Extra Cash Now: Copy My March 2018 Income Report Methods

Welcome to my March 2018 Income Report which highlights methods we can all use methods to make extra cash now from home.  This month I have made over £700+.

Earn Extra Cash Now

March 2018 Matched Betting Income

Matched Betting is my favourite method to make extra cash right now.  You can literally start today via the totally free trial at Profit Accumulator.  Earn while you learn and continuing earning month after month.

I started Matched Betting in March 2016, so this was rounding off my 24th full month.

I’ve been gubbed by a number of bookies, so it is harder for me to make money.  However, making over £500 in my 24th month shows it’s still a worthwhile valid method.

March profits were helped greatly by the biggest sporting event of the year in the Matched Betting calendar, the Cheltenham Festival. 4 days of free bets offer and related promotions.

By the end of the festival, I had pretty much reached my monthly target of £500 and eased off for the rest of the month.

Seeing just a total profit figure is a bit daunting for beginners so I provide a breakdown so you can see exactly where the money is made and look to do the same yourself.

My March 2018 Matched Betting income breakdown was as follows

  • Sportsbook Reloads & Arbs £95.72
  • Horse refunds £83.40
  • Price Boosts £299.12
  • Casino Offers £59.60

Sportsbooks Reloads and Arbs £95.72

BetVictor offered some nice and easy risk-free bets over Cheltenham that made me £29.59.  I only completed a couple of other “bet and get £10” free bet offers during the month.

Occasionally I will look at the Profit Accumulator OddsMatcher and see if any arb opportunities stand out at bookies I can still place a reasonably high stake at.  I spotted 2 opportunities, one of which made me £41.95.

Sometimes I look for these arb opportunities in the late evening.

Arbing is frowned upon by bookies and I personally only do at bookmakers accounts I’m gubbed on and can’t utilise for profit in other ways.  I wouldn’t recommend arbing if you regularly profit from a bookie account. It’s the fastest way to get gubbed and stake restricted.

Horse Refunds £83.40Earn Extra Cash Now Uk

I didn’t particularly attempt any horse refunds this month.  For Cheltenham, I just targeted the easiest money with Price Boosts and hoped some might qualify for a refund.

As it happens I hit a nice big free bet from William Hill from there 15% win by lengths offer.

Price Boosts £299.12

I love price boosts.  They are such an easy way to profit.  Just place back and lay bets at odds which result in a profit.

In particular, I made frequent use of the William Hill Daily Price Boosts.

However, the bulk of my profit came from the numerous Cheltenham Price Boosts.  Across the 4 days, I made £230.92.

Casino Offers £59.60

Here’s a breakdown of the casino offers income:

  • Casino Offers under 20% EV -£9.22
  • Casino Offers over 20% EV -£0.90
  • Risk-Free Casino offers £69.72

I only look for casino offers that are in the Profit Accumulator Reloads section.  I like to do the slots offers.  They are relatively quick to do as you can set them up on autoplay while undertaking other tasks.

Plus it only takes one spin to win big and those wins do come along occasionally.

I split the offers up into 3 categories to get more of a picture as to which ones are worth doing in the long run.

Casino Offers With Expect Value (EV) Under 20% -£9.22

This month I attempted 12 offers.  All but one were the Wager £10 get 10 free spins offered by Sun Bets (free spins no wagering) and Boylesports (x1 wagering on free spins winnings)

As you can see, results were disappointing.  Most of the offers were around 14.5 to 16.4% EV.

Casino Offers With Expect Value (EV) Over 20% -£0.90

I only spotted one offer with EV of over 20%.  Sun Bets Wager £10 get 10 free spins.  No luck on this offer either.

Risk-Free Casino Offers Profit £69.72

Many bookies offered more free spins no wagering offers while the Cheltenham Festival was on.  Some were on offer daily for over a week.  Usually 10 free spins or free spins for 30 seconds.

Taking such a short time to complete, it’s a no-brainer to look out for these offers every day in the Reloads.

Total Matched Betting Income March 2018 £537.84

Always pleased to make over £500 extra cash in a month from Matched Betting, especially as I have been doing for so long now.  The month was greatly helped by Cheltenham.

Cheltenham Festival Profits 2018

Cheltenham Festival ran this year from Tuesday 13th March to Friday 16th March.  4 days of free bets and promotions galore.  It really is the Matched Betting event of the year.

Last year, when I made over £700+ from Cheltenham, I realised most of the profit came from Price boosts and risk-free bet offers.  So this year that’s exactly where I focused my efforts.

With fewer bookie accounts for free bets due to gubbings, I didn’t aim to do any Horse refunds.   Although I knew some of the price boosts qualified for the refund offers too.

My Cheltenham Festival Profits breakdown 2018:

  • Price Boosts £230.92
  • Bet Victor Risk-Free Bets £29.59
  • Horse Refund £83.40

Cheltenham Festival Profit 2018 £343.91 

To clarify this was part of the Matched Betting grand total. I’ve just separated out to show how much was made in those 4 days and what methods I used.

£343.91 is pretty good going for 4 days and with relatively little effort time-wise.

If you’re new to Matched Betting you could have easily made a lot more than this.

20 Cogs £129.60

In February, I started 20 Cogs, a way to make money signing up for gaming sites, doing surveys, and signing up for subscriptions etc and earning cashback as a reward.

I completed all 20 COGS relatively quickly and then just had to wait for them to complete.

After 6 weeks of starting and approximately 10 hours of effort, I cashed out £170.60

20 Cogs Payment Recieved

However, this is not all profit as for many offers I had to pay a subscription fee.  It’s also possible to incur extra charges as I did myself.

So after all fees and charges, I made a total profit of £129.60.  Overall I’m happy with that.

Read my 20 Cogs review for tips and a full indication of what’s involved to see whether it’s for you.

Facebook Group Admin £50

Payment for helping admin a popular Matched Betting Facebook group helping newbies get started with their matched betting money-making.

If you have any interests and are an active member of any social media groups, keep an eye out for these kind of opportunities.

March 2018 Extra Cash Grand Total £717.44

If you need extra cash now I hope this report has helped in giving you some ideas of how the money can be earned.

Check out my past Income Reports for various other ways of making extra cash that I haven’t tried this month:


As you can see, even after 2 years I find it’s still possible to make significant money a month from Matched Betting.  If anything in less time than when I first started.

If you have any questions on any particular aspects, please ask below.

Alternatively, if you have any new suggestions for making extra cash please let me know.

2 thoughts on “Extra Cash Now: Copy My March 2018 Income Report Methods”

  1. Well done, that’s an excellent amount of extra income. I’ve only just discovered price boosts, not sure why it took me so long lol but I love them! I’ve easily been making £8-£10 a day just on those

    1. MoneySavvyDaddy

      Thanks. That’s exactly why I show the breakdown. Price Boosts are often overlooked and are such easy money. The Daily Price Boosts are relatively new and even more options have been offered in the last month or so.

      The Price Boosts thread is the other option, particular good on a Saturday morning or any ITV Race days. You set up to “watch” the thread and be notified 24/7 when a new price boost is added to the forum thread.

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