Easily Find £5 Note Cash Machines Near You 2023

Sticking to cash as much as possible helps people adhere to their budget. A wider range of smaller denominations, such as £5 notes, enables us to better stick to our allocated budgeted spending plans.

Read on to find out how to easily find the nearest cash machine that gives out £5 notes near you.

£5 note cash machines

How to Find Cash Machines Which Dispense £5 Notes

Although its use is shrinking annually, cash is still one of the most popular payment options in the United Kingdom.

Sticking to cash as much as possible helps people adhere to their budget. A wider range of smaller denominations, such as £5 notes, enables us to better stick to our allocated budgeted spending plans.

One of our tips for living on a tight budget is to use cash for day-to-day expenses and consider splitting planned spending into cash envelopes.  This is a great method to keep track of your spending. In this instance, if you can use smaller notes when needed, the less likely you are to overspend.

To solve this problem there’s a very handy app called the Link ATM Locator that lets you set filters for specific types of cash machines, including those that dispense £5 notes.

The Link ATM Locator App

The easiest way to find which cash machines dispense £5 notes is a fab little app initially most suited to finding the nearest free cash machine to your current location.

However, it also has a very useful filter for highlighting the nearest cash points from which you can withdraw £5 notes.

The Link ATM Locator is a free app you can find available both for iPhone and Android smartphones.

The app can be downloaded from the following app stores.

 Find ATM’s That Give £5 Notes

Once you have downloaded the Link ATM Locator App open it up and tap on the menu icons to show the ATM filter options.

To select the cash machines that dispense £5 notes toggle the button to the right so it highlights green as you can see in the image below.

Cashpoint Filter Options


After setting the filter simply tap the map to see the nearest ATM’s that dispense £5 notes in your location.

In the image below you can see 4 cash points highlighted in quite close proximity.

The 3 in green are free cash machines, whereas the one highlighted in purple will have a charge.  Tap it to see the charge details, or simply ignore and head to a free cash point.

Cash Machines with £5 notes

To see more details about the ATM, simply tap the one you want to choose and you’ll be show details like the following:

  • ATM address
  • Free (or charge if there is one)
  • Confirmation it dispenses £5 notes
  • Other features (like PIN Management, wheelchair access, audio assistance etc)
  • Distance from your current location
  • Feedback option to report any issues

Cash point with £5 notes


Other Options for Getting £5 Notes

Debit Card Store Cashback

Although not as many as they used to some supermarkets and stores do still offer the option of free cashback when you pay with a debit card at the till.

While doing so you can ask the checkout assistant if they could give you some of the cashback in £5 notes.

Some supermarkets have withdrawn the offer of cashback, but many will have an ATM on site.

Ask to Change

Another option to get some £5 notes is to ask checkout assistants if they would specifically give you £5 notes in the change, and even if little change ask them if they would be so kind as to change a £10 or £20 note from your purse or wallet into £5 notes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do ATM’s dispense £5 Notes?

Only a very small percentage of the UK’s ATM’s dispense £5 notes.  As cash machine numbers reduce every year it is likely to become increasingly difficult to find ones that do.

Can I Withdraw Just £5 from a Cash Machine?

Even if a cash point dispenses £5 notes you will typically find the minimum withdrawal amount to be £10

What ATM’s Let you Withdraw £5 Notes?

As far as we are aware there is no specific bank or cash machine type that consistently offers the option of dispensing £5 notes.  You will just have to use the ATM Locator app to find the nearest ones to your current location.

Do Tesco Cash Machines Give £5 Notes?

As a consistent rule, Tesco cash machines do not all dispense £5 notes although you may find some that do.  The best way to do that is to use the £5 note filter on the ATM Locator app.

Is the Link ATM Locator App 100% Accurate?

Although the app is regularly updated and extremely useful, there are occasions when you will find that a cash machine it says dispenses £5 notes doesn’t actually do so.

Although this is a rare occurrence, it can happen.

One thing you can consider doing whenever you find a cash machine from which you can withdraw £5 notes tap the ATM location and then tap the star symbol in the right-hand corner.

This will add the cash point location to your “Favourite Locations” list, which you can access from the app menu (see the base of the image further up).

Another thing you can do if you do find any inaccuracies is to tap the “Feedback” option, select “Other” and then fill in the box letting them know the information is incorrect.  The more people that do this the more accurate we can expect future results to be.

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