How I Quickly Earned £100 A Week – See My April 2018 Income Report

Welcome to my April 2018 Income report where I share with you how I quickly earned a £100 a week from home.
This month I stuck to the fast money. Trying to make the money as quickly as possible in my limited spare time.

How I earned £100 a week fast

April 2018 – Aim Was To Earn £100+ a Week as Quickly As Possible

My aim in April was to earn £100 a week in the shortest time possible so I could then focus on other projects, such as the blog.

I focused on Matched Betting as once you know what you are doing it’s so easy to log in and make money.  Plus you can do it pretty much any time 24/7.

All earnings are tax-free, so not only is the money earned all yours to keep, there’s no time-consuming record-keeping needed for HMRC.

I’m happy to say I achieved my target.  Read on to see exactly how I made £100+ a week.

When you join Profit Accumulator via the free trial check out the forum and the “April 2018 Profits Thread“, it’s highly motivating.  Plus it’s great for ideas as you can see which offers are worth attempting which you might have been overlooking.

Profit Accumulator is the Matched Betting site I use.  You can make £40+ just from the totally free trial which gives you the opportunity to find out if Matched betting is for you.

You can then join monthly and you’re not tied in, you can cancel anytime. It’s easy to make the monthly fee back just doing one or two offers.

April 2018 Matched Betting Income – Make £100 A Week

My 25th month of Matched Betting and I’m pleased to still be making decent money.  If anything I make the money quicker and easier than I used to.  Do note, I have built my Matched betting pot and this enables me to place higher stake price boosts than a beginner otherwise would.

I have lost quite a few bookie accounts over the 2 years and although it’s still possible to make money from gubbed accounts it does reduce my options.

As already stated, this month my intention was to log in daily and do the easiest offers I can to make money.  I usually check the Profit Accumulator Reloads early in the day and again later in the evening to see if any new offers have been added.

Probably on average in April I spent an hour a day on Matched Betting.  Although this is every day, so I’m not missing any easy money offers.

Sometimes a casino offer can take a little while to wager, but bear in mind I can leave a slot game running on autoplay in a separate browser tab and do other tasks at the same time.

April 2018 Matched Betting breakdown: was as follows

  • Sportsbook Reloads & Arbs £56.32
  • Price Boosts £153.43
  • Casino Offers £240.38
  • Cashback £19.66

Matched Betting Total £469.79

Let’s have a little more in-depth look at how the money was made.

Sportsbook Reloads & Arbs £56.32

This is all from just 2 offers and a Betfair Sportsbook arb.

William Hill sent a nice £50 free bet offer to my email.  This made the bulk of the profit.

I also made just over £9 from a Betfair Sportsbook arb.  I’ve done this a number of times recently.   Although I have noticed since my stakes are being restricted more than they were previously.  I’m fine with that, I was literally making no money from the account from offers anyway.

I could do so many more sportsbook offers. I just wasn’t attempting refunds this month or doing multiple bets for a £5 or £10 free bet.  My focus was on just doing enough to make a £100 a week fast.

If you are new to Matched Betting, it’s possible to make hundreds of pounds a month just from Sportsbook free bets and refunds alone.

Price Boosts £153.43

Price Boosts shows how easy it is to make money from Matched Betting.  Which is why I love them.

All this profit came from just one particular offer, the William Hill Daily boosts.  I did 22 of them in total. They are so quick and easy.  Literally takes 5 minutes.  If there are no decent matches available I leave the Profit Accumulator OddsMatcher tab open and check it every so often for a match.

I always aim to back at £200, so I choose high profile events that have a decent amount of availability in the exchanges.  This is why it pays to build your Matched Betting pot.

I tend to aim for higher odds as the subsequent boost is bigger.

Here are some examples:

  • 1.91 Boosted to 1.98 layed at 1.94 Profit £4.12
  • 3.25 Boosted to 3.42 layed at 3.30 Profit £7.27
  • 6.5 Boosted to 6.95 layed at 6.6 Profit £10.61

As you can see in the first example, even though the odds are the closest to start with at 1.91/1.94 the boost is also the smallest.

The middle example is typical of what I aim for.  However, I’ll take the higher odds opportunities on high profile events when they arise.

With 0% commission offers available from both Smarkets and Matchbook, this is a great time to profit from these type of price boosts.

However, if there is only a low odds option available and I don’t want to check back, I’ll take the profit I can make there and then.

During the month there was an interesting development with William Hill Bet Guarantee For ITV Racing.     Even gubbed accounts should be able to get £200 ITV prices boost on, although it may depend on how high the odds are.

I haven’t even used this ITV offer and made little use of the Premier league price boost, so I’ll certainly be looking out to utilize those even more. Profit Accumulator MatchCatcher will be ideal to set yourself up for the ITV Race offers after 10 am.

Price Boost Example

Here is an example of how simple it is to make money from a Price boost.   This example is a little extreme, but it’s similar to real boosts I’ve taken advantage of during Horse Racing events such as the Cheltenham Free Bets Fest.

As you can see, it’s simply placing two bets and profiting.  Easy money.
Matched Betting Price Boost

Casino Offers £240.38

Over time as I’ve lost more bookie accounts to gubbings I have moved more and more towards making money from casino offers.

I find them quick and easy to do and profitable over time.

All the offers I attempted were from Profit Accumulator Reloads.  Some can be done daily for a good few days at a time.

I split the profit breakdown into 3 main categories, just so you can see which offers are worth doing.

Sometimes I’ve intended to only do EV offers over 20% of the wagering amount.  But some months there aren’t many of these available so I give the 14-19% offers ago.  I don’t generally go much lower than 14%.

Here’s this months Casino profit breakdown

  • Casino Offers under 20% EV £145.34
  • Casino Offers over 20% EV £72.70
  • Risk-Free Casino offers £22.34

Casino Offers With Expected Value Under 20% of Wagering

I did 29 of these casino offers, so an average of one a day.

My biggest loss was £9.38 because I wagered on the wrong game!  So my own fault.  I, therefore, wagered again on the correct slot game and lost both times.

25 of the offers were simply wagering either £5 or £10.

My biggest win was £92 on William Hill Wacky Races, a daily offer that started at the end of the month.  Thankfully the win came during wagering because the bonus winnings were capped at £50.   I posted an InstaStory of some of the bonus round including a £72.50 spin win on my MoneySavvyDaddy Instagram, please feel free to follow.

There were plenty more options to do more offers.  However I ignored most that were under EV 14% or any that involved blackjack as that casino game requires time and attention, whereas slots you just click spin on auto. Slots are easy to do while watching TV or whatever.

Here’s a screenshot I managed to get in time for a Boylesports offer. This win came on the last spin.

Matched Betting Casino Win



Casino Offers With Expected Value Over 20% of Wagering £72.70

I did 8 offers in the higher Expected Value to wagering range.

7 of the offers were from Profit Accumulator Reloads and one was from Casino Offers.  A sign up for Oddsking, wager £10 and get 50 free spins.

All of them were wagering just £5 or £10.

My biggest win of £56.54 was with William Hill again on another daily slot offer for a week, Kaiju. Quite an interesting and modern slot game.

Risk-Free Casino Offers – Make Money With No Money £22.24

I always look out for risk-free no wagering casino offers.  Usually, they are very quick to do.

Quite often they are 10 free spins or 30 seconds of spins, so literally takes a couple of minutes to log in and complete.  You don’t even need any money in your account

Plus you never know when just one spin might result in a big win.  They certainly earn a good hourly rate.

Quite often you can combine doing them with when you have logged in to the bookie to do other matched betting offers.

This month I did at least 17 offers, some I attempted more than once, and some  I might not have recorded every attempt if I did real quick and only won a little, or maybe nothing.

Matched Betting Related Cashback £19.66

When possible I signed up to most bookmakers and casinos either via the best cashback sites. These are an excellent way of making money back on any online spending.

See my TopCashback Review for how I made an extra £100+ on bookmaker and casino sign ups from this site alone.

Or you can check out and sign up to the cashback sites direct:

I’d recommend signing up to both and getting into the habit straight away, using one or the other every time you make an online purchase.  Be that online shopping or paying for the car or house insurance.  Literally, anything you spend money on online.

Another option if not available on the above cashback sites is Gambling Deals cashback.  They typically pay cashback on your total monthly losses across of bookmakers and casinos you have signed up with them under.

In March I received £19.66 from February activity.

Matched Betting Cashback


Since I started I’ve received a total of £991.93 in Gambling Deals Cashback.  Well worth signing up to.

Total Matched betting Cashback

The commission was higher for some bookies when I started, but has been typically lowered to 5%.

I don’t try to get cash back, I just signed up via Gambling Deals and it’s an added bonus some months if I do get some.

Total matched Betting Income for Aprils £469.79

As you can see £469.79 profit from Matched Betting alone.    This equates to £117.44 a week.  So hopefully shows how feasible it is to start earning a £100+ a week from home now.

If you are just starting out, there are so many more offers to choose from than I can do.  Keep building your bank so you always have a Matched Betting pot available to keep making money from.  Over time and with experience you’ll realise yourself what size pot is right for you.

Other Income April 2018

Other than helping out as admin on a Facebook Group, my spare time efforts were focused on learning more about blogging.  Of which there are so many elements.

I do have other forms of passive income in place, which I will detail in future income reports when I have blog posts that can provide you with full information.

Some other forms of Income, as well as other ways I’ve made money from Matched Betting, have been detailed in my previous Income Reports.

May Goals 

I am having a change of tact for the month of May.

My intention is still to include Matched Betting in the mix of my income. However, I will just aim for an average of £10 a day and to make it as quickly and easily as possible. Once I’ve hit that target  I will ease off.

My main intention is to boost income in other ways during May by selling items I already own.  With family life and 3 fast growing children, stuff or clutter is generally constantly building up.

My house could really benefit from having a major clear out.  Some items I will sell in bulk or cheap just to get rid of. More valuable items I’ll sell individually over time.   I’ll blog about where I find the best prices and my experiences.

I’m not setting a target.  I will mostly spend the month trying the different options out and opening accounts.  Possibly building up some feedback etc.  But certainly, in future months I want the selling of items to be adding to my monthly income.


Matched Betting is clearly a great option for potentially making a £100 or more a week from home.

You may be able to do the same, but you must take action.

  • Sign Up for Free to Profit Accumulator
  • Set yourself up with all 3 cashback sites
  • Start making up to £100+ a week

Other than selling items, what other methods could bring in £100 a week and be tax-free, otherwise the earnings would have to be more.

If you know of any options please let me know in the comments.

As always, if you have any questions, please ask.

2 thoughts on “How I Quickly Earned £100 A Week – See My April 2018 Income Report”

  1. Nice update dude. £100 is an amazing target and achievement from matched betting I think. As You say, tax free and small effort. Still not got round to the casino offers yet… on my list!

    1. MoneySavvyDaddy

      I’m pleased with £100+ a week, especially as I’ve been doing so long. Some casino offers are risk-free and can be quick and easy to complete. The last 2 weekends alone one casino has given away a nice 30 free spins a day Fri-Sat just for depositing £30 which can then be withdrawn. 90 free spins keep all winnings. You can choose to play on a range of slots too. At 25p a spin that’s a free £22.50 of free spins over the 3 days. I won just over £16+ both weekends and only takes a few minutes a time.

      Last Saturday alone I claimed over 100 free spins from various offers. Albeit that’s more than normal.

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