June 2018 Extra Income and Savvy Savings Report

June 2018 Income and Savings Report

Welcome to my monthly Income and Savvy Savings Report where each month I share ways I’ve actively made extra money as well as saved some decent amounts too.  Using methods you yourself can also use.

Well, what a month June was, hence why I was quieter on the blog front.   There was literally so many bookie offers to profit from.

The month started as normal and I was expecting to make £300-£500 profit.  However June 14th came, the World Cup started and the following week we had  Royal Ascot too.  Literally a flood of offers.

If you are new to the concept of profiting from Bookie offers be sure to check out my Matched Betting Guide for Beginners or my post detailing going into more depth with examples of how to make money from free bets.

As I, therefore, decided to focus on the Matched Betting, I also upped my game and set up and found some tips to increase my profits, all of which I share within the report below.

Including how I found and profited from over 780+ free spins.   These are ideal because even people with the smallest of Matched Betting pots can profit from many some of these risk-free offers.

June 2018 Matched Betting Profits Breakdown

  • Sportsbook Reloads & Arbs  £270.58
  • Price Boosts £802.14
  • Horse Refunds £165.77 (indirectly from Price Boost offers)
  • Casino Offers £225.81 (Most of this was from Risk-free offers!)

Resulting in my most profitable month to date (in over 2 years) and that’s with a number of gubbed accounts.

Matched Betting Total £1464.30

I use Profit Accumulator to source all my Matched Betting offers.  It’s totally free to take the free trial which should make you around £40.   If you then go on to join you can easily cancel anytime without being locked in.

Let’s have a little more in-depth look at how the money was made.

Sportsbook Reloads and Arbs Profit £270.58

Considering some months I barely do Sportsbook reloads, this month I did 31 offers across approximately 11 bookies.  So an average of one offer a day.

The offers started to flow just prior to the World Cup starting.  While doing a few of those and looking out for price boosts I thought I may as well rinse the opportunity and do as much Matched Betting as possible.

The month started off slow so I did 2 new sign-ups with GUTS and Dabblebet.  Both these bookies currently have regular reloads.

I also spotted some arbs at bookies I rarely get free bets for or I am already gubbed at.  One opportunity came after an unfortunate casino loss and I couldn’t resist profiting £50+ to make up for it early the next day.

I also spotted a small opportunity to profit from an Exchange arb.  Backing at one exchange and laying lower at another.  Not something I’ve seen worth doing before.

Here’s the breakdown of Sportsbook Sign Ups and Reloads Profit:

  • New Sign Ups: £13.23
  • Reloads: £197.59
  • Arbs : £56.26
  • Exchange Arbs £3.50

Price Boosts £802.14

This was my best ever month for Price Boosts, and in a way, it could have been a lot higher.

There were some truly great price boosts this month that I missed out on.  One in particular many Profit Accumulator members benefited from that was posted in the forum was a 100% price boost on a £100 stake given to Leo Vegas customers.  Members were typically making £60+ from this boost and better still, some members reported have 2 – 3 of these boosts!  Although not gubbed at LeoVegas, I didn’t have the boost in my account. Gutted!

However, once I saw the price boosts flowing daily I made a conscious effort to catch as many as possible that were worthwhile doing.

Savvy Tip In Profit Accumulator, set the “No Chat Price boosts and the William Hill/ Ladbrokes Close Match Boost” threads to “Watch” and be alerted to any price boosts posted by members.  This is where it pays off to be a member of the biggest matched betting site in the UK.   There were so many boosts posted.

“Watching” a thread is ideal when there are big sporting events on like the World Cup or like we had in June, 5 days of high-profile horse racing for Royal Ascot.

Some price boosts are small stakes, £10 to £20, but others allow large stakes and this is where the decent money is made.

The vast majority of my profit came from William Hill Boosts.  This month they offered up to £200 stakes on the following boosts:

  • Daily Boost
  • Pre-Match Boost for every World Cup match
  • In-play boost for every World Cup match
  • Boost for every Royal Ascot race

You can look out for the boosts yourself using OddsMatcher and/or act on close matches to boost posted in the forum.

I also made over £100+ from SkyBet price boosts.  Even though I’m gubbed at SkyBet, after resting the account I’m now allowed to place large stakes on price boosts.  A great example of profiting from gubbed accounts.

Savvy Extra Tip Build your Matched Betting Pot.  I can only make this much profit from Price Boosts because I’ve built my bank and can place higher stake bets when the opportunity arises.  I don’t need to wait for one bet to finish to place another.   A bigger bank helps boost profits in multiple other ways too.   I don’t use a big bank every month, but it really helps when there is high profile sporting events going on at the same time.

However, if you have a small pot there are usually a number of price boosts posted with max stakes of £10 or £20 and usually make a £1 or £2, which are an option to help build your pot if there aren’t other more lucrative offers available at the time.

Horse Refunds £165.77

These refund profits came as part of the Will Hill Royal Ascot race boosts.  So I was already profiting from the boost, but at the same time qualifying for the 2 clear 15% bonus on winnings.  So basically a free attempt at an up to £100 free bet.

I was fortunate enough to hit this offer twice and both times received the maximum £100 free bet.

Casino Offers Total Profit £225.81

I hit casino offers hard this month as well.   When I get time I am going to review past months and see which offers are most worthwhile doing.

This month, as last month too, most of the profit came from risk-free casino offers.  Mostly in the form of free spins.

You can read more on how to make money from Casino Offers here.

Casino Offers Under 20% EV £38.99

While spending more time Matched Betting this month I set my self up to attempt as many casino offers as I could.  In total, I completed 39 offers. Many were quick wager £5 get 10 free spins type offers.

I did attempt larger wagering offers up to £100 and had poor results.

Casino Offers Over 20% EV Loss £11.70

I only completed 2 offers with high expected value in relation to the initial wagering requirement.  Both were £1 spin offers which increase the variance.  Both resulted in losses.

Risk-Free Casino Offers £198.52

Risk-Free casino offers is where I will be focusing more of my attention in future.

During the month I managed to find at least 780+ free spins.  The vast majority with no wagering, which means just spin and keep the winnings.

Many were posted directly in the Profit Accumulator Reloads section.

Lots of the offers result in small wins, but they all add up and take very little time to complete.

Here are some examples from June:

  • Gala Casino 30 free spins x 6 times during month – wins ranging from £2.66 to £13.00 (total £43.01)
  • Matchbook 10 free spins x 1 wager £15.41
  • Will Hill 10 free spins x 10 wager £9.40
  • BGO 100 free spins £13.50 (after deposit and withdrawal fees deducted)
  • Sporting Bet – Daily Spin offer hit Deposit £20 get £20 free spins £29.86 (8 attempts in total)

Savvy Tip > In the Profit Accumulator members forum click to “Watch” the “Free Spins Thread (No Chat/ No Questions).  There are extra free spins offers posted in there by members.   So much so, that in the month of June I estimate I found no less than 780+ free spins.  All of these were risk-free and most with no wagering.  780 doesn’t include the 15-30 seconds of free spins offers which I didn’t count.

Another advantage of some free spin offers is that you can do them with very little money.   Some of the offers you need to make a non-wagering deposit in order to get the free spins.  Many of the offers are open to customers who just have an account open whether they have any money in there or not.

Examples of Free Spin Finds and Wins During June 2018

Paddy Power 30 seconds of Free Spins – Nice win of £19.06 on Football Frenzy.

Win From 30 seconds of Free Spins on Football Frenzy

Emailed an offer for 100 free spins by BGO – A day or two after enquiring for offers via Live Chat.

100 Free Spins Keep Winnings Offer

Alerted to Offer Posted in the Forum – Another 50 Free Spins if deposit £50 (small deposit and withdrawal fees).

50 free spins on Robocop keep winnings

Example of Daily Offer Opportunity – I often hit the offer “Deposit £20 get 20 free spins” offer option at Bwin.

Qualified for Deposit £20 get 20 free spins at Bwin

Example of a decent win from one such Bwin offer:

Win From 20 Free Spins

So, as you can see, free spins can be a very lucrative source of monthly profit.

I’ll certainly be looking to do as many as these as I can in the future.

It can be a little nerve-racking starting something completely new like Matched Betting, however, once you overcome that and keep going like blogger WannabeDebtFree who made £4043 from February to July

June’s Savvy Savings – 

This month I had 2 significant expenses for which I used Zeek to make some fairly decent-sized savings.

(Zeek has since gone into administration)

John Lewis – Purchase of An Integrated Dishwasher

£399 for an Integrated Dishwasher – I’d already searched for the best price.

I chose a model on which John Lewis was offering a £50 cashback for taking the old one away which then meant I didn’t have to pay the standard £15 for them to take it, resulting in a total saving of £65.

Using Zeek there are typically 2 ways you can make really decent savings.  Read my full buy sell gift cards post to see how it works for saving and also for possibly making some money back.

Firstly I took advantage of a Zeek Credit preload offer & topped up my Zeek balance by £200 & receiving an extra £12 free.

Through Zeek, I then purchased £425 worth of John Lewis e-gift vouchers for £416.50 – saving another £8.50.

My total saving was, therefore, £20.50.  All you then do is key in the gift voucher numbers on the John Lewis checkout page and the discount is applied.  Such an easy saving.

If I had started with a  zero credit balance on Zeek I could have purchased another £200 credit and received another £12 free for a possible saving of £32.50.

In addition to this, I made my online purchase via Kidstart to get 2% cashback on the full amount.

John Lewis doesn’t typically offer cashback via the best cashback sites but does via Kidstart, which is also useful if you want to get cashback on Amazon purchases.

Argos – Purchase of a Hedge Trimmer and 2 Fans

The hedge trimmer was a bit of an expense for and quite a dilemma on whether to buy or not.   However, this particular Superlight McCullough had been recommended as first or second favourite choice in at least 3 reviews.

I had a £10 voucher from a previous Argos purchase.  So i used that first before it expired.

Next, I check Zeek to see there was £180 worth of Argos gift vouchers, available at an 8% discount, a saving £14.90.

So I purchased another £200 in Zeek credit and was given an extra £12 free, then purchased the Argos Vouchers.

The only requirement of the vouchers was that I purchased through the Argos App.

This all resulted in a Zeek Saving  of £26.90.    All I had to do was input the gift voucher codes on the checkout page of the Argos App.

Combined Zeek savings this month were £47.50 for me (and would have been £59.40 if I’d started with no Zeek Credit).

What perfect timing on my purchase of the fans.  It was just prior to the heatwave starting.  For once I was on the ball, as in previous years gone by I’ve waited until it’s too warm and they’ve sold out.    Check out my Money Saving Heatwave tips.

Worth a Mention – Argos Price History Check 

While researching the best prices for my Argos purchases I found Pricehistory.co.uk to be a useful site.

Do you ever see 2 models of an item that appears extremely similar but are at quite different prices?

During the month I looked into a petrol lawnmower for a relative.  Some models appeared almost identical.  Yet one was £50 more.

Upon checking the price history of both models, I could see that both models had previously been available at both the lower and higher prices, just at different times.  It appears they were practically the same model, just that we as consumers are guided towards thinking one is more of a bargain when its price is lower.

Past Income Reports

As you can see, I typically make an extra £300-£700+ a month, so hitting £1400+ is a real achievement.

Each month the sources of income vary.  Even how I make money from Matched Betting varies, so any of the reports are worth a quick scan read to see which might give you ideas to boost your own income.

Blog Progress

While not my main focus this month, my blog had it’s best month traffic wise.   Finally beating March which was given an extra boost because of a popular Cheltenham Free Bets post.


June was record-breaking Matched Betting month, a side-hustle most people with at least £60-£100+ can get started with.  Remember, if you do give it a go, keep building your pot as it will make it easier to keep making good profits.

Also, keep a lookout for those free spins.  The wins mount up.

Combining making extra money with saving on purchases you are going to make anyway will really help with any particular financial goals you may have.

How did your Matched Betting or other side income hustles month go?  Any savings tips too?

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