67 Best Side Hustle Ideas UK (2024) – Earn Extra Cash

Want to earn some extra money but not sure where to start?

Well, check out my comprehensive list of no less than 67 side hustle ideas.

My aim is to try and find something for everyone or at least help you spark a similar idea of your own.

I personally know people that have made £1000’s from many of theses side hustle ideas.  Some turned it into a full-time occupation.

Side hustle ideas Uk

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate or referral links that earn me some commission if you sign up through them.  However, this is at no extra cost to you.  Read more here. Thank you if you do use them as they help to support my blog.

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What is a Side Hustle?

A side hustle is a method of making extra money outside your current main form of existing income be that your current part or a full-time job or any other forms of income you have if you aren’t currently in employment.

Side hustles are generally methods of providing extra income for which you work for yourself and have control over how much time and effort you put in and when.

So getting a part-time job as a waiter/waitress wouldn’t be considered a side hustle, but baking your own cakes and selling them would.

The age of the internet and gig economy has made it easier than ever for almost all of us to undertake side hustle to bring in some extra cash.

The internet offers a whole range of money-making side hustles and combined with the modern-day gig economy means there are plenty of opportunities for picking up temporary and flexible work, e.g Uber driver, parcel delivery etc.

Best Side Hustles UK 2023

I haven’t put the below side hustle ideas in any particular order, which I feel is the best way, as it may pay to simply scan through all the ideas rather than focus on any particular group types of side hustles and potential skip what first might appear to be a non-appealing group.

1. Matched Betting 

One of my personal favourite side hustles is Matched Betting (my guide) A totally legal and legit way to exploit bookmakers and casino offers for tax-free profit.

I’ve personally made well over £35,000+ side income over 4 years as a subscriber of Outplayed.com which is totally ideal for complete beginners providing full training and clear instructions for every offer.

If you have £60+ you could start a free trial today to complete the first 2 offers and make your first profits.  It’s then simply a matter of deciding whether you want to do this again and again with multiple other bookies.

Once the sign-ups are complete, you move on to Reloads, which is where the bulk of long term profits are made.

2. Mystery Shopping

This is a great side hustle if you are out and about and can combine with some Mystery shopping jobs.  Sometimes you’ll get paid and other times you’ll be reimbursed for a free meal.

Stick with the best mystery shopping companies in the UK to avoid any timewasting scam sites.

3. Market Research and User Testing

Companies are always researching what consumers want and this is where you can help.

Earn money taking part in paid market research tasks including online surveys, interviews and focus groups.

Find out the best companies you can sign up to get paid for market research online.

4. Blogging

Blogging is a great side hustle that offers huge potential if it’s something you’d like to pursue and do full time.

It’s more of a long term money maker, as it can take a few months to build an income, but from there many bloggers have gone on to make it their full-time income.

When it comes to deciding what to blog about, it could literally be almost anything that other people are also interested in.

There are multiple ways to generate an income, these are some of the main ones.

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Onsite Ads
  • Sponsored posts

You can also combine a blog with many other side hustles, even blogging about your side hustles is an option.

Check out my How to make money blogging for beginners which will guide you from the start your first £100+.

5. Vlogging / Youtuber

Youtuber in front of camera
Start a Youtube Channel

Vlogging or Youtubing is a huge and ever-growing opportunity.

You can earn money directly from ads once you have reached 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours of your videos.

Plus you can link to affiliate links in the bio and any other income-generating platforms you may have.

Successful videos will continue to earn money passively for years.

6. Translator

If you are fluent in another language you could offer your services as an online translator.

Some businesses want whole websites translated.

Here are some examples of Upwork Translation jobs. There are plenty more opportunities out there too.

7. Freelance Writing / Ghost Writing

Freelance writing is in huge demand with so many websites and blogs being created daily.

With blogging, in particular, there are so many other jobs involved, often the blogger doesn’t find the time to write or perhaps they prefer other aspects of the jobs such as promoting and being active on related social channels.

Ghostwriting is also an option whereby you write content but you are not credited as the writer.

Expect to earn somewhere between 0.015p to 0.06p a word.  To start out with it will be lower until you prove your reputation.

8. Reselling Clothes Online

This is a side hustle you could start by selling your own used clothes   There are various apps that specialise is selling certain clothes types to varying audiences of buyers, including designer clothes.

You can pick up items to resell from local charity shops and car boots etc.  Plus keep an eye out for clothes listed cheaply online, via local Facebook Groups and gumtree etc.

9. Reseller / Flipper (Buy and Sell from Charity Shops)

Reselling or flipping is a classic side hustle.  The simple act of finding items to buy low and sell high.

You can buy tfrom local charity shops or car boots.

Or online retail arbitrage, where you buy online and sell online at a higher price.

The most popular platforms to sell on are eBay and Amazon.

Anyone can get started in this.  It’s just a matter of finding your niche, and become an expert in the selling prices, then finding the items for the lowest price.

10. Selling Crafts

Make and sell your own crafts

If you are the crafty type, there are all kinds that can be sold online.

So many options to choose from.  Easy to promote online via social media.

Ideas for crafts include:

  • Charm bracelets
  • Patchwork quilts
  • Pillows
  • Bath bombs
  • Handmade candles

11. Photography

If you have a keen interest in photography you could offer your services for special occasions such as weddings.

All kinds of businesses require photos these days for web content.  You could offer your services directly or upload a portfolio to the main stock photo sites.

12. Uber Driver

Earn money as an Uber Driver

If you own a car perhaps you could sign up as an Uber driver.

You can offer to drive as little or as often as you like, any time of day or night.

As a cashless service, you don’t even have to worry about fare dodging.

The best thing about Uber driving is the flexibility it offers.   You take advantage of the work 24/7 and fit in around your other daily work or tasks.

If you are interestest check out how much you can make as an Uber Driver in the UK.

13. Transcriber

If you are fast at typing maybe consider becoming a transcriber?  75 words a minute is a typical speed rate.

All kinds of recordings are transcribed these days.

You can offer your services on sites like PeoplePer Hour, Upwork and Fiverr.

14. Rent Out a Room

If you have a spare room, why not rent it out.

Sites like spareroom.co.uk make it easy to find lodgers.

Airbnb is another option if you prefer a short stay guest.  Perhaps a better option for some if they live in a holiday location.

The Uk government allows a fairly generous amount of rent to be received tax-free per annum too.

15. Proofreading (think of all the billions of blog posts)

If you are a stickler for good grammar, perhaps offer your services as a proofreader.

Billions of words of text content are produced every day in all kinds of formats and it’s certainly much easier to have someone else check your written work than keep checking it yourself (and missing half the errors).

16. Create a Course

You don’t have to be a long time expert to teach a course.

Sometimes the best teachers are those who have just learnt something and can approach the teaching from that fresh beginner perspective.

Of course, if you are an expert in any field that too will have its advantages.

Courses can be created on literally anything that appeals to others.

From making money to creating art.

Magic tricks to photography.

Programming to a financial analyst.

17. Create an App

You don’t even have to be techy for this one, although in some instances it helps.

If you have a great idea for an app you can still work with online developers.

Some app building services will pay for a good idea and split any royalties with you if the idea is put into production.  You don’t need to do any of the creation.

18. Create Web Sites for Local Businesses

This is a nice little niche if you are into building websites.

Most small local business doesn’t have any idea about setting up a website, yet they know having an online presence would help.

This is where you come in.  Here’s a video showing a 1hr 16 mins how it can be done.

19. Sell Print on Demand T-Shirts

Print T-Shirts
(These days you don’t need the machinery yourself)

If Merch By Amazon is accepting new sign-ups, you can start this side hustle with no money.

Although you don’t need any design experience, it probably helps if you have some.  Simply create some T-shirt designs, and easily upload them.

They are only printed upon order and you’ll be paid a % for each order on an ongoing basis.

There are plenty of other platforms you can upload your design to as well.

20. Online Surveys

There’s a whole range of online survey sites from which you can earn a good few pounds a month.

The vast majority are pretty easy and often can be done while doing other things like watching TV.

One of the most well known that also offers many other mini earning tasks is Swagbucks.   

If you are wondering if sites like these work and how much you can earn, read my Swagbucks Uk review.

There are many more, and if you hit them often enough you can make a couple of hundred a month.

One of the best is Prolific, which matches scientific researchers with online participants.  On average you can earn around £5 per hour, but as you can see in my Prolific review some pay an average reward rate of £9 to £15per hour.

Generally, though on other surveys sites, they soon become tedious.  So they are probably better off combined with other side hustles, or maybe if you have no other options for raising a few pounds to get started on more lucrative hustles.

21. Sewing

Sewing and mending old clothes

With sewing, you could offer repairs and alterations in your local area.

There’s also the option of offering your own creations via online stores like Etsy.

You could create all kinds of garments or crafts.

This skill might also go well with reselling.  If you find items in charity shops in need or minor repairs you should be able to get them for bargain prices.

22. Knitting

Knitwear is ever popular.  From winter wear, woolly jumpers, scarfs and gloves to cute baby clothes.

It’s also one of those side hustles you can do while chilling watching some TV.

Advertise your colourful creations locally online or create your own online store.

23. DJ

Love your music, mixing tunes together and watching people have a great time?

If so, then possibly DJ side hustle is one for you.

Hours fit around the majority of 9-5 jobs, being primarily evening and weekend work.

24. Amazon FBA

FBA stands for “Fulfilment By Amazon”.

What this means is, you can open an account and send items to sell via Amazon.

To the everyday Amazon customer, it simply seems as if they are ordering direct from Amazon.

This is because your items are stored within Amazon warehouses.  This means that once an order is placed, Amazon takes care of the despatch, even if its Prime next day delivery.

In your spare time, you would source products and send them in.  You don’t have to deal with any orders from here on Amazon does the rest.

It’s not easy and there are fees involved, but its seemingly a popular side hustle option.  One that if you really get into seems to offer great potential.

25. MLM / Multi-Level Marketing

While I’d be wary of most MLM’s and I’m not a fan, (for the reason that most people don’t make anything worthwhile and some people even lose money).

Saying that I do know someone I’m close too that genuinely made a substantial side income from their chosen MLM, as did the people they worked with and signed up so it is possible.

I would just advise you read the MLM Wikipedia page and make sure to note the red flags and see if they apply to your chosen MLM.

26. Upcycle Furniture

Upcycling old furniture

Hate seeing good perfectly good but worn products going to waste

Or love artistically turning old furniture into a work of art?

Upcycling is a great way to make extra money at your own pace and help the environment at the same time.

Sell the items locally or online.  Some items go for really great prices.

27. Decorating

Painting and decorating for extra cash

If you enjoy and your pretty good at decorating your own home, why not decorate for others.

It’s usually at least a few days work at a time.

Easy to advertise yourself for free in local Facebook groups.

28. Rent your driveway

Live in a city or near a train station?  Well, it’s possible you might be able to rent out your driveway.

Justpark.com seems to be the main player in the UK and you can list your parking place for free.

Nice easy passive income too.

29. Rent Your Car

Own a car that you barely use?

Well, there’s a range of peer to peer car sharing platforms in the form of apps that offer you the opportunity to rent out your car.

Your car can be rented out for a few hours, a day or longer.

30. Enter Competitions

Have you heard of comping?  It’s a side hustle where you actively enter as many competitions as you can for items you’d like to win.

There are all kinds of competitions offering all kinds of prizes all over the country.

Most of them are available to enter online.  There are whole communities you can get involved with if you want to take it seriously.  Some people have won £10,000’s over the years.

31. Making Bespoke Curtains

I mention this one as I know an interior designer who is always struggling to find makers of quality bespoke made to order curtains.

The demand is certainly there.

32. Beauty

Beauty Treatments and Nail Painting Side Hustle

Beauty offers all kinds of side hustle opportunities.

From nails to eyebrows and whatever current form of beauty is currently trending.

You could also offer your services for special occasions such as weddings.

33. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Build up any following on the likes of Instagram and Youtube etc and you can sell sponsored ads on your channel.

Some people have loads of channels for all kinds of interests.

34. Fix Phones

Fix mobile phones

Are you into your modern tech and love phones and tablets?

We pretty much all own phones and tablets, sometimes multiple devices per household.

So pretty much somewhere locally on a daily basis someone somewhere is dropping or damaging their phone is some way or other.

Getting it fixed often becomes a matter of urgency.  Especially if you’re still on contract and can’t currently afford a newer model.

35. Hairdressing

Hairdressing side hustle

Become a dab hand with a pair of scissors you can make money anywhere.

You’ll need to qualify first, but once you are there’s a whole range of ways you can find clients.

You could work from home or offer a mobile service.

36. DIY / Handyman

Some people seem to be able to do a bit of everything around the house or garden and do a good job too.

For most homeowners, there’s always something that needs doing.

You could offer all kinds of services, including:

  • Pressure cleaning driveways and patios
  • Painting jobs
  • Garden Fencing
  • Mowing Lawns
  • Putting together flat-pack furniture
  • Hedge Trimming

and many more.

37. Takeaway  Delivery Driver

Takeaway delivery driver

For big brand delivery takeaway services such as

  • Deliveroo
  • Just Eat
  • Uber Eats

Plus the likes of Domino’s Pizza and  a multitude of other local takeaways who might offer their own service.

38. Tour Guide

If you live in a well-known city or any interesting tourist location perhaps you could offer your services as a tour guide.

If you want to become a private tour guide, find out what tourists are most interested in seeing.

You could advertise via a local web site and perhaps even earn money from that too using other methods in this list.

39. Coin Hunting

I’ll admit, this is an unusual side hustle, but I’ve seen others use it to make money.

Plus it’s a great example of thinking outside the box.

Did you know some coins in our everyday change are worth more than others?  Find rare 50ps or or £2 coins and its could be worth a lot more than its face value.

For example, some of the 29 Olympic Games 50p coins are worth a lot more than face value even in circulated condition as people look to buy them online to complete their sets.

What some people do is request bags of change from their local bank and search through the coins for the collectable ones.  Any they find they sell on eBay.  As well as document their finds to followers on social media.

Sometimes even filming the process of the actual coin hunting and making money via Vloggin their finds.

40. Affiliate Marketing

This is one of my personal favourites and the primary method I have used to make money from home for over 15 years.

Now more than ever, most companies have some sort of affiliate program.

This simply enables you to promote the company’s products, via various means, such as Blogging, social media links, Pinterest pins etc.  If someone then goes on to make a purchase at the website the link took them too you will get a commission and at no cost to the buyer.

41. Tidying Up / Organising

I mention this one because it certainly worked for Marie Kondo!  By 19 she had set up her own organising consulting business.

A professional tidy upper.  Who’d have thought (not me obviously)?

Just goes to show that you can turn pretty much any passion into a side hustle or even business if it would benefit others in some way.

42. Dog Animal Behaviourist

Do you have a way with dogs and understand the ways they are usually perceived as misbehaving?

Usually, it’s down to the owner’s unknown behaviours sending mixed messages to the dog.

Could be combined with other dog and pet related side hustles too.

43. Audio Book Narrator

If someone has written a book, whether as a self-published writer or blogger offering an eBook, another stream of income for there work is to offer it as an audiobook.

However, many won’t have the voice for, will or confidence to narrate themselves, so they hire a narrator.

You can offer your services on sites like Amazon’s ACX – Start Audio Book Career.

44. Interior Design

Have a flair for interior design.

You could offer your services as an interior designer.

People pay good money for quality design board ideas and the sourcing of furniture ideas etc.

45. Removal Services

If you have a large enough vehicle perhaps offering a removal service is an option.

People are moving house every day.

Again, offer the service when it suits to fit it in.

46. Man / Woman with a Van

Man with a van services
Man With a Van can offer a range of services

If you have a decent size van or truck you could simply offer your services in local groups to undertake any tasks.

Ideal for things like house, garage and garden clearances etc.   Courier services or even removals.

It’s surprising how many services you can offer with a van and how much demand there is.

Check out our 11 best ways to make money with a van.

47. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is someone who offers their services to online businesses.

This could be a whole range of tasks, such as

  • Managing social media channels
  • Uploading and editing blog posts
  • Email outreach and responding
  • Transcribing

Plus many more varied tasks.

48. Pet Groomer / Dog Groomer

Qualify to become a pet groomer and as well as the option of working part-time for others, you could possibly set up a grooming room in your own house.  Another option would be to become a mobile groomer.

49. Luxury Cattery

If you have a large garden and love cats, perhaps you have room for a cattery?

They don’t have to be huge.  You could cater to a more luxurious cattery.  This would require less space and clientele, but by providing a higher level of service, which is great for everyone, including the cats.

You have the option to accept bookings at a time of year that suits you.

50. Dog Sitting

Dog Sitting
Combine with an online side hustle?

If you love dogs, perhaps signing up to a dog sitting service is an option.

Instead of leaving their beloved dog at the kennels, many owners prefer to leave their dog with like a second family.

The dog will get much more daily interaction and highly likely more exercise.

It’s totally flexible as regards when you make yourself available.

You can choose to offer day time sitting as well as overnight board, which generally pays double rate.

51. Ironing Service

Some people hate ironing, others really don’t mind it.  If you are one of those perhaps you could offer an ironing service in your local area.

Helps if you can collect and drop off.

52. Cleaning Business

The home cleaning market is huge and the majority of cleaning businesses are very small scale.

Some people love cleaning.  Transforming grimy surfaces into shiny and sparkling.

It’s something you could fairly easily set up on your own.

Trust is a key factor, as many customers will want the cleaning done while they are at work or out.

53. Patio Cleaning

Have you seen those before and after photos of jet sprayed patio’s?  They look like new.

If you have a pressure washer already, perhaps this is a side hustle you could offer.

People more than ever seem to have driveaways instead of the front garden and the impact of having it cleaned can make quite a difference.

54. Wheelie Bin Cleaning

Another option if you have a pressure washer is cleaning wheelie bins.

Thankfully I have my own jet spray, but with the local councils emptying bins less often (in my area at least), they sure could do with a clean every so often.

I’ve seen local mobile services offer to clean.

55. Become an Extra

Fancy being in a movie?

Did you know anyone with or without acting skills can apply to be an extra?

It might depend on your location, but if you have any film studios nearby, there might be more opportunities than you realise.

Generally the more talents you have the more opportunities you might be able to find.  For example, playing sports, ice or roller skating, dancing and singing etc.

56. Gardening Business

There are all kinds of options when it comes to a gardening business.

From huge gardens too big for owners, or helping out the elderly who like to look a nice garden but are too frail to upkeep themselves.

You can offer all kinds of services including

  • Lawn Care
  • Grass Cutting and edging
  • Shrub and Hedge Trimming
  • Weeding
  • Leaf Clearance
  • Planting

and much more.

57. Babysitting

Get paid to sit and watch TV or surf social media all evening while the kids are bed.  There’s rarely much more to it than that.

Personally, I often used to always take some work with me to do while babysitting for nieces (for free of course).

58. Window Cleaning

If you have a head for heights and a ladder perhaps window cleaning is an option.

Perhaps you could build up a regular round in your local area, both residents and local businesses.

59. Gutter Clearing

Another side hustle option for anyone with a ladder is gutter clearing.

Blocked gutters can cause water to leak over the edge and down the property, which over time can cause external damage or damp.

60. Online Tutor

If you like teaching perhaps you could offer your services online.

There are various platforms you can tutor via, including:

  • Zoom
  • Skype

Depending on what subject you chose to tutor, you could pretty much find the world is your marketplace.

61. Magician

Magician side hustle

Do you enjoy magic?

Perhaps master a few tricks and offer your services as a magician.  They are great for parties and get-togethers and really help to break the ice for the guests.

62. Playing Music

From busking in the street to playing in a pub band or a harp at a wedding, there are multiple opportunities to make money from a musical playing side hustle.

63. Fixing Bicycles

If you enjoy cycling and everything about bicycles perhaps you’d be interested in fixing them?

New bikes can be pretty expensive, whereas old bikes can be found for sale pretty cheap.  For someone in the know, it doesn’t take too long to clean them up and get them in great working order again to sell on.

You could also advertise your bike fixing service online for others in need.

64. Teach Music

If you are a musician or expert in any particular musical instrument you could offer to teach others music.

You could offer classes or one on ones.

There’s also plenty of options to earn from teaching music online, but there will always be a demand for learning from being in the presence of a real teacher.

64. Baking

Baking cakes is a great side hustle.  Ever in demand for all kinds of parties.

You could do small scale just when it suits, offering them at car boot sales and local fairs.

Offer them on a regular basis to local shops or cafes.  As well as do them to order for local parties.

65. Car Boots

Car boot sale

Car boots can be a great source of bargains, but also a good place to sell unwanted items that you’re less likely to sell online.

Combine the 2 elements and this can be a nice little earner, especially if you know what to look out for.

Check out the best things to sell at car boots and whole host of other tips.

66. Make Jewellery

Jewellery doesn’t have to be precious metals and gemstones.

You can make rings, earrings and bracelets etc from all kinds of items.

Stick to your own styles or find out what’s trending with different age groups.  You could also put together kits so others can make there own jewellery too.

67. Antiques (Auctions and Fairs)

If UK daytime TV is anything to go buy, us British love our antiques.

There’s nothing stopping you getting involved.

You don’t need to be an expert in everything, just focus in on what you really like and preferably seems to be in demand.

Turn up at local auctions, visit antique shops and scour online. Who knows what you might find and what your most profitable buy will end up being.

68. Dog Walking

All dogs need a daily walk, but not all owners can put the time in every single day, especially if they have an energetic breed.

Dog walking is an easy side hustle to get started with.

There are also apps that you can sign up that match local dogs with walks, although they will take a fee.

Set up a page on social media and start advertising for clients via friends and family shares and see if you can pick up any of your own clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best side hustle for you?

Most of these side hustles are potentially full-time gigs.  Whether they’d be as much fun, only you would know.

There’s also nothing stopping you from having multiple side hustles on the go at any one time.

Whether you are aiming to pay off debt and save some extra money a side hustle or two is a great way to achieve your goals.

Don’t feel you need to stick with what you know.  Depending on how soon you actively need to start making money you could give side hustles a try that is in totally new fields and you’ll have to learn more about first.

How to Start a Side Hustle UK?

First, you need to find a good idea.  Hopefully, my ideas list above has helped.

Secondly, you need to act.

By all means, think about, plan to do, etc.  But at some point, preferably sooner the better you need to actually start.

Whether that’s buying a domain or actively putting together your services and start to advertise.

How Much Money Can You Earn From a Side Hustle?

How much you can make, will totally vary.  Even 2 people choosing the same side hustle will potentially make differing amounts.

The main factors would be:

  • How much time you can put in
  • Your current level of expertise/knowledge
  • Your consistency and determination

Ideally, you would be aiming to earn more than the minimum wage rate per hour working on your side hustle.

Many of these side hustles where you are your own boss have the potential to make you thousands a month over the medium to longer term.

Others act as more of a stop gap where you are just earning some extra money working for others on a flexible basis.

How Soon Can You Make Money From a Side Hustle

Some side hustles you have to put in hours of unpaid effort to reap the rewards later down the line.

Other side hustles you’ll literally be able to start making money on day 1.

Side Hustle Start-Up Costs

How much money you have to start with may determine which side hustles you can get started with.

You may have to start out with side hustle that requires no money, just save enough to start your ideal side hustle.

Why Have a Side Hustle?

There are many reasons to have a side hustle.

The primary reason is to increase income.

There could be many reasons you want to do this:

  • Pay off debt
  • Increase savings
  • Focus on the different tax-free income stream
  • Diversify your income
  • Learn something new
  • Make money from your passion so you can spend more time on it

Side Hustles for Kids and Teenagers

If you’re aged between 13 and 17 you might find my specific post how to make money as a teenager more relevant as it will help narrow down the best options for your particular age.

What’s an Easy Side hustle?

An easy side hustle for you, might not be so easy for someone else, so it’s hard to say.

For me, an easy side hustle is one I enjoy doing, so therefore I’m more likely to put the time into it and eventually reap the rewards.

Another would be one that utilizes the skills you already have.


I hope you’ve found something suitable to try in this comprehensive list of side hustle ideas.

There is literally something for everyone, and quite possibly more than one.

If I missed anything, or you have an idea you think should be added to the list, please let me know in the comments.

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