Look After My Bill Review 2024

In this review we aim to find the answer to the question, is Look After My Bill any good?  Is it legit? How does it work, and how easy is it to get out of if you need to cancel?

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Look After My Bills Review

Whenever a service like Look After My Bills or LAMB for short comes along promising a solution to our energy bill problems, we obviously want to know whether that service can actually deliver what it says it will.

Also, importantly, will it cost you money, or save you money and if so how much?

Is Look After My Bills any Good?

If taking all the hassle out of switching while saving money is your main focus, then the Look After My Bills service is definitely worth considering.

Overall, the company is very good at dealing with any problems or issues, and quick to resolve the complaints they’ve received.

It’s also important to note that reviews are always subjective and reflect the customer’s experience at the time. While the majority of the reviews rate the service as “excellent”, there is indeed a small risk of a negative experience (as with any company).

Is Look After My Bills Legit? 

Yes, Look After My Bills is a legitimate company, founded in 2014. They actually appeared on BBC’s Dragons’ Den, receiving offers from all 5 Dragons, securing an investment of £120,000. 

Entrepreneurs Will Hodson and Henry De Zoete created this service to continually save customers money on their gas and electricity bills.

All without you having to do any arduous switching.

Quite simply, Look After My Bills takes care of it all for you. 

How Does Look After My Bills Work? 

Look After My Bills promises to stop you from overpaying on your energy bills by automatically switching you to the best deals.

The process is very simple.

  • Enter Your Name and Address
  • Select Energy Service (Gas & Electric or Electricity only)
  • Confirm if you are on Dual Fuel
  • Select current energy supplier
  • Select how you pay your bill (monthly, quarterly DD’s, pay on receipt, prepayment)
  • Current tariff (if you know it)
  • Provide an estimate of energy usage
  • Select renewable offer only (yes or no)
  • Are you eligible for Warm Home Discount?

Most of the answers can be made via simple selections and literally only take 1-2 mins.

Their system will scan their suppliers and offer you are new switch deal and present you will how much you could save.

It could be a saving something like this if you haven’t kept an eye on your bills for over a year:

Look After My Bills Saving

If you are pleased with the saving you sign up in two minutes with your

  • Email
  • Postal address
  • Latest bill
  • Direct debit details.

Once you’ve signed up, they’ll get straight to work to find you a great deal, which you then have 14 days to review.

They’ll automatically sign you up to your new energy provider if they don’t hear from you. Once you’ve switched and your new account has been created, you’ll have to let your new supplier know your meter readings. 

If you’re already in an existing contract, you need to let L.A.M.B. know, and they’ll work to switch you when your current contract ends. Also, they work hard to review customer satisfaction levels of all suppliers. 

When the energy deal ends, the process starts again and Look After My Bills will find you another good deal to prevent you from overpaying on gas and electricity with automatic price rises. 

Even if Look After My Bills can’t beat your current energy provider on price, you still have the option to sign up for the service and they will switch you when they do find a cheaper option.

Does Look After My Bills Charge? 

You know how when you reach the end of an energy deal, the price always goes up and costs you even more money for being “loyal”?

Well, the Look After My Bills service is totally free to use and dedicated to saving you money. As quoted on their website, they want to “stop the supplier loyalty tax” and for people to stop being ripped off. 

As mentioned above, you can still sign up even if your current deal hasn’t finished. So, you can be sure to make a saving without even having to think about it. 

How Much Will I Save? 

While it’s impossible to determine exactly how much you could save until you switch, there are reports on Trustpilot of the service having saved people over £100 for the year. Look After My Bills themselves say they once saved someone a massive £2,023 (!), but the annual average is £253

If you often forget to switch providers and find cheaper energy deals (life is busy, after all), then this service should certainly save you a sum of money. 

How do You Stop the Look After My Bills Service?

If you find that you don’t want to continue with the service and would rather manage your energy switching yourself, you can cancel it. There’s no contract involved and all you have to do is email them at [email protected] with the subject line CANCELLATION.

You’ll need to provide some information, including your name, address and postcode, date of birth, and reason for cancelling. 

How Does Look After My Bills Make Money?

Look After My Bills says the service is, and always will be, completely free to use. So, how do they make money?

Instead of charging you as the consumer, they take a commission from the companies you switch to. Which is the same thing that a price comparison site or a cashback site would do. The energy companies are all competing for your custom, so they pay commissions to those who deliver customers. 

With Look After My Bills, the amount of commission they receive is the same, regardless of which company they switch you to. Plus, they’ll only switch you to a great deal with providers they trust, and who are committed to constantly improving their levels of customer service. 

What are the Main Advantages of Look After My Bills? 

Simply put, Look After My Bills take the hassle out of switching energy providers while saving you money.

Our lives are busy, and switching is a time-consuming process.

When doing it yourself, if you choose not to use a reminder service like Cheap Energy Club, you’ll need to set a diary reminder when your deal comes to an end.   

A lot of reputable energy providers and comparison services will email you to remind you, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get round to actioning.

Then, when you do get around to it, you have to check the market and find the best deals to ensure you’re not overpaying.

If you decide to switch providers yourself, rather than use a service, you’ve got the administrative tasks of signing with one provider and cancelling with the other. Numerous phone calls, emails, data entry, and back-and-forth communications.

That’s why Look After My Bills offers a free, easy-sign up, automatic switching service, removing the headache of doing it yourself.

You also have a 14-day cooling-off period if you’re not happy with your supplier. 


  • Completely free service
  • Hassle-free, automatic energy switching
  • Switches you again when your current deal ends
  • 14-day cooling-off period if you don’t like your supplier
  • Easy to sign up with just a few details, including your direct debit

Are There any Disadvantages to Look After My Bills?

If you’re already in the habit of ensuring you save money on your energy bills, you might find that they won’t necessarily switch you to the cheapest provider. That’s because they only switch you to providers they have deals with (as mentioned above regarding the commission).

So, there could be a cheaper supplier out there for you which you may find via a manual switching service such as the MSE’s Cheap Energy Club switch service.

Also, it’s for Direct Debit customers only. So, if you like to manually pay your bills monthly or quarterly, you won’t be able to use the service. The other thing to consider is they only work with domestic users, so if you’re a commercial customer looking to switch, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

If you look on Trustpilot, a vast majority of the reviews (85%) are 5*. There are, however, a very small percentage (7%) of 1* reviews, which highlight any potential problems you might experience. 

There are some reports of errors in switching, with customers still being charged by their previous energy provider and therefore paying bills to two providers.   

Obviously, this can be very frustrating, especially when the point of using the service is to take the hassle out of switching. That being said, these things can and do happen when you switch providers yourself. 


  • Only switch you to providers they have an agreement with
  • Not necessarily the cheapest 
  • Only deal with domestic customers
  • May be issues with switching (slight chance)


Has Look After My Bills Closed?

Look After My Bills has not closed as of 2023, and is still up and running even though at this current time there are not many switching opportunities as most households are on a guaranteed energy price rate.

However, as soon as the energy market is back to normal it will be as important as ever to be making sure you get the best possible rates with the least hassle.

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2 thoughts on “Look After My Bill Review 2024”

  1. I didn’t get on with them. They gave me a good deal initially which was cheaper, but then 3 months later the price was hiked up to my old rate. Then I had to wait for the best part of a year to get my £25 signing on fee. I won’t be using them again.

    I am sure it was just a one-off. Hopefully….

    1. Hi John, Thanks for letting me know.

      Although price hikes can come at any time. I’ve not long had one with Igloo Energy, who were one of the cheapest when I switched (outside of L.A.M.B’s) and within a few weeks, the tariff went up over 10%.
      I’ve already been reminded of a money-saving switch via MSE’s Cheap Energy Club.

      After your price hike, were you not offered a cheaper alternative?

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