Kidstart Amazon Cashback and Other Savvy Ways To Boost

Amazon Cashback On All Purchases

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Amazon cashback is rarely available across the board at the best cashback sites but here I show you a little-known option to get Amazon cashback on all purchases.

Plus you can combine this option with another form of cashback and you’ll soon be reducing the cost of your Amazon purchases even further (also ideal for John Lewis and Next).

Kidstart Review: Get Amazon Cashback on All Purchases

The first option to get cashback on Amazon purchases is to use a cashback site.  However, even some of the best cashback sites don’t always have cashback available for every amazon purchase.

This is where Kidstart comes in.  Not only for Amazon but also John Lewis and Next.

What Is Kidstart?

Kidstart is a cashback site for parents that pays 2% on all Amazon UK purchases.  Bearing in mind Amazon is quite often the best value online retailer for an ever-widening range of products and services, over time this can add up to quite a saving.

The idea is the cashback you earn on purchases is saved up and eventually paid into your child’s bank or Building Society savings account.

Kidstart Amazon Cashback On All Purchases

As you can see in the image above, it states “2% back for your kids on all purchases”.  This is not just purchases relating to children, it’s all purchases you make on Amazon.

How Does Kidstart Work?

Firstly, Kidstart is free to join.  You just sign up and register your details.

Kidstart uses cookies, like most websites.  So if you visit Amazon via a link on the Kidstart website, the transaction is tracked and Kidstart is credited with a commission.  They then share that some of that commission with you in the form of cashback.

How To Use Kidstart

Before I browse Amazon, I first log in to Kidstart and use the search box at the top of the page to search for “Amazon”.

Get Amazon UK Cashback

Click the Amazon link and you’ll find yourself on the Kidstart Amazon Cashback page as I showed on the image further up the page.

Click the red “Shop Now” button and you’ll be taken to the website.

Your purchases will now be tracked.

If I have already visited Amazon and put items in my basket before logging in to Kidstart, I carry on until I’ve finished my shopping, but I don’t make the purchase.

To make double sure the transaction tracks, I either clear my cookies in my browser or more often just open a different browser and log in to Kidstart.  From there I click-through to Amazon and complete my purchase.

What If You Don’t Have Kids

If you are planning to have children you can start using Kidstart well in advance of them even being conceived.  Just accumulate the savings and you can change the details when the child is born or whenever you are ready to so.

You could also save for other members of your family.  Maybe nieces or nephews or even friends children.

Another option is donating the cashback to a school or children’s charity of your choosing.

Added Advantages Of Kidstart

Kidstart also offers cashback at other popular retailers that rarely if ever appear on the other main cashback sites.

Currently, from Kidstart, you can also get:

  • John Lewis cashback at 1.5% on all purchases
  • Next cashback at 2% on all purchases
  • Next Unlimited cashback of 4% on every purchase

If you do think you will forget to track your purchase via Amazon, Kidstart has a Savings Prompt that will alert you when you visit a website for which they offer cashback options.

Other Options for Amazon Cashback

The advantage of Kidstart is that it consistently offers cashback on all Amazon purchases (and John Lewis and Next).

However, at times there are other options worth checking and sometimes the cashback rate is higher, albeit usually only for specific or certain departmental  purchases

Topcashback and Quidco

If you are not already in the habit of using the best cashback sites you could be missing out on hundreds of pounds of savings a year.  

If you are new to cashback in general, check for current sign up offers and see how I’ve made over £1000+ back having a look at my Topcashback review and Quidco review.

Sometimes though the likes of Topcashback and Quidco don’t always have Amazon cashback on offer.  Albeit, certainly in 2019 they have had the option of cashback more consistently.

While not available on every single purchase, they do have rates higher than 2% for certain departments, so could well worth be checking as well.  Sometimes 4-6% can be on offer.

Stack the Cashback: Use Cashback Credit Cards

If you are going to make online purchases it’s best to make them with a credit card so you have the added extra protection of Section 75 which offers Free Protection for all purchases over £100.

Some credit cards offer cashback on purchases.  Therefore, you can stack up your Amazon Cashback.

Firstly, by starting your purchase via Kidstart, earning the 2% cashback and secondly paying via a Cashback Credit Card.   Plus, both these options can be combined with other Amazon discounts.

While cashback credit card deals are changing all the time, MSE Cashback Credit Cards is the best place to check for the latest deals.    At the time of writing the best deal was 5% cashback.  Sometimes the cashback rates are lower, but it all adds up over time.

Savvy Extra Tip: Before taking out a cashback credit card check to see if the card is available on either of the main cashback sites offering some form of sign up cashback incentive.


Amazon themselves might be offering a bonus to use their current credit card.  At the time of writing, they were offering the Amazon Platinum Credit Card which offers Amazon rewards paid out in the form of an Amazon Gift cards.

Be aware, that using a credit card for cashback is only a saving if you are not buying more than you otherwise would.

Also, it’s always best to aim to pay off your credit card in full every month so you never incur the cost of interest.


If like many people you spend at Amazon because it’s generally one of the cheapest options, well now you can get your shopping even cheaper.

Especially if you can stack the cashback by using both methods on the one purchase.  You will even be able to combine with other Amazon discount offers.

Do you know of any other ways to get cashback at Amazon?

What’s your preferred method to save on Amazon purchases?

Please let me know.

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