Benjamin Britten 50p 2013 in Worth in 2024 (Blow Bugle Blow)

Celebrating 100 years since the composers birth the Benajmin Britten – Blow Bugle Blow 50p coin is considered a rare 50p coin worth more than its face value of 50p.

Read on to find out what it’s really worth based on current market prices.

How Much Is the Benjamin Britten 50p Worth
Credit: The Royal Mint

2013 Benjamin Britten  50p Coin

The Benjamin Britten 50p or as its sometimes referred the Blow Bugle Blow 50p coin celebrates the 100 years since the birth of the composer of a wide range of differing works.

The coin was designed by Tom Phillips who also designed the 2005 Johnsons Dictionary 50p as well as one of the very rare 2011 Olympic 50ps.

At the top of the coin we see the song title “BLOW BUGLE BLOW” and at the base “SET THE WILD ECHOES FLYING”, which combined are actually a line from Lord Tennyson’s poem “The Splendour Falls on Castle Walls” which Benjamin Britten had set to music in 1943 in his  “Serenade for Tenor, Horn and Strings” which was sets of verses by poets.

In the centre of the coin, we see the year of his birth marked “COMPOSER BORN 1913” above his name “BENJAMIN” and below “BRITTEN” with are written within musical staves.

Benjamin Britten 50p Coin
Credit: The Royal Mint

Benjamin Britten 50p Real Value 2023

In very good to excellent condition a circulated Benjamin Britten 50p is worth between £2.00 to £3.00.  Uncirculated examples are worth 3 times that.

Estimated Prices are as follows:

  • Average circulated condition 50p 
  • Very good to excellent circulated condition £2.00 to £3.00
  • Uncirculated condition £8.00 to £10.00

How Many Benjamin Britten 50p Coins Were Made?

There were 5,300,000, or in words, five million, three hundred thousand Benjamin Britten 50p coins minted for circulation in 2013.

Is the Benjamin Britten 50p Coin Rare?

With over 5 million minted the Benjamin Britten 50p is not one of the very rarest 50 pence pieces in circulation today.

Saying that pretty much all commemorative 50p coins are rare to a degree and sought after by collectors who will pay more than face value.

Is it Worth Selling a Benjamin Britten 50p

The Benjamin Britten 50p coin is a relatively low-value coin for resale, but some people do sell individually and there are always buyers out there looking to add to their collections.  Selling via eBay will incur some charges, but there are also other options for selling online.

About Benjamin Britten

Benjamin Britten (1913-1976) was an English composer, conductor, and pianist. He is regarded as one of the greatest composers of his time, with a range that was extraordinarily wide.

He wrote works in nearly every genre for orchestra, chamber groups, opera house and theatre.

His best-known works are operas Peter Grimes in 1945 and the War Requiem 1962 and from 1945  The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra which was written for the musical education of children.

He also conducted orchestras all over Europe and America during his lifetime. His influence on twentieth-century music was considerable and worthy of being commemorated on a 50 pence coin.

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