9 Best Apps & Sites to Sell Clothes Online For Cash UK 2022

Whether you are looking to sell clothes for cash or just having a clear-out, making money from used second-hand clothes is certainly an option.  The average woman has £500+ worth of excess clothes, not including the rest of the family.

We have narrowed down and prioritised the best places to sell your clothes for cash.

Sell Clothes For Cash Online

Most of us have at least some items we’ve brought and never worn.  Maybe you have quite a few if you are a frequent impulse buyer who’s not quite so keen on the new items when you get home and maybe didn’t get round to returning them.

Combined with our body sizes and fashion tastes constantly changing it’s quite likely you have some clothes you never intend to wear again, but there they still sit at the back of your wardrobe.

Fortunately, there are several clothes selling platforms these days.  It’s just a matter of picking the right one to sell your old clothes so you get the best price as well as sell them quickly and easily, and in some cases for no fees.

Best Apps to Sell Clothes For Cash

When it comes to the best-dedicated clothes selling apps Depop and Vinted stand out as the best.  Which one is best for your clothes will most likely depend on the age range of your target audience.  Depop is better for a younger market up to the mid-’20s, while Vinted is better for a slightly older audience.


Depop is a social marketplace app specifically for selling clothes.   It has a worldwide audience of millions.

More geared towards a younger adult audience and particularly popular with the 15-26 age range.

Depop markets itself more towards unique fashion items, Streetwear and vintage clothes.  However, you can sell all types of clothes and brands there.

How Depop Works:

Depop is very much like a social app.  You set up your shop just as you would a social media profile.

You can then list your items by taking photos or videos via your phone very much like Instagram.

There are options to connect to your other social media profiles and follow friends.

Ideal for selling rarer and unique items, but you will see all sorts selling on there.  Bundles are also popular.

They suggest using it for selling odd items or even starting your own Empire.  It’s also used by quite a few celebrities who have set up stores on the app.

So if you are looking to expand your own clothes selling, perhaps sourcing second-hand items from charity shops etc Depop certainly encourages this kind potential.

Depop Fees:

It’s free to list items on Depop, but you’ll be charged a 10% selling fee for any items you do sell.  In addition to this, you’ll have to Paypal fees.

Depop review rating: Via Apple App store are 4.8 out of 5 from 260,000+ ratings.

Vinted – Sell Clothes Online for Free

Vinted is available by both Apple and Google Apps as well as your desktop browsers.

Users are generally older on average than Depop.  All kinds of clothes are sold on the platform, especially well known and popular high street brands.

How Vinted Works

Vinted is easy to use.  Just download the app.   Take photos of your items and upload them.  Add a description and your price.  Ship your sold items and get paid when the buyer confirms they have received the order ok.  All buyers and sellers communications are carried out through Vinted.

As well as selling, there’s also the option to swap items.

Funds are held in your Vinted account until you cash them out which is probably advisable to do as you just never know.

You might be surprised what you can sell, below is an example of well worn £10 converse which were sold as seen in the photos below for £10.

Sold converse on vinted
£10 no fees or postage (paid by buyer on Vinted)

Interestingly, someone put in a bid for £8 for the Converse and looking at their profile and listings it looked like they were cleaning them up and were selling them at £24 to £28+.

Not only do these apps represent a way to sell used clothes but also a way to make some extra money on the side.

Vinted Fees:

It’s free to sell clothes on Vinted as it’s the buyers who pay the fees.

Vinted.co.uk App review rating is 4.8 on the Apple App Store.

Best Websites to Sell Clothes UK

Depending on the types of clothes you have for sale, these may be the best places to sell your old clothes.  All of them have accompanying apps as well.

ASOS Marketplace

ASOS Marketplace is for the more experienced and serious clothes sellers.

It was initially set up in 2010 for independent brands and vintage boutiques.  it’s geared towards established sellers who are running their clothes selling like a business.

You’ll need to set up your own online “Boutique” and must have at least 15 listings available at all times.

ASOS Marketplace is ideal for good quality vintage clothes from the 1990s etc.

ASOS Fees: £20 a month

Sell Designer Clothes for Cash

If you are selling designer clothes you will receive more money by selling through sites that specialise in these goods and offer the safe and secure services you require.

If you have read are designer clothes worth it, you’ll know they are when it comes to reselling them as we can see from these specialist second-hand designer clothes reselling sites:

Hardly Ever Worn It

Hewi for short specialises in selling pre-owned designer clothes for:

  • Women
  • Men
  • Children
  • Shoes
  • Jewellery and Watches
  • Bags

Hewi specialises in designer clothing, shoes and accessories for men, women and children, making buying and selling your pre-owned pieces a seamless experience.

All kinds of luxury brands from Gucci, Fendi, Dennis Basso and Chanel to Rolex watches for tens of thousands of pounds.

How Hardly Ever Worn it Works

You have 2 options for selling your designer clothes, either set yourself up as an Independent Seller or use their VIP Service.

Independent Seller

The quickest way to start selling your designer brands is to set yourself up as an Independent Seller.

Set up a profile with a photo and a brief intro to appeal to your targeted audience.

You can then upload listings along with photos and details of each item, size, condition and year of purchase.   Before going live to a buying audience Hewi’s team of experts will review your listing and make suggested improvements.

When the items sell you ship the items via special delivery.  Once confirmation from the buyer has been received that the order has arrived you get paid.

Everything you have that proves authenticity should be included in photos.  From receipts to packaging.

VIP Service

Hewi offers a VIP service where they take care of everything for you.

They will do everything:

  • Collect
  • Authenticate
  • List with photos
  • Price at the highest market price
  • Provide you with a VIP Manager
  • Send you payment via your chosen method

Trustpilot Rating: Hewi has a Trustpilot rating of 4.5% which rates it Excellent.  Of the 1526 reviews 75% of reviews gave 5 stars Excellent, 10% were Bad.  these appeared to be from disgruntled buyers who weren’t happy with some of the item conditions.   They were often referred to as the returns policy.


Rebelle is an online platform that specialises in buying and selling second-hand women’s designer clothes and luxury goods.

This site is ideal for selling top-end designer clothes.

As you can imagine with these kinds of valuable goods, authenticity is key.   This is where Rebelle comes into its own.

How Rebelle Works

Set up your listings with photos, descriptions and prices.  When you get a buyer you first send your items to Rebelle.  Their experts authenticate the items and if genuine they deliver them to the buyer.

Another option is the concierge service.  With this you list items you want to sell at your price expectation, then send your items to Rebelle who will authenticate them.  Assuming they pass, they grade your items on wear and tear and a professional photographer will photograph each item for your listings.  Your item is safely stored in their warehouse and if they pass there professional photographers take photos for your listings.  If not, the items are returned.

No menswear or children’s clothing, damaged items and definitely no fakes!

Rebelle Fees: As you might expect for such a service and access to designer buyers, this comes at a cost.  Pay 17-33% of the selling price.  The concierge service is EUR 15.00

Rebelle Review Ratings are 4.2 out of 5 on Trustpilot with 87% Great to Excellent.  The Rebelle Apple App has a rating of 4.7 out of 5.

Some of the negative reviews relate to people not fully understanding how the service works.  If you are selling valuable items be sure to check the terms and conditions to avoid disappointment.

eBay – Worldwide auction

Selling on eBay is one of the most well-known ways to make money from home.   As the world’s largest and most well known online auction eBay is suited to selling pretty much everything to the UK and worldwide audience of millions.

Private sellers can list up to 1000 free listings a month but you will have to pay final value fees of 10%.   Plus as sales are more likely not to be local pick up and drop-offs for cash you’ll also be likely to incur additional Paypal fees.

There will be people looking for all kinds of clothes in the auction.   Higher-end brands will tend to do well.

A good to get an idea of the selling prices for your items is to use the Advanced search function and tick the box for “sold listings”.

eBay Fees: 1000 free listings a month but you will have to pay 10% final value selling fees and Paypal fees on top.

Free Listing Websites and Apps to Sell Clothes Locally For Cash

As mentioned above under the best clothes selling apps, it’s free to sell on Vinted.

However, there are other options to sell clothes online for free, albeit they are not solely dedicated to clothes.   Which is may make them extra useful if you have other household items to sell.

Shpock – Car Boot App

Shpock is an online boot sale app and website that enables you to sell all kinds of items, including clothes in your local area.

How Shpock Works – It’s free to set up an account and list your items either individually or in bundles.    Options are available to pay to promote listings in various ways.

As with real-life car boot sales, expect hagglers, so consider that in your initial pricing.

Buyers and sellers arrange delivery or drops offs between themselves.  Payments are made in cash.

Shpock review rating is 4.5 on the Apple App store, from 67,000+ reviews.

Preloved – Free Listings In Uk

Preloved is a free online classified website based in the UK.

How Preloved Works: Once you’ve set up an account and profile you can place as many ads as you like for no fees.  Each ad can have 3 photos.  There is the option to upgrade for just £5 a year and then be able to post an unlimited number of photos per ad and use the message facility immediately rather than wait 12 days.

All communication with the buyer and seller is done through Preloved.

Emphasis is on selling locally, so you may be able to save on postage if it’s a local pick up or drop off.  Transactions are also more likely to be in cash.

Potentially better suited for bulk items or clothes lots that would be expensive to deliver.

Click on Categories and you’ll see the category for “Clothing and Jewellery”

There are further subcategories:

Preloved Review rating is 4.2 on Trustpilot with 85% of reviews rating Great to Excellent.

Bad reviews were 9%.  They highlight to be aware of being charged the £5 on a recurring annual basis.  Others appeared mostly to be related to bad sellers which obviously can’t be helped.

Facebook Marketplace & Groups – Free listings

The Facebook Marketplace and selling groups are an option for selling locally. Might be better for bulk items or items not worth the cost of posting.

Selling on the Marketplace is quick and easy.

If they are local buyers it’s easy for them to pop round and pick up the item, or to even come and a have look before deciding.

Join local groups related to nearby cities and towns with your local radius of potential buyers.

Tip: Local parent groups are popular for selling kids clothes.

Fees:  It’s free to list so worth a go.

Sell Second-hand Clothes By Weight in Bulk Near You

Some people love sorting through clothes and listing individually, others don’t.  Maybe you’ve already cherry-picked the best items and just want a quick sale of what’s left.  Or perhaps what’s left isn’t of decent enough quality to sell individually.

In this instance, you can sell your clothes by weight, but it’s better to do so via an outlet in your local area.  The amount they are worth would be significantly reduced once taking account of postage costs.

It’s a tricky area sending them off to any online company because they may not well pay you for the amount of weight you send if it turns out they don’t accept some of the items you’ve posted, and they won’t send them back either.

Go to Google and search “cash for clothes + your local area”, e.g “cash for clothes Cambridge” and you’ll see a list and map of local clothes buyers.  Some might even have dedicated shops for you to drop them off at.

The expected rate is around 50p a kilo.

They may also accept old belts, paired shoes, wallets, purses etc

Expect them to have a quick look through the bag, so don’t fill it with rubbish.

For 30p a kilo my local cash for clothes also accepts for 30p a kilo a lot more, from bed lined, old curtains toys, mugs, small electrical items and much more.

Check your local clothes, buyers, web site if they have one to see if you might be able to clear more too.

Cash for Clothes £1 per kilo

If you can find cash for clothes near you for £1 a kilo, take it.  That’s a great price.

The only places I could find offering £1 per kilo online was eBay listings.  However, it appears you have to cover the cost of postage and therefore the net you would receive would be less than £1.

The accounts I saw had good feedback but the feedback transactions didn’t appear to relate to the clothes for £1 listings.

Sell £500 Worth of Used Clothes Challenge

A survey by clothes selling site Patatam discovered the average woman has £500+ worth of clothes she no longer wears.

Keeping some items for sentimental reasons and reminders of good times.  Plus holding on to clothes that don’t currently fit but that they hope they can fit into again one day.

If you have people in your household, including partners and growing kids, you may have even more in the way of excess clothing.

How much money could you get for all these clothes?  When you look at the prices some good individual items sell for, you might be surprised.

Consider setting yourself a £300-£500 clothes selling challenge.   What would you save it towards or spend it on?

Is it even possible to get that much?  If not what do you think you could get?

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I resell designer clothes?

Rebelle is the best-dedicated site for selling designer clothes.  They provide an authentication service as well as safe storage.  Your items are listed with professionally taken photographs.   When sold Rebelle deliver the items.   Currently, they only accept womenswear.

Other options include all the apps listed above.

How Do You Price Used Clothes?

The best guide to pricing your used clothes is to compare your item with similar sold items and items for sale.  Condition is a key factor in the price so make sure you are comparing like with like as best you can.


Are you ready to start selling your own unwanted clothes online?

Let me know of any successes you have in selling used clothes.

I’d love to know what you think of the £300-£500 challenge too, is it possible?

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  1. Cracking post mate! Yes, the challenge is a great idea! I bet people would be surprised what they have stored away that is just money lying around!

    The key points are as long as you take good pictures and be descriptive then usually your items will sell!

    A few marketplaces I had not heard of in here so thanks!


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