Zilch Refer a Friend £15 Referral Link (2024)

Fancy a free £5 voucher on your next Tap and Pay spend?   Perhaps £15 for your household  if you refer a partner and they do the same (£5 per sign up and £5 for referring).

This post shows you step by step how to quickly and easily claim a free £5 Amazon voucher.

If know the offer and you are just quickly looking for the referral link you can use:


Otherwise read on for full instructions.

Zilch Refer a Friend

Disclaimer: If you use my refer a friend link I will also receive a reward at no extra cost to yourself.  Thank you if you do use it as it helps me to continue building the site.

What is Zilch?

Zilch is a buy now pay later app that charges no interest and has no hidden fees.  Unlike well-known options like Clearpay and Klarna, Zilch offers the use of digital MasterCard and the opportunity to earn rewards.

You can find out more here about how Zilch works and whether it’s for you.

Primarily this post is just to take advantage of the easy £5 sign-up offer.

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How to Claim Zilch Free £5 Zilch Amazon Voucher

Use my Zilch Referral link to claim your free £5.

Click or copy and paste this link into your browser:


You can access Zilch via an online browser or the Zilch app.  I claimed my free £5 through my browser.

When you sign up to Zilch you get 500 points free which are worth £5 and can be spent at hundreds of stores.

Every 500 points are worth £5.00

I chose to spend mine on an Amazon gift card, which you’ll have in minutes if you do the same.

Steps to Follow:

  1. Sign up on mobile device using this Zilch invite link
  2. Confirm your email
  3. Verify your ID
  4. Add a debit card to the account
  5. Add Zilch card to your digital wallet (ApplePay
  6. Make a tap & pay purchase to get your free £5
  7. Receive 500 points worth £5
  8. Purchase £5 Amazon gift card (or spend points elsewhere)

If you like this kind of offer, be sure to check out many other ways of making quick and easy free money from sign-up offers, from which you can make £ 100s.

To claim the free 500 points worth £5

When you log in you will see your Rewards ready and waiting as follows (at the time it was 1000 points worth £10), yours might state 500 points if the offer is £5 (in the past the offer has been higher).

Zilch Reward

Scroll down a little and click “Continue shopping”.

Search for the store you would like to make a purchase, I chose Amazon.

Search Amazon

You’ll see you have your own digital Zilch Mastercard, this is what you use to make your free £5 purchase.

This is mine with the details still hidden, just click the card to view the full details.

Zilch Digital Mastercard

This is the digital card you will actually use to pay for your Amazon gift card.

You’ll notice under the card it states “as an Amazon Associate Zilch earns from qualifying Amazon purchases.”  This is how Zilch makes some of its money from Amazon and all the other partners.  They will be earning a percentage of your purchases at no direct cost to you.

Toggle  your rewards balance as you can see in this image,

Toggle Reward balance

to discount activated as shown below:

Zilch Reward ready to use

When you see the above your £5 Zilch reward is ready to spend.

All you need to do now is click “Enable for store” and add your debit card details as requested on the next screen.

Once you click enable for store for wherever you choose to shop you have 2 hours to make your qualifying purchase.

Add Debit Card Details at the Start

At this point, after adding my debit card details I had to renavigate back to the start of the app and go through some of the above processes like finding Amazon again and toggling the reward.

With hindsight, it would have been easier to add debit card details before searching for where I wanted to spend your reward.

Spending Your Free £5 With the Zilch Card

When you get to the checkout of whatever store you choose,  in my case Amazon, use the Zilch card details to make the payment.

You’ll need to fill in the card payment details, ie the card number and expiry.

What Name to Use for the Zilch Card

For the Card name, put “Zilch”.  (I was initially unsure as to whether use my own name as that is what Id typically do).

Once I completed the purchase the gift card email went straight to my email.

Easy no money down free £5 in a matter of minutes.

When choosing where to spend your free £5 reward, bear in mind reward purchases do not qualify for refunds like normal purchases through Zilch.  Hence I chose an egift card because it can’t go wrong.

£10 Amazon Gift Card via Zilch

If you like shopping at Amazon you might be interested in how to get more free Amazon gift cards using a variety of methods and opportunities.

Refer Friends and Family for £5 a Time

Once you have completed your first purchase with your free £5 you can start earning more by referring friends and family.

I immediately turn my £5 into £30 for the household by referring my wife.  I get another £5 and she gets £5.

Be sure to check out more of the best refer friend schemes for cash and rewards.


This was an easy £5 in 5 minutes and then later another £5 in just another 10 minutes.

Feel free to let me know how you got on, did it take just 10 minutes?

Did you refer someone else in your household?


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