Sky Recommend a Friend £100 – Refer Link Code (2024)

Sky is a top choice for many UK households when it comes to TV, broadband, and mobile services.

If you know what which service you want and just want a referral link you can use  If you’re in search of a quick Sky referral link, you’re in the right place. 

As a potential new customer, you can take advantage of the Sky Recommend a Friend referral link and get a reward of up to £100 (see breakdowns below).

If you are purchasing online, you can do so through this Sky Refer a Friend Link  to claim your reward.

Or if you need the exact code for a phone or instore order use:

Sky Recommend a Friend £100 Referral
Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate or referral links that earn me some commission if you sign up through them.  However, this is at no extra cost to you.  Read more here. Thank you if you do use them as they help to support my blog.

For those new to Sky’s Refer a Friend program, this article details how to earn rewards and guides you step by step on how to claim them, as well as when you are a customer how you can earn more rewards referring friends and family.

As customers ourselves for over 16 years we are always happy to recommend Sky to friends and family.

How to Claim Sky Recommend a Friend £100 (up to)

The Sky Refer a Friend program offers rewards ranging from £15 to £100 depending on the service you choose via the refer a friend link.

The reward breakdowns for each service are as follows:

  • Sky Glass: £100
  • Sky Stream: £75
  • Ultrafast or Gigafast Full-Fibre Broadband: £60
  • SuperFast Broadbandl: £30
  • Mobile Handset : £25
  • SIM-only Deall: £15

To claim your Sky refer a friend reward:

Once you earn a reward, you receive an email with a link to redeem it. 

The reward is provided in the form of a voucher, which can be spent through Sky’s bespoke rewards portal.

 The portal offers a broad selection of over 100 E-Vouchers, giving you plenty of options to choose from. 

Additionally, there will be some physical voucher options for spending in-store.

Remember to claim your reward within 11 months of receiving the email, as it expires after that period.

Reward Tip:  If you have any small amounts of money on your voucher that arent enough to complete a full purchases you can use whats left to top up your Amazon gift card balance.

How Much You Can Make Referring a Friend to Sky

Now, Sky customers have an opportunity to earn by simply sharing their experience.

Sky’s Refer a Friend program offers a brilliant opportunity to earn rewards. With different levels of rewards corresponding to various Sky services, there’s plenty of potential for you to benefit.

Sky’s Refer a Friend program offers you numerous ways to earn rewards when you sign up or refer a friend.

  • Sky Glass Referral :Earn £100.
  • Sky Stream Referral: Earn £75.
  • Ultrafast or Gigafast Full-Fibre Broadband: Earn £60.
  • SuperFast Broadband Referral: Earn £30.
  • Mobile Handset Referral: Earn £25.
  • SIM-only Deal Referral: Earn £15.
Sky Refer a Friend vouchers
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Sky TV Refer a Friend

Television remains a principal source of entertainment for many households. Sky TV, with its vast array of channels and content, stands as a premier choice. 

When you refer a friend to Sky TV—specifically Sky Glass or Sky Stream—you stand to earn handsome rewards. Not only do you get to share the joy of quality television with a friend, but you also get to enjoy substantial cash rewards.

Sky Glass Referral

Sky Glass is Sky’s latest smart TV. It’s more than just a TV—it’s a complete entertainment package. Sky Glass combines cutting-edge technology, stunning design, and user-friendly functionality. This innovative TV model integrates all Sky services, allowing you to stream, record, and pause your favorite shows with ease. The ultra-clear image quality and vibrant colours enhance every viewing experience.

Sky Glass Referral Reward

With a sleek design and a plethora of services, Sky Glass makes a great recommendation for friends and family. When you refer a friend and they choose Sky Glass, you’re rewarded with a substantial £100. Sharing the best in home entertainment has never been more rewarding.

Sky Stream Referral

Sky Stream is an innovative streaming service from Sky. It offers a wealth of entertainment options, including the latest movies, trending TV shows, exclusive Sky content, and live sports. Sky Stream can be accessed on various devices, offering flexibility and convenience for users.

Sky Stream Referral Reward

For every successful referral to Sky Stream, you stand to earn £75. It’s an opportunity to share a world of entertainment and earn at the same time.

Sky Broadband Introduce a Friend

In an increasingly digital age, reliable broadband has become more of a necessity than a luxury. Sky Broadband offers a variety of solutions tailored to different needs. 

Whether your friend chooses SuperFast, Ultrafast, or Gigafast Full-Fibre broadband, there’s a reward for you. 

By referring a friend to Sky Broadband, you’re not only helping them access dependable and high-speed internet services but also earning rewards for yourself.

Ultrafast or Gigafast Full-Fibre Broadband Referral

Sky’s Ultrafast and Gigafast Full-Fibre Broadband are high-speed internet solutions designed for modern homes. These services cater to households that rely on multiple devices for work, study, or leisure. With superior speed and reliable connectivity, these broadband services support high-definition streaming, online gaming, and seamless video calling.

Ultrafast or Gigafast Full Fibre Referral Reward

When your friend opts for either Ultrafast or Gigafast Full-Fibre Broadband, your reward is £60. Share the benefits of lightning-fast internet and earn rewards for doing so.

SuperFast Broadband Referral

Sky’s SuperFast Broadband is designed to offer reliable, fast internet access to households. With consistent speeds, it’s perfect for regular browsing, streaming, and staying connected with loved ones.

Sky Superfast Broadband Referral Reward

When you refer a friend and they choose Sky’s SuperFast Broadband, you’re rewarded with £30. Good internet is a shareable delight that comes with a reward.

Sky Mobile Refer a Friend

In today’s mobile-dominated world, Sky Mobile aims to provide flexible and value-for-money mobile services. 

With Sky Mobile refer a friend you can choose to have either a mobile handset or a SIM-only deal. 

For every successful referral, a reward awaits you. Sharing your Sky Mobile experience with friends not only helps them discover great mobile deals but also brings you closer to your next reward.

Mobile Handset Referral

Sky Mobile offers flexible and value-for-money mobile services. From the latest smartphones to competitive tariffs, Sky Mobile is designed to give users the best mobile experience. With added benefits like data rollover and changeable plans, it offers a uniquely flexible approach to mobile services.

The Referral Reward

When your friend is referred and chooses a mobile handset from Sky Mobile, you earn a reward of £25. Share the benefits of flexible mobile services and get rewarded for your referral.

SIM-only Deal Referral

A SIM-only deal is perfect for those who are happy with their handset but want to take advantage of Sky Mobile’s services. It offers a variety of plans with different data allowances, catering to diverse user needs.

The Referral Reward

For every successful SIM-only deal referral, you earn £15. Even when your friend just needs a new SIM, there’s a reward for you.

Sky Invite a Friend Rewards

How to Refer Friends to Sky

Sharing your Sky experience and earning rewards is simple. Once your friend becomes a Sky customer, they too can start referring friends. Here’s how to get started:

  • Sign in to your Sky account
  • From Account name click “Sky VIP and Rewards”
  • Scroll down to “Refer a friend” banner (Or click here)
  • Scroll down and click “Continue” to go to the invite page with referral link

Shortcut: Once logged in here’s a shortcut direct link to the Sky refer a friend invite page which should show you your referral link: 

This link can be shared with as many friends as you like. There’s no limit to the number of rewards you can earn.

Remember, the process doesn’t end with your friend clicking your referral link. 

For a successful referral, your friend needs to purchase a Sky service and then revisit the referral link to input their new account number(s).

 If they’ve purchased more than one Sky service, they should input each account number to qualify for multiple rewards.

The value of your reward depends on the Sky service your friend subscribes to. 

Long Term Customer Satisfaction

Although as an avid money saver and switcher of servicesfully aware there might be cheaper alternatives, we have always been happy with our Sky services and support and been happy long-term customers for over 16 years.  

Sky customer for over 16 years

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many People Can I Recommend to Sky?

There is no limit to the number of people you can recommend to Sky.

 The Sky Refer a Friend program allows you to share your unique referral link with as many friends or family members as you wish, potentially earning you multiple rewards.

How Can the Friend Use the Referral Link?

Using the referral link is simple and straightforward. Your friend can choose to purchase directly through Sky’s website, by calling Sky, or by visiting a Sky retail store. 

After completing the transaction, your friend must revisit the referral link and input their new account number to confirm the purchase.

 If they purchase more than one Sky product, they should enter each account number to qualify for multiple rewards.

When Do I Receive the Sky Refer a Friend Reward?

You receive your Sky Refer a Friend reward after your friend’s Sky services have been installed or their Sky Mobile account and SIM have been activated. 

Additionally, there’s a cooling off period of 31 days after the installation or activation during which the friend can cancel the service. 

If the friend keeps the service past this period, the reward is sent to you via email two weeks after the end of the cooling off period

Once you receive the email, you have 11 months to claim your reward.

Can I Recommend a Friend to Sky Mobile?

Yes, you can recommend a friend to Sky Mobile. 

If your friend is a new or existing Sky customer subscribing to Sky Mobile for the first time, both you and your friend are eligible for rewards.

 If your friend buys a mobile handset, the reward is £25, and for a SIM-only deal, the reward is £15.

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