Asda Loyalty Card: George Rewards Scheme + Extra Savings Tips 2021

Asda Loyalty

Do you know about the Asda loyalty scheme, the first in their 70-year history?

Plus the option to reward yourself 1% cashback on every spend at Asda supermarkets and on fuel too?

Since they ended the Asda Price Guarantee, which offered the chance to claim a refund if Asda’s prices weren’t 10% below that of the then select supermarket rivals, Asda has concentrated on offering the cheapest prices rather than offering an Asda points card like most other supermarkets.

As well as the reward points scheme and 1% cashback opportunity there are also lesser-known options you can utilize to get something back or get your Asda Shopping even cheaper.

One of the options gives you a good chance of getting a 50-100% refund on select purchases.

Read on to find out all the various ways you can save on your regular Asda shop:

Asda Loyalty Scheme: George Rewards

George Rewards is actually Asda’s first loyalty scheme since it started as a business 70 years ago in 1949.

It’s an exclusively online loyalty scheme for customers of Asda Direct who purchase clothes via the George section of the online store.   No actual reward card is given.

You can start earning points from the moment you sign up.

  • 100 Points for signing up at
  • 20 points if you write a review
  • 20 points if you share your birthday
  • 50 points if you refer a friend (up to 5 friends)

You also earn points on your shopping at George:

  • £1 per £1 spent
  • Double points when you spend over £50

George Reward Points

The terms still all state yet that domain redirects to a page on because since launching George has now merged with Asda direct.

George is Asda’s very own clothing brand.  It was launched in 1989.  Clothing is marketed as “quality fashion at affordable prices” and in 2005 George alone had grown to become the 4th largest retailer of clothes.

The George brand now encompasses a range of homeware and garden furniture.

So while initially, it may seem quite a restrictive reward program, in terms of not applying to all Asda products, there’s no doubt it may have some worth to some regular customers of the clothing brand.

Redeeming Points

You are not able to redeem the points on just any Asda or George products.

Instead, you need to login to your George account where you will be offered the opportunity to use your points to get discounts on certain product ranges suited to you.

Do George Reward Points Expire?

Yes, your points will expire if you don’t log in to your account for 12 months.

Get 1% Cashback on All Asda Shopping & Fuel

Yes, it’s a credit card and not an official Asda loyalty card, but it earns you 1% cashback on all your Asda shopping which is a good rate for a store related card.

However, if you are already a loyal shopper at Asda the more rewarded you can potentially be.

The advantages far outweigh most loyalty schemes, because they often exempt purchases for lottery tickets, tobacco alcohol, etc, whereas with this card you’ll get 1% cashback on the lot.

The 1% rate equates to earning £1 cashback per £100 you spend in Asda, which beats many of the other loyalty card point schemes offered by other supermarkets.

Asda Credit Card Cashback Calculator
Credit: Asda

Asda you can see in the above Asda cashback calculator if you spent:

  • an average of £100 a week on Asda shopping and fuel you would earn £52 a year cashback.
  • an average of £200 a week you’d earn £104 back annually.

Which is basically money you are missing out on if you are using most other forms of payment method.

The Asda credit card also offers 0.2% cashback on all other spendings outside of Asda.  There are usually better higher-paying options for this kind of expenditure.

Redeeming The Asda Credit Card Cashback

The cashback earned is redeemed at Asda vouchers, which can only be spent at Asda.

There is no opportunity cost of using a credit card that can be used anywhere as very few beat 1% and certainly not long term.

You can find out more about the Asda Credit cashback card

Credit Card Awareness So You Don’t End Up Worse Off.

Just a few bullet points to be aware of when applying and planning to use a credit card

  • Applying leaves a mark on your credit report
  • Always pay off monthly
  • Don’t spend more than you otherwise would using cash or debit card

Asda Christmas Savings Card

The Asda Christmas Savings card is a form of savings loyalty reward offering you a bonus of between 1.2 to 5.3% depending on how much you save.

  • Save £30 to £79 for a £1 bonus
  • Save £80 to £129 for a £3 bonus
  • Save £130 to £179 for a £6 bonus
  • Save £180 to £229 for a £9 bonus
  • Save £230 to £279 £12 bonus
  • Save £280+ for a £15 bonus

The optimal amount to save is £280 for the £15 bonus.

If you would like to save more you can do so by having more than 1 card.

The bonus payment date is November 15th 2020.  The bonus will be paid automatically.

You can order or pick up a card instore and it can be topped up online or instore too.    Make sure to register it online in order to protect your funds.

New Online Customers Cashback Deals 

New online customers to Asda can expect a cashback deal,

Currently, there aren’t any offer due to the pandemic, but it’s always worth checking.

In the past I’ve seen:

  • Topcashback £5.50 cashback on the first shop over £40 (excl. alcohol)
  • Quidco £6.50 cashback on the first shop over £40 (excl. alcohol)

Quidco example for Asda Groceries new customersQuidco Cashback example for Asda Groceries

Existing Customer Cashback At Asda George

Examples of Topcashback Asda George Cashback offers available to existing customers

Topcashback Asda George Cashback for existing customers


Check For Asda Coupons

Another option is to check for discount codes on sites like (Asda) HotDealsUk where you can sometimes pick up good discounts on certain product ranges.

I have more general tips for finding coupons in my couponing for beginners guide.


Asda is consistently considered one of the cheapest supermarkets, so it’s not surprising it doesn’t offer one of the best loyalty schemes as we can only expect so much to be on offer overall.

However, combing al the options above whenever you do shop at Asda instore, Direct online or with Asda George will certainly amount to some worthwhile savings every year for loyal customers.

What do you think of these options?  Do you know of any other saving options?

Do you think Asda should do more to reward loyalty?

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. As a loyal Asda online shopping customer I feel Asda has not done enough to contact online shoppers about it’s Christmas Loyalty Card. Asda could have sent us an email or text message to inform us.

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