25% Off Supermarket Wine Offers Dates 2024 (+ Savings Tips)

If you are looking for 25% off 6 bottles of wine supermarket deals we have them all for you.

Including which supermarket has 25 off 6 bottles of wine now and upcoming sales dates.

Plus we have put together some extra money-saving tips for each supermarket so you get even more red, white or sparkling for your money.  We hope you enjoy it.

Our household often takes advantage of the Buy 6 Save 25% wine bottle promotions as fortunately, we have every supermarket within close enough range.

The sales event is a great opportunity to mix and match and try new wines and often you can buy up to 36 bottles a time.

Wine also makes a great gift for many people.

25% off wine dates

Best Supermarket Wine Deals 

The 25% off 6 bottles of wine is the best value wine offer and one we regularly take advantage of.

Below we cover all the main supermarkets’ 25% off wine deals.

Often the sales are publicised much in advance so we provide past sales dates to give an indication of when the next 25 off wine offer will take place.

As soon as we get confirmation of a sale start we update this page for each supermarket.

Sainsbury’s Wine 25% Off 6 Bottles

With over 600 wine products available the Sainburys, 25% off 6 wine bottles is one of the most popular wine promotions in the UK.

Sainsburys 25% Off Wine

Sainsbury’s 25% off Wine Offer terms:

  • Excludes Scotland
  • Excludes Bottles under £5 in England, £7 in Wales
  • Excludes bottles 200ml and under
  • Maximum order of 36 bottles

See full T&C’s.

The 25% off if you buy any 6 or more is on top of existing offers as you can see examples of in the screenshot below.  You can mix and match your choices.

Examples Sainsburys 25% Off 6 Bottles of Wine

You can view the whole selection and order online here.

When is the next Sainsburys 25% Off Wine?

The next Sainsburys 25% off wine date has been been confirmed for  Wednesday 28th June to Sunday 2nd July. 

25% off 6 bottles of Sainsburys wine

Previous Sainsbury’s 25% Off Wine Dates:

We use past year dates as a guide for forecasting future 25% off sales events to plan our wine shops.  We update when official dates are released.

2023 Sales Dates:

  • Wednesday 24th May to Sunday 28th May 2023
  • Wednesday 26th April to Sunday 7th May 2023
  • Saturday 1st April to Saturday 8th April 2023
  • Wednesday 15th March to Sunday 19th March 2023

Here you can find more information and previous Sainsburys  25% off Wine offer dates as well more in-depth tips and tricks to save even more on your Sainsburys wines.

Extra Savings Tips for Sainsbury’s Wine

  • Use our Nectar Points calculator to find out how much your points are worth in £’s
  • Unfortunately, you won’t earn Nectar points on alcohol purchases in Sainsbury’s, still, use your card on other purchases

>Visit Sainsbury’s Wine

Tesco Wine 25% Off

With over 650+ products in its wine category and over 530 on offer at the time of the last promotion, Tesco’s 25% off wine offer is one to look out for.

They typically run the event every couple of months for about 6 times a year in total.  There are always some wines on offer and you get 25% off the offer price too.

Tesco Wine Offers

Tesco Wine Offer Terms:

  • Must be a Clubcard member (for more info see this  Tesco Clubcard Points post)
  • Excludes Bottles under £5 in England, £7 in Wales
  • Excludes bottles 200ml and under
  • Maximum order of 36 bottles
  • Excludes Scotland
  • Excludes Tesco Express stores
  • Excludes Wine Route, boxed and fortified wine

Tesco also clearly state the terms under each offer listed on their website as you can see in the image below.

Examples of 25% Off 6 Bottles of Tesco Wine

When is the next 25% off wine at Tesco?

We use the past sales dates below to get an idea of when the next sales dates will be while we await official confirmation.

The next 25% off wine is Thursday 27th June to Monday 3rd July

We will update as soon as the new official date for the next 25% off sale is confirmed.

Tesco tends to its 25% off offer around Easter, Halloween and in the lead up to Christmas.

Previous Tesco 25% Off Wine Dates:

As a guide to future Tesco 25% off sale dates, we keep a record of past sales.

2023 Sales Dates:

  • Tuesday 23rd May to Monday 29th May 2023
  • Thursday 27th April to Friday 12th May 2023
  • Tuesday 28th March to Monday 3rd April 2023
  • Wednesday 15th February to Monday 20th February 2023

You can discover additional details and past dates of Tesco’s 25% off Wine promotion, along with comprehensive advice and tips to maximise your savings on Tesco wines.

Extra Savings Tips for Tesco Wine

>>Visit Tesco Wine

ASDA 25% Off Wine 

ASDA typically have around five 25% off sales events in a typical year, generally the latter half of the year.

You can also get the 25% off current wine sale rollback prices.

ASDA 25% off Wine

Offer Terms:

  • Wales and Scotland are excluded
  • Excludes bottles under £4.75

When is the Next 25% off wine at ASDA?

The next ASDA 25% off date is predicted to be starting Thursday 22nd June 2023.

Previous ASDA Wine Offers Dates:

2023 Dates:

  • Wednesday 24th May to Sunday 28th May 2023
  • Wednesday 26th April to Monday 8th May 2023
  • Friday 24th March to Sunday 9th April 2023
  • Friday 24th February to Sunday 5th March 2023

2022 Sales Dates:

  • Thursday 17th November to Sunday 11th December 2022
  • Monday 17th October to Wednesday 2nd November 2022
  • Thursday 18 August to Monday 29 August 2022
  • Friday 27 May to Thursday 2 June 2022
  • Friday 1 April 2022 to Monday 18 April 2022

2021 Sales Dates:

  • Monday 22nd November to Thursday 16th December 2021
  • Monday 18th October to Wednesday 3rd November 2021
  • Friday 24th September to Sunday 3rd October
  • Thursday 19th August to Monday 30th August 2021
  • Friday 25th June to Thursday 1st July 2021
  • Tuesday 25 May to Monday 31 May 2021
  • Thursday 25th March 2021 to Monday 5th April 2021

2020 Sales Dates:

  • Thursday 19th November to Monday 7th December 2020
  • Thursday 22nd October to Wednesday 28th October 2020
  • Thursday 24th September to Wednesday 7th October 2020

ASDA 2019 Sales Dates:

  • Monday 25th November to Monday 9th December 2019
  • Thursday 17th October to Sunday 3rd November 2019
  • Friday 16th August to Tuesday 27th August 2019
  • Thursday 27th June to Sunday 7th July 2019
  • Thursday 28th March to Monday 22nd April 2019

Extra Savings Tips for ASDA Wine Offers

We cover 3 ways to be rewarded for your Asda loyalty in this post which are often overlooked.

Also well worth checking out is the ASDA Christmas Savings Card.

>>Visit ASDA Wine

Waitrose 25% Off Wine

Waitrose also has a separate wine selling website waitrosecellar.com

Waitrose 25% off Wine Dates

Offer Terms:

  • Excludes Scotland
  • Includes wine and champagne
  • Excludes bottles under £5
  • Excludes bottles under 200ml
  • Excludes box wines, spirits beers and gifts
  • Excludes Waitrose petrol station stores

When is the Next Waitrose 25% Off Wine?

We forecast the next Waitrose 25% off wine date to be sometime mid June 2023.  This is based on past years dates.   We will update once the official date is confirmed

There is a 25% off Waitrose wine sale currently running via its online store.

Previous Waitrose 25% Off Wine Dates:

2023 Sales Dates:

  • Wednesday 26th April to Tuesday 9th May 2023
  • Wednesday 8th March to Tuesday 14th March 2023

2022 Sales Dates:

  • Wednesday 8 June to Tuesday 14 June 2022
  • Friday 15 April 2022 (25% off selected bottles)
  • Wednesday 16 March to Tuesday 22 March 2022

Note, the March and June sales were England only.

2021 Sales Dates:

  • Wednesday 3rd to Tuesday 9th November 2021
  • Wednesday 23rd June to Tuesday 29th June 2021
  • Friday 9th April to Thursday 15th April 2021

2020 Sales Dates:

  • Wednesday 4th November to Tuesday 10th November 2020
  • Wednesday 1st July to Tuesday 7th July 2020
  • Thursday 12th March to Tuesday 17th March 2020

2019 Sales Dates:

  • Wednesday 6th November to Tuesday 12th November 2019
  • Wednesday 10th July 2019 to Tuesday 16th July 2019
  • Friday 12th April 2019 to Thursday 18th April 2019

Extra Savings Tips for Waitrose Wine

Waitrose is one of the few supermarkets you can get cashback for via cashback sites namely Topcashback or Quidco.

However, an additional option that can also be used in conjunction with the above is Airtime Rewards that could save you 5% of your shopping total back in rewards to pay towards your mobile phone bill.  I’ve been using the app for a couple of years now.

Once set up with the payment cards you don’t even need to remember to use it.

Check out my full Airtime Rewards review with a promo code to get you started.

>>Visit Waitrose Wine or waitrosecellar.com

Morrisons 25% Off Wine

Morrisons tend to have various wine promotions so the 25% off 6 bottles event isn’t typically as frequent as some of the other remain supermarket brands.

Morrisons 25% off wine sales tend to be later in the year and we predict the next one to be mid October 2023.

While waiting some of the other offers are also pretty good value and worth checking out albeit not 25% off.

Morrisons Wine Offer Terms:

  • Excludes Bottles under £5 in England, £7 in Wales
  • Maximum 36 bottles per order
  • Excludes Morrisons on Amazon
  • Excludes 20cl, 25cl and 187ml bottles

Morrisons 25% Off 6 Bottles of Wine Deal

When is the Next Morrisons 25% Off Wine?

Going by past dates it’s not easy to predict the next Morrisons 25% sale.  Going by last year they may do a sale in November so shoppers can start topping up supplies early for Christmas.

In 2023 Morrisons has been offering 25% off three bottles of “The Best” wines which range in price from £7 to £27.  Purchases have been limited to 20 bottles a person.

Previous Morrisons 25% Off Wine Dates:

2022 Sales Dates

  • Tuesday 15th November to Sunday 4th December 2022
  • Thursday 13th October to Tuesday 18th October 2022

2021 Sales Dates:

  • Monday 14th June to Friday 25th June 2021

2020 Sales Dates:

  • Monday 2nd November  to Tuesday 24th November 2020 (23 days)
  • Thursday 8th October to Sunday 25th October 2020 (18 days)
  • Sunday 23rd August to Tuesday 8th September 2020 (17 days)

Extra Savings Tips for Morrisons Wine

It’s rare for supermarkets to be found on any type of cashback app or site, however, Morrisons is one of the few I have seen on one of my favourite apps, Airtime Rewards (with promo code).

While the reward isn’t always available, when it is I have earned 7% and 10% back on my shopping and put towards paying my mobile phone bill.

Once set up with the bank card you use for your Morrisons shop you don’t even need to remember to use the app.

>>Visit Morrisons Wine

Marks and Spencers 25% Off Wine

Marks of Spencer stopped doing the 25% off wine during the whole of 2020 and so far has launched any 25% off events in 2021 or 2022, so we cant predict any for 2023.

Therefore we can’t reliable forecast when the next might offer the promotion.

The last time it ran was November 2019, so we can only hope they launch something similar before Christmas 2023.

We will add updates if the situation changes.

If you are a regular M&S customer you may want to check out the Marks and Spencer Sparks Loyalty card and whether it’s worth it.

>> Visit Marks and Spencers Wine Shop

>Check out Marks and Spencers Sales Dates for all departments

Ocado 25% off 6 Bottles of Wine

Starting in 22 June 2023, Ocado also began offering a 25% discount when you purchase 6 bottles of wine.

The offer requires a minimum purchase of 6 bottles and caps at a maximum of 18 bottles, with purchases made in multiples of 6.

Currently, there appear to be no additional wine promotions that can be combined with this one.

However, if you’re a first-time shopper at Ocado, you can take advantage of a welcoming 30% off on your initial order.

Which Supermarket is Currently Offering 25% off Wine

Current deals on, see below for further info

    • Sainsburys 25% Off Wine Wednesday 28th June to Sunday 2nd July
    • Tesco 25% off wine – Thursday 27th June to Monday 3rd July

Offers change offer please check individual supermarket wine deals below.

See above for more information on terms and extra ways to save as well as links to the wine sections.

Scroll up to see the next 25% off wine sales dates for each supermarket.

To use these type of offers is actually one of my 82 Frugal Money saving tips to help save £100’s a year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Lidls have 25% off wine?

Lidls have had a 25% off 6 bottles of wine promotion in the past, but as of yet it is nota regular sales event so we have no way of forecasting a future promotion.  Lidl wine is generally low prices and they do have 25% off offers on individual product lines.

Check out here how Lidl is so cheap.

Does Aldi have 25% off wine?

As of yet, Aldi hasn’t had a 25% off 6 bottles of wine or more promotion that we know about.

Aldi wine is generally considered good value and you can read why Aldi is so cheap here.

Who has 25% off wine offers?

Regularly, you can expect Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Asda to have 25% off wine offers.  Less frequently the promotion is offered by Morrissons, Waitrose and Marks and Spencers.

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