Next VIP Sale Dates 2024 + How to Get Early Slot

Next is one of the UK’s most popular retailers selling clothes, footwear and products for the home.  It’s no surprise that its 4 annual sales events are hugely anticipated and knowing the dates is a key part of getting the best deals before they sell out.

Once you know the dates it’s then all about getting a VIP slot, find out how, plus extra tips to save more.

Next Sales Dates & VIP Slots

When Is the Next Sale Date 2023?

The next Next sale will be the Spring Sale for which no date has officially been announced.  However, based on previous years dates we can forecast the VIP slots to be open March 29th 2023 and the main sale to commence Saturday 2023.

Although no date has yet been officially confirmed there has been lots of activity to suggest the huge sales will start this Saturday, including some emails being sent confirming VIP Slots.

Next Sale Dates 2023

Next sale dates aren’t released too far in advance but based on previous years dates we get a pretty good idea of when each sale will take place and forecast forthcoming sale dates.

Current predicted sale dates (we update closer to the time)

  • Spring sale 2023:  Vip predicted 29th March 2023  & main Sale Predicted Saturday 2nd April 2023
  • Summer Sale 2023:  Early July 2023
  • Autumn Sale 2023:  Late September 20223
  • Winter Sale 2023: Tuesday 26th December 2023

*We will update the dates when any are officially confirmed.

It pays to have a good idea of when the sales will start to make sure you don’ miss out on any of the bargains you are after and be on the ball to utilise any of the tips we outline below.

Past Years Next Sale Dates

Next typically has 4 sales per year.

3 Main VIP sales, Spring, Autumn and Summer.

Plus a Boxing Day Sale.

To forecast any current years sales dates we can get a very good idea of when they will be from past years dates as the Next sales dates are typically around the same time in the month of the seasonal sale.

Next Sale Dates 2022

Next had 4 main sales in 2022, all were VIP sales which were available instore and online.  This year the 3 main seasonal sales started on a Saturday.

  • Spring sale 2022: Saturday 2nd April 2022
  • Summer Sale 2022:  Saturday 9th July 2022
  • Autumn Sale 2022: Saturday 24th September 2022
  • Winter Sale 2022: Monday 26th December 2022

Next Sale Dates 2021

In 2021 Next had its 3 main seasonal sales and the Boxing day sale.

  • Spring VIP Sale: 23rd March 2021 to 27th March 2021  (Tuesday to Saturday)
  •  Summer VIP  Sale: 6th July to 10th July 2021 (Tuesday to Saturday)
  • Autumn VIP Sale: 22nd September to 25th  September 2021 ( Wednesday to Saturday)
  • Boxing Day Sale – Sunday 26th December 2021

Next Sale Dates 2020

In 2020 the sales dates changed the pattern from the years 2018-2019 from starting on a Saturday to start the sales midweek on either a Thursday or a Tuesday.

  • Spring Sale: 19th March to 21st March 2020 (Thursday to Saturday)
  • Summer Sale: 30th June to 2nd July 2020 (Tuesday to Thursday)
  • Autumn Sale: 17th September to 23rd September 2020 (Thursday to Wednesday)
  • Boxing Day Sale: 26th December 2020


In 2019 and 2019 the Next sale dates followed a very similar pattern of dates with the Spring, Summer and Autumn sales all starting on Saturday’s.

In brackets, I’ve indicated the day of the week in terms of which one the sale day falls on to help spot patterns.

  • Spring Sale: 23rd March 2019 (4th Saturday)
  • Summer Sale: 6th July 2019 (1st Saturday)
  • Autumn Sale: 21st September 2019 (3rd Saturday)
  • Boxing Day Sale: 26th December 2019


  • Spring Sale: 24th March 2018 (4th Saturday)
  • Summer Sale: 7th July 2018 (1st Saturday)
  • Autumn Sale: 22nd September 2018 (4th Saturday)
  • Boxing Day Sale: 26th December 2019

Next VIP Sale Slots

There’s a huge demand for all the Next sale events.

If you can get into the sale in advance of the masses you have a huge advantage over the masses and are more likely to get access to the sales previews and very best bargains

Next VIP Slots

A Next VIP slot is reserved for qualifying Next customers and gives them the advantage of early access to the sales before everyone else.  This means if you get a VIP slot you get to see more of the sales before lines start selling out.

How to Get a Next Sale VIP Slot

To to get a Next VIP sale invitation you need to qualify by meeting all of the following criteria to become a NEXT VIP customer:

  • Be a Next Flexible Credit account holder
  • Have at least a £250+ credit limit available a couple of weeks before the sale date
  • Have received a copy of the Next Directory
  • Have purchased a minimum of 1 item from the current season’s range 
  • Not be a habitual returner of orders (you need to have returned less than 2/3 items)
  • Be prepared to make definite order in your VIP Slot
  • Be registered to receive promotional emails

In the eyes of Next, it’s a privilege for you to get a VIP slot.

They want to be sure you are worthy and reward their active loyal customers.

They also want to be sure you will use it the opportunity and actually make some purchases.  Hence why they want customers to have at least £250 available credit.

If you get a VIP slot and don’t make a purchase it will significantly reduce the chance of you getting a slot in the next VIP sale.

Credit Reminder:  As with all high interested credit it is worth paying off the full amount every month so as not to be charged high interest.  At a typical rate of 23.9% and paying off the minimum any savings made in the sale would be soon be lost.

When Can I Book My Next VIP Slot?

You can book your Next VIP slot 3-4 days before the actual sale date.   Login to your Next account here and check if slots have been made available in your account, if so book the earliest one you can.

Don’t just wait for email notifications as the slots become available in your account so by checking from 9 am each day you get in even earlier.

How to Access the Next VIP Sale

You must access the sale via to receive the sale prices.  Next will not adjust prices if purchases are not made via this link.

When is the first time slot for the Next VIP sale?

You need to log into your next account to see what the first slot time personally available to you is.

The first time slot can be around 5 pm 2 days before the official sale start date.

How Much is Next VIP Delivery?

Next day delivery is not available for VIP slot orders.  Delivery can take up to 42 days, but you will see the estimated delivery date at the time of ordering.

For £20 a year you can get unlimited free delivery and returns for a year.  See next unlimited for details.

Is the Next VIP slot any good?

The next VIP slot gives you early access to the sale before the masses.  The earlier you can book your VIP slot the better it will be for you.

Getting a VIP slot is the best way to get the most out of the sales.

What’s In the Next Sale?

Next is best know for selling clothing for men, women, as well as girls and boys clothes.

Here are some examples of what is included in the sales.

  • Sofas
  • Handbags
  • Footwear
  • Branded dresses
  • Homeware
  • Furniture
  • Duvets
  • Fragrances

Obviously, you can save far more on 50% on some home and furniture items

Items not included in the next sales unless otherwise stated:

  • Flowers
  • Gift cards
  • Personalised and made to order items
  • Photos
  • Domestic appliances
  • Gift experiences
  • Wall stickers
  • Garden and plants
  • Hammonds bedrooms
  • Beaverbrooks products
  • Laura Ashley

Is the Next Sale any good?

The next sales are one of the most popular sale events in the UK and for good reason.

It’s the chance to get even 50-80% off the price.

As with any sale, the key to getting the best bargains is to get in early, hence the scenes sometimes of people starting to queue outside stores from 3 am.

The best way to get in early is by qualifying for a VIP slot.

To keep it fair, Next turn off the Save Bag and Save for Later features.   This gives more people the chance to get the items they want.

As well as the Next sale certain supermarkets also have their own highly anticipated sales events worth checking out:

Next online is the only way to purchase Tescos own F&F range of clothes online.

Next Secret Sales Codes – Is it Legit?

Before an upcoming sale date have you ever noticed the labels have been marked with a letter and a number, e.g E8, S12, L5.

These are actual instore special codes with the number element indicating the forthcoming sale price.

Next Sales Tips

As well as the many tips covered on the page here are some key ones to get the most of the sales:

  • Plan what you would most like to buy in advance by browsing online or in local stores
  • Bookmark product pages in advance
  • If you order often online utilise the Next unlimited delivery

I have heard of some people buying items in advance of the sale and then taking back the item in the sale and rebuying at the sale price.  Next do allow this, but in the first hours and days of the sale, some stores may not be accepting returns because they will be overly busy with buying customers.

It’s best to best to wait for the initial rush to pass.

Next FAQ’s

Can Next Sales Items be Returned?

Online purchases can be returned with 28 days.

Is Next Having a Black Friday Sale 2021?

There has been no confirmation whether Next will participate in this year’s Black Friday, which will be on the 26th November 2021.

Next chose not to participate in 2020’s Black Friday event, although it has done so to some degree in previous years.

Is Next on Topcashback?

There is a page for next on Topcashback but it is rare to actually see a cashback offer available. I personally don’t recall ever seeing one.

The same goes for Quidco.

The only cashback site I have regularly seen a cashback offer for Next is Kidstart, however, at the time of writing, they weren’t offering any either.  Always worth a quick check.

Does Next Sell other brands in-store?

Next sells a wide range of other branded fashion and other goods in its stores.  Too many to mention individually, but plenty of the brands you’ll find in our are designer clothes worth it post.

What Time Does the Next Sale Start?

Instore sales start times will vary depending on your local stores.  Often though for the event of a sale, they will open earlier at 6 a.m or even earlier in some cases.

The Boxing Day sale typically starts at 6 am for the online store.



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