Current Co-op Freezer Meal Deal £5 Pounds This Week 2022

The Co-Op £5 freezer meal deal, often referred to as the Freezer Filler deal is a regular deal offer by Co-Op giving a substantial saving on a range of frozen products when purchased together.

Be sure to also check out our extra ways to save on your co-op shop.

Co-op Freezer Meal Deal £5

The Co-op £5 frozen meal deal is a great way to save on your food bill and it’ss really helpful that the foods are frozen as you know they will keep well until you’re ready to eat them.

What is the £5 Meal Deal at the Co-op?

The Co-op £5 meal deal is a regular promotion offered by the co-op where they bundle and heavily discount a range of 5 frozen products that could make a meal and a dessert for a typical sized family with a  couple of kids.

The products on offer change each time there’s a new deal on offer, but the price is always a very cheap £5, which is why it is often referred to as the Co-op fiver deal. Hence it is a very popular meal deal.

Co-op Freezer Deal This Week

The current Co-Op Freezer Meal deal is running until October 12th 2021 and includes the following items:

To take advantage of the deal you have to purchase all products all at the same time in one transaction.

  • Birds Eye 10 Cod Fish Fingers 280g (normally £2.25)
  • Birds Eye 2 Battered Extra Large Fish Fillets 320g (normally £3.50)
  • Birds Eye Garden Peas 375g (normally £1.45)
  • McCain Over Chips 750g (normally £1.70)
  • Magnum 4 Classic 440ml (normally £3.50)

The total price of all the items together would normally be £12.40.  So the meal deal offers you a discount of £7.40, which equates to a saving of over 58%.  Quite a saving!

Or another way to look at the offer is 1.725kg of food for just five pounds.

The exact varieties of each product may vary and similar items in the ranges may still qualify for the offer.  You’ll see all your options when you go to pick up or place your order.   Full offer details here.

Co-op Freezer Meal Deal £5

Where is the Co-Op Meal Deal Offer Available?

The £5 freezer meal deal is available at participating stores and online if you get your Co-op orders delivered.

If you shop online you could possibly get your order delivered within 2 hours.

Use the Co-op store finder to find out if the service is available to you.

Nisa Stores £5 Frozen Meal Deal

The Co-op £5 frozen meal deal is also available in select Nisa stores which stock Co-op foods.

NISA actually show the RRP prices of the products as being even higher for a combined total of £13.73.  You can find your local Nisa store here.


NISA £5 Meal Deal

Is the Co-op Frozen Meal Deal Worth It?

While the meal deal offers great value, if you are living on a tight budget it’s always worth considering alternative options that might work out even cheaper.

Well known brand frozen foods such as Birds Eye, McCains and Magnum are typically much more expensive than cheaper alternatives such as Supermarket own-brand foods.

There are also the well-known discounters Lidl and Aldi who sell their own products as cheaply as possible.

Specifically for frozen food products, another option is Farm Foods, which is similar in a way to the discounters but focusing more on frozen foods.   They sell fewer lines overall but do sell branded products.  You can usually print off off discount vouchers as well before you shop.

So let’s have a look at a comparison.

Co-op Meal Deal v’s Lidl Prices

To get a good idea of the value of the Co-Op £5 meal deal we had a go at comparing the prices to the everyday low prices of the discounter Lidl.

For example, you can get the following from Lidl:

  • 900g of Frozen peas for £0.59
  • 500g of Chunky Cod Fillets £2.69
  • 15 fish fingers £1.49
  • Chips 1.5g £0.90p
  • 6 pack version of lookalike Magnums £1.59

Lidl Total £7.26.

Similar Lidl products work out at £2.26 above the Co-op £5 deal price.  So almost 50% more.

However, you are actually getting about 50% more food from the Lidl basket of goods.

For example 50% more fish fingers and ice creams.  Double the quantity of chips and well over double the weight of peas.  Plus just over 50% more in fish fillets.

So in fairness, the Co-op meal deal compares very well to probably the cheapest equivalents from a well-known discounter such as Lidl.

I think this highlights the Co-Op freezer deal is a good deal and very hard to beat.  Plus you know you are getting good quality branded food.

Extra Ways to Save On Your Co-op Shop

As well as grabbing the best deals there are various other ways to save even more money on your Co-op shopping.


Did you know you can get up to 10% cashback on your Co-op food shop online?

Topcashback, the UK’s best cashback site, is free to join.  All you need to do is remember to visit Topcashback first, search “co-op” and click through to the co-op website from the Co-op cashback page on Topcashback.  It literally takes a few seconds.

Although cashback offers do change, at the top of writing they were offering:

  • 10% cashback on orders over £45.01
  • 5% cashback on orders £30.01 to £45.00
  • 1% cashback on orders on orders from £0.01 to £30.00

You can get cash back on nearly every online spend, including household bills.

I’ve had £100’s of back over the years,  When withdrawing you even get the option to boost the cashback value even more if you take it in the form of vouchers for any one of a whole range of stores and restaurants. Find out more in my Topcashback Review.

Student Discount

Students who hold an NUS card can get an extra 10% discount on Co-op in-store purchases.

Co-op Loyalty Card

If you are a regular shopper at the Co-op you may want to consider becoming a member of their loyalty card scheme.

It only costs £1 to join and you’ll earn 2 pence for every £1 you spend.   They also state they give the same amount to good causes.

You’ll also get sent weekly offers via your online account or the Co-op app.

Sometimes they have a good joining offer to get you started, for example at the time of writing they were offering £5 off a £15 shop for new members.  Find out more about the Co-op membership scheme here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if One of the Items is Sold Out?

While possible this is unlikely as the Co-Op specifically keep high stocks of each of the specific products in the promotion.

If an item appears sold out on the shop floor it’s always worth checking with a member of staff to see if there is any stock in the storage freezers out the back.

You don’t always have to buy the exact item in the images above as there are also other varieties of similar products that qualify for the offer.

Although it’s worth noting in the terms and conditions of the offer it does state “while stocks last”.

How Much is a Co-op Meal Deal?

The co-op frozen meal deal is £5 which is typically cheaper by half or more than the usual selling prices if you were to buy the products individually.

Can You Buy More than One Meal Deal?

You can take advantage of the meal deal as many times as you want.  If you want to buy 3 of each item for a total of £15 that’s fine.  Whatever you buy make sure you have enough room in the freezer to store them.


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