How I Made £600+ Extra Cash February 2018

Extra Cash February Income Report

Welcome my February 2018 Income Report showing you all the methods I used to make over £600 extra cash and that you can try too.

February 2018 Matched Betting Income

I feel strongly that Matched Betting is potentially one of best ways to earn extra cash in the UK.  If you are new to this form of income, you must check out my Matched Betting Guide.

For existing Matched Bettors see how last year I earned £750+ from Cheltenham Festival and you can do the same or hopefully better.  Preparation and focusing on the right offers really helps and this post should help.

You could if you wanted, literally start Matched Betting today and make a profit.

From thereafter, pretty much 24 hours a day you could sit down and log in to see the offers and make some money. Especially if you are new to it.

I’ve been matched betting now for 2 years, so I have lost some accounts. My aim now is just to make £300-£500 a month as quickly and easily as possible.

Obviously, if you are totally new to it, you might want to take it a little slower.  All the information will be new and for some takes a while to sink in, (including myself when I first started).

Matched Betting has been around for many years, however, it’s only in the last 2-3 years it has become really popular with the rise of Profit Accumulator.  They make the whole process so much easier.  Beginner friendly instructions with accompanying step by step video guides.  Plus they are constantly developing new tools to make Matched Betting easier.

Matched Betting Extra Cash February 2018 Breakdown

This is my 23rd month Matched Betting and my results show that with just a little time and effort it’s still possible to make decent money.

I’m at the stage where I just cherry pick the easiest offers. I don’t dedicate much time to Matched betting currently as I’m aiming to spend more of my spare time on my improving my blog.

Here’s the breakdown of what I did attempt

  • Sportsbook Reloads £13.74
  • Price Boosts £39.91
  • Casino Offers £259.37 (+£240.49 from a 20 COGs sign up) total £499.86

Sportsbook Reloads £13.74

I only attempted 2 types of sports Profit Accumulator reloads offers this month.   The Ladbrokes Bet £5 or £10 and get free spins per goal. It typically only costs a qualifying loss of 10-15p, so easy to win much more than that in free spins value.

I’m gubbed at Ladbrokes but can still do this offer. I only made £5.99 doing this offer 5 times. So not too fruitful this month. But only takes one decent spin to win big and really doesn’t take at all long to do the offer.

The other offer was Bet Victor offer, bet £1 and get a £10 free bet.

Being gubbed is when a bookmaker notifies you that you will no longer qualify for free bets and similar promotions.  However, it’s not the end as it’s still very possible to profit from gubbed accounts.  In fact, some of my best months have been when I’ve made money from gubbed accounts.

When you are first starting out, for the first few months it’s highly likely you can make hundreds of pounds from Sportsbook Reloads alone.

Price Boosts £39.91

Price boosts are one of the easiest ways to make Matched Betting money.

A price boost is when the bookmaker increases the odds of a bet.  If the same bet has lower odds at the betting exchange you can lay at the exchange and make an instant profit.

Some bookies have daily price boost offers.  Other price boosts are posted daily in the profit accumulator forums.  You can set an alert on your phone or desktop to see when they are posted.

I didn’t do that this month, instead just sticking the daily William Hill price boost which I did a total of 7 times. Probably took me 5 minutes a time, if that. Plus add a little extra time for times I checked and not much available.

I tend to look for close matches over 3.0 as the boost results in a nice profit. However, other times I’ll take what I can get from a high profile football game.

Casino Offers £499.86 

Breakdown of casino profits

    • Casino offers under 20% EV £214.18
    • Casino Offers over 20% EV £44.22
    • Risk-Free Casino offers £0.97
    • 20 COGs cashback sign up win £240.49

Over the course of time, the more I’ve been Matched betting, the more I have attempted casino offers.

Currently, I only stick to the offers that are most likely to generate a profit, so there are many that I don’t do.

I do many quick risk-free offers, as long as there is very little wagering.

I also tend to stick to casino offers that have an Expected Value of 20% of the wagering amount.  So if the Expected value is £2 from wagering £10, I will likely do the offer.

I sometimes go lower than 20%, usually if it looks like something easy to complete that I can leave running in the background.  Do in one offer for £18 Expected value from wagering £100, is a lot quicker than doing 10 offers that offer expected value of £1.80 each. So, might do the £18 offer but generally not the £1.80.

Casino Offers Under EV 20% £214.18

4 offers, one of which I made £214.18.

Energy Casino twice has an offer to wager £100 and get 50 free spins at a decent value. I did well on the wagering with Bloodsuckers. Which is the same slot that served me kindly with 20 Cogs (see below).

Casino Offers Over EV 20% £44.22

I attempted 15 offers, again all pretty quick to do and keep running in the background.  However, results not too great.

Casino Risk-Free Offers £0.97

I cherry-picked a few quick and easy risk-free casino offers. In particular, I targeted the Bet365 risk-free slots offer of 10 spins no wagering a few times as well as the Will Hill 30 seconds of free spins.

I overspun on a Matchbook offer and lost £3.80. I also made the mistake of an extra spin after 30 seconds of free spins on Paddy Power, when it went back to normal stakes, which were set at £2.

So, in future, I’ll aim to make sure stakes are set to the minimum before I start the offer.

20 Cogs Casino Win £240.49

You can read more about 20 Cogs below.

I wasn’t sure where to put this profit, but it’s not a guaranteed part of the way to make money from 20 COGs so I’ve counted it under matched betting.

Having experience of Matched Betting, I knew the best way to play the offer and which slot game to choose to wager the bonus funds.  However, when it comes down to it, it’s due to luck that it ended up such a good win.

Total Matched Betting related Income £553.51

I’m really pleased to have yet again hit over £500 from Matched Betting income alone.  The casino offers paid off.  If they hadn’t I would have completed more reloads to at least reach £300+

20 COGs – Another way to earn extra cash from home

I’m always looking for new ways to make money.  20 COGs is one I have seen mentioned a number of times as a one-off way to make approximately £200.

Although I knew some of the offers were sportsbooks, casino and bingo, so being a Matched Bettor it was likely I’d make less.

I wanted to give it a go mainly to see if it was a viable option for others.

So far I can’t say, as although I have completed all tasks, they haven’t all been confirmed.   I will confirm total profit for this hopefully in March.

Personally, I would suggest prioritizing Matched betting before 20 Cogs.  Because at least for one of the offers you could profit from twice, by doing the Matched Betting way and earning the 20 COGS profit.

However, at the same time, having already been a member of a number of the bookmakers, casino and bingo reduces your options when it comes to completing COGS.

Also, a little knowledge of how best to tackle the casino and bingo offers would help.

My matched betting experience certainly helped me profit from a casino offer with Starspins.

I had to deposit and wager £10.  I came out with £250.49 so a profit of £240.49.

Being a matched bettor I knew to choose the Bloodsuckers slot which has an RTP of 98%. This is so high that some casinos exclude it from wagering, so I checked the terms of the offer first.  Obviously, it’s totally down to luck that I won.

The wagering was quite high and I didn’t expect to win, so I started spinning on slightly higher value spins.  I achieved a win and thought I was in with a chance of coming out with a little cash.  During the wagering, I just had a good run of lucky wins.  This is a slot that hits a bonus game often which can be a bit time-consuming.  It was the free spins round that was very lucrative for me.

All in all it made doing 20 Cogs worthwhile, as compared to Matched betting I wasn’t particularly enjoying it.

20 cogs is more suited to people who don’t mind doing surveys and tasks etc

Cashback £3.00

Quiet on the cashback front this month, which can be a good thing as it means my general expenses have been less.

Topcashback were giving away £3.00 towards any Easter Eggs purchases made in the UK. All I had to do was scan a sales receipt on my phone.  This took about 3 minutes, so easy extra few pounds which were credited to my account within a few days.  See my TopCashback review to see why it’s one of my favourite money saving sites.

Facebook Admin £50

I help out with Admin in a Matched betting group.  I initially joined when I was new to Matched betting, but after a few months found myself a regular who was helping out fellow newbies.

When the opportunity arose to be part of the admin I took it.  This is a great example of earning a little extra doing something that you already like doing.  Plus it shows you can become knowledgeable in something new and start earning from new interests relatively quickly.

Grand Total Extra Cash Income February 2018 £606.51

All in all very pleased with any extra income well over £500+.

£606.51 extra cash for relatively little effort and from using methods most people can do from home.

Dividend Income

I save for future retirement in a Stocks and Shares ISA’s.  I typically look for high yield shares.  These are shares in companies which pay out a high proportion of their profits in the form of dividends.

The reason I like dividends is that the income is higher than I would receive in a bank account.  My portfolio yields over 4%.  Plus, the idea is I pick shares that increase their dividend over time.  So this year I might get 3.5% income, whereas if they increase the dividend 10%, next year I would be getting 3.8%.

Also, dividend income received in an ISA is tax-free.

I focus on the dividend income rather than the total value of the investments because although dividends can be reduced or cut altogether, the total income from a diverse portfolio is a lot more stable than the actual share prices themselves,  which can be quiet volatile at times.

So if my ISA’s value sinks during a market dip, as long as I’m receiving my dividends I’m fine.  In fact, a market dip is a good thing, because if I have any spare funds or accrued dividends I can buy some higher yielding shares.

Overall, I’m not sure whether buying individual dividend stocks is any better than the easy option of buying a market tracker.  The FTSE 100 is yielding over 4%, which is higher than the long-term average of 3.5%, so I could just buy that.

However, the FTSE 100 is very concentrated in just a few cyclical stocks that have the heaviest weights in the index.  The likes of HSBC, Royal Dutch Shell, BP etc.  The former two haven’t increased their dividends for a number of years.

So by building my own dividend portfolio overtime, I can be a lot more diverse and aim more for growth in the income over time.  That’s just my personal preference.

If you have never bought shares before, check out my step by step post on How to Buy Your First Ever Shares to see what’s involved.  It’s really pretty easy.

In February I received dividends from

  • British Land (Property)
  • Victrex (Chemicals) (who also paid a large special dividend)
  • Vodafone (Mobile Communications)

Blog Income and Traffic

Growing Blog Traffic

My primary aim with my blog is to give value.  Share content with others who are also looking to improve their financial situation.  If anything I am doing can help, then I’m happy to share.

My blog traffic is low, so I won’t detail sources as it’s such a small sample size.

However, February was my highest traffic month to date, and one week of the month beat the whole month of January.

I’m hoping this is the beginning of constantly growing traffic.

Although my blog traffic is low, I have managed to achieve some Affiliate Marketing income.  I’m really pleased about this because anyone who has spent money through an affiliate link on my blog should easily be better off for it.  That’s what this blog is about.

I’m still early stages, and so much to learn and implement.  I will share progress as each month goes by.  I believe one of the keys to blogging success is to keep learning, keep improving and be consistent.

My next goal is to consistently achieve 4 new useful blog posts a month.

Update: I’ve since hit over £1000+ a month, largely passively, I’ve put together a how to make money blogging for beginners with realistic info and timelines to help you make your first £100+.


Hopefully, this report has shown you multiple ways you can make extra cash from home.
Every month is slightly different, so be sure to check my past income reports for ways to earn extra cash from home.

Plus follow my social media profiles, in particular, Instagram and Twitter for future tips and ongoing motivation to keep saving and earning every month.

If you have any questions or would like to know finer details on any aspects please ask below.

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