lived or the terms and conditions change quickly, so take advantage of the while they are live.

To ensure you don’t miss out on any future great offers, sign up to my mailing list, and we will send you full details of new free money UK offers as soon as possible.

Best Free Money Offers for Sign Up 2024

Start working through this free money for signing up offers.   Some offer instant cash others you’ll have to wait a while, but in the future you’ll be glad you did now.

Many of these offers you can refer your partner, friends and family to make even more.

Zing £20

You can claim a free £20 just for signing up and then depositing and spending £5 with a new money app called Zing.

Its been launched by HSBC Bank so you know its legit, and there’s no need to be a HSBC customer.

  1. Sign up to Zing via this referral link
  2. Verify your I.D
  3. Top up account with £5
  4. Spend £5 via card details in app, or Apple Wallet or Google Pay
  5. Receive free £20 in 30 days.

Once your account is verified you can top up and spend the £5 immediately. Card details are in the app so you can use them to make a quick purchase without waiting for card through the post.

You can also add the card to your Apple or Google Pay wallets and spend when you next need to make a payment.

I just immediately buy an Amazon gift voucher so its done and I don’t forget.

Refer up to 20 friends for £20 reward each time.

Ends May 31st 2024.  More info here on the Zing referral.

Zilch £5 

Zilch is a buy now pay later app, which also offers the option to pay it all now and earn cashback on purchases.

Currently, they are offering a free £5 to new sign ups which you can spend wherever you like.  For ease I purchase a Amazon gift card.

  1. Sign up on mobile device using this Zilch invite link
  2. Confirm your email
  3. Verify your ID
  4. Add a debit card to the account
  5. Add Zilch card to your digital wallet (ApplePay
  6. Make a tap & pay purchase
  7. Receive 500 points worth £5
  8. Use points to purchase Amazon gift card (Or spend elsewhere)

Sign up to Zilch for free £5 here.

Time Taken: 5 minutes.

Tip: Refer a partner, family, friends and you’ll get another £5 and so will they.

Earn cashback: Use the “Pay it all now” option to earn up to 2% cashback rewards at thousands of stores including Amazon, Next and John Lewis which aren’t normally found on the usual best cashback sites.

Find out more about how Zilch works including a how-to easily claim your free £5 with screenshots.

Vanquis (Credit Card) £25 Free

UK-based Vanquis provides credit-building Visa cards and currently features a £25 sign up bonus.

Here’s how to claim this offer:

  1. Register for a Vanquis credit card.
  2. Await delivery of your card and pin.
  3. Activate the card and make a minimum purchase of £1
  4. In a few days, you’ll receive a £25 credit to spend with your Vanquis card.

Note: This offer involves a credit check. If you’re planning to apply for a mortgage or another significant financial product, it’s advisable to avoid this offer.

Sign up for Vanquis Credit Card here. (Super easy sign up)

Time Taken: 5 minutes for intial signup, then matter of a few extra minutes over next few days to complete.

Tip: Refer a family and friends for another £25 while the offer lasts.

Note: Pay off in full every month and never get into debt on a credit card.

See my full step-by-step instructions and more in-depth information on the Vanquis Refer a Friend offer,

Wealthify £50

Wealthify is one of the UK’s most used robo-advisor apps

They currently offer a super boosted deal of £50 free (normally £25) to new customers who sign up and invest a minimum of £250 for 3 months.

  1. Sign up to Wealthify here
  2. Open and verify your new account (Choose Wealthify Plan and investment risk level)*
  3. Deposit £250 into your new investment plan
  4. Leave £250 invested for 3 months
  5. Receive £50 bonus in your account
  6. Withdraw your original £250 plus your £50 bonus back to your bank account (if you don’t wish to carry on investing)

Choose General Investment account (not ISA’s).

Next choose a risk level you are comfortable with.  I chose level 1, the lowest risk level.

As soon as you sign up you should also be able to refer others for the same offer.

Sign up to Wealthify here.

Time Taken: 5 to 10 mins max.  Very easy sign up.

You will need your N.I number.

Wealthify is wholly owned by Aviva Group, one of the largest insurance companies in the UK. Investments are protected by the FSCS (Financial Compensation Scheme) up to £85,000.

For full instructions with screenshots see how to to claim Wealthify £50 sign up bonus. Here you can see it was rated as one of the best UK investing apps for beginners when I last reviewed them.

Monzo – Free £5

Monzo is a UK-based digital-only bank, known for its user-friendly interface and budgeting tools.     You get a free £5 cash reward when you sign up and spend £5 or more on the Monzo debit card.

To claim your free £5:

  1. Sign up to the app via this Monzo referral link.
  2. Spend £5 on Monzo debit card within 30 days.
  3. Await £5 cash reward

A Monzo account might come in handy as a spare current account for making money bank switching as its part of the 7 day current account switch service.

Tip: Refer friends to earn another £5 each

American Express Card up to £125 in Points

American Express have boosted their rewards on the Preferred Rewards Gold credit card offering up to 22,000 points when you spend £3000 in the first 3 months.

This is an ideal offer for those who spend £1000 a month or perhaps have a large upcoming expense.   I used the card to pay for my holiday and received extra points on top of the welcome offer. Check out the points rewards from links below.

Here’s how to make the most this offer:

  1. Register for a American Express Preferred Rewards Gold credit card.
  2. Activate card when it arrives
  3. Earn up to 22,000 bonus Membership Rewards when you spend up to £3000 in first 90 days.

Note: This offer involves a credit check. If you plan to apply for a mortgage or another significant financial product, avoiding this offer is advisable.

Sign up for the American Express Preferred Rewards Gold card.

Time Taken: 7 to 8  minutes for intial signup, plus few extra minutes over next few days to complete card activation.

Tip: Pay off in full monthly and never get into debt on a credit card.

See my full step-by-step instructions and more in-depth information on the AMEX refer a friend offer

Cashback – More Free Money Offers

For the offers below you will need to a be member of the following cashback sites:

Topcashback is free, but there is an option for premium membership, Topcashback Plus which costs £5 a year and is only taken out of earned cash back.   However, it will often entitle you to extra cashback amounts.

Totally optional though, just thought I’d mention in case you see lower cashback prices that might be the reason why.

Outplayed up to £40 (plus £250 guaranteed or money back)

Once you’ve completed all the above offers here are some more ways to make extra money:

Matched Betting is much the same as free money sign-ups, just that you are signing up to bookies to take advantage of offers that guarantee you a profit if done correctly.

You make up to £40 on the Outplayed free trial, and if you choose to continue as a member, they also guarantee you to make £250 or your money back.

You can expect to make £200 to £300 a month (tax-free) just putting in an 30 to 60 mins a day.  You can make a lot more if you put th time in, in total I made over £40,000+.  See my how much can you make from Matched betting post or my full Matched Betting beginners guide.

Other Free Money Offers

You might also be interested in these free money offers which have their own posts with more details, but in some ways are secondary to the better offers above for reasons I’ve also highlighted below.


As you can see there are always multiple free money offers available from which you can make money simply by signing up.

New offers are added all the time, and some are only available for a short amount of time, so be sure to join my mailing list so you don’t miss some of the best of offers.



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