£4905+ My Best Ever Month of Risk-Free Profit

October Matched Betting Profits

Welcome To My Monthly Income Report, this month’s income was made up solely of income from Matched Betting (read my beginners guide) to get started.

The report detailing some of the best ways I use to make money from home in the UK  is a little late, not that it makes much difference because all the offers have ended by the end of the month anyway.  This profit report is just an illustration of what can be achieved, even 2 years after completing the initial sign-ups.

What a month it was.  A great month for risk-free offers and although I made big it wasn’t pure luck.  One particular offer offered bag loads of value for the taking.   It was the best casino offer I’ve ever seen in my 2 and half years plus of Matched Betting.   Many Profit Accumulator members made £00’s of pounds and some like myself made £000’s, yes thousands of pounds!

I will make clear though, this was not a normal month.  I can’t expect to make this money every month.  Normally my average is between £500-£1000.

Also just to be clear, as always, all my profits were made from my own single accounts.  I’m only saying this because this month was a particularly good month and some people might assume it was due to multi-accounting.    (Multi-accounting is highly frowned upon, a legal grey area and if caught out could result in funds being confiscated).

Where to Find Matched Betting Offers and Instructions

I use what I believe to be the best-Matched Betting site for beginners, Profit Accumulator.    You can make £40+ just from the free trial which features beginner-friendly instructions and walkthrough videos.  There is no tie in or charges unless you specifically decide you want to carry on doing the same after the trial, that of making even more money with even bigger free bets and plenty more profit.

Last month in my £1700+ September Income Report  I included information on my personal set up and the key forum threads I set to “Watch” to receive notifications of many more offers and close matches posted by admin and members.  That’s well worth a look if you are looking to boost your Matched Betting income after the initial sign-ups.

This month I am doing the income report a little differently.  Less commentary and tips and more just leading by example and showing you the type and number of offers I did, so you can see what’s involved.

Sportsbook Profit £250.98

I attempted approximately 25-30 sports reloads offers.  Most were simple bet and get free bet type offers.  I’m gubbed at a number of bookies so I can’t do all the offers seen in Reloads.

Arbs £167.20

While Profit Accumulator members are able to take advantage of the Smarkets and Matchbook 0% commission offers I occasionally took advantage of arb opportunities at bookies that don’t often have offers.

Check out my make money arb betting guide with lots of tips on how to set yourself up and do’s and don’ts when combining with Matched Betting.

Price Boosts £61.29

Price Boosts are usually posted multiple times a day by admin and members in the Profit Accumulator forum, again, I covered these in more detail last month.    I didn’t look out for as many this month, but they are always an option for extra profit.  Some months I’ve made hundreds of pounds from them.

Casino Offers Total Profit £4690.70

This month was mainly about casinos for me.    One amazing offer was available for more than half the month.  During that time I looked into casino offers in more detail to see how I could get the most out of it.

If you are new to casino offers, read my post How To Make Money From Risk-Free Casino Offers And Online Casino Bonuses.

I’m going to be exploring casino offers in more detail in the coming months to see if I can make even more from them.  The last 2 -3 months I’ve been signing up to extra casinos and trying to maximize profits from as many risk-free opportunities as possible.  I’ve since been making a regular £150+ a month and the general trend is that figure is growing (excluding outstanding one-off offers).

Risk-Free Casino Offers £4548.21

My current favorite way to make extra income is via risk-free casino offers.

October was a fantastic month, but let’s have a look at how and why.

Profit Accumulator featured a Halloween Reload offer by 888Casino.  This was a dream offer and many Profit Accumulator members made hundreds and some including myself even thousands of pounds profit.

Best of all the offer was totally risk-free.

Basically, 888 offered 2 deposit offers which could both be attempted each day and they ran for each least 21 days.  The T&C’s weren’t clear as to whether the deposit needed to be wagered, so Profit Accumulator erred on the side of caution and assumed it would need to be wagered.  However, this is why its always worth reading the Forum thread for each offer because members were reporting that the deposit didn’t need to be wagered (which is the same as other past 888 offers),

There were 2 halves to the offer.  A “Treat” half of the offer alone offered Expected Value of £9.95 per £100 deposited and you could deposit up to £1200 per day, therefore £119.50 of value a day from just half the offer at one casino.  Risk-free.

There was also the “Trick” half of the offer which gave a varying amount of bonus based on your deposit.  Again even more Expected Value per day.

I varied my deposits and made the following profits:

  • Deposit £600 get 25% bonus x 30 wager £166 profit
  • Deposit £800 get 25% bonus x 30 wager £1138 profit
  • Deposit £600  ended up with £83 bonus x 30 wager £175.67 profit
  • Deposit £800 had £199 bonus x 30 wager £957.80 profit
  • Deposit (not sure I think £600) £60 bonus x 30 wager £254.23 profit
  • Deposit £1200 for £298 bonus after free play  £1210.21 profit

With just one half of the offer offering up to £119.50 a day expected value, and that was just at one casino, it was actually available at 888casino and 888sport casino (considered 2 separate companies) it’s no wonder I pulled out a decent profit.    As did many others!

Total Profit from this one risk-free offer £3901.01

For some of the offers, I wagered on Steam Tower, a medium variance slot with an RTP of 97%.  It was quite a fast spinning game.

After a couple of deposits and no wins, I stuck to wagering on Bloodsuckers with has an RTP of 98%.  Depending on the bonus amount id start wagering on £1.25 spins or £2.50.   If I bust out so be it.  If I hot a big win early I knew I was in with a chance of wagering out a profit.  Albeit Bloodsuckers is a slow slot to wager because of the coffin bonus round which hits often and pauses the game.

For the last win, I wagered £5 spins, hit a mega win and wagered out to a profit on lower spins at £1.25-£2.50.

I did have other attempts which bust out.

I was eventually gubbed at both casinos, but considering I had not had any offers in over 18 months I’m just glad I made the most of this opportunity.

Massive One Spin Win – £500.75 from a 75p stake

One of the offer profits included a massive win of over £700+ from a 75p spin.  However wins per spin were capped at £500, so I won £500 and my stake back, hence £500.75 as you can see below.  This really helped wagering out the offer to a profit.


Mecca Bingo Offer – £147.50 

Again I mentioned this on my MoneySavvyDaddy Instagram and Twitter, so follow me if you want to see mention of exceptionally good Profit Accumulator offers you can also take advantage of while they are live.

£10 risk-free to spend per day.  This gave us at least 6 chances a night to win in the BOB bingo games which only allowed a max of 25 players, so you can see the odds of winning a prize were pretty good.  2 days in a row I won the first game of the night which gave me the max profit.

On any day I didn’t get a win and wagered the full £10 Mecca gave us 10 free spins with wagering.  I also made £10 profit from one of those risk-free slots offers.

Other Risk-Free Offers

Excluding the best 2 offers above, I still made £243.8 from a multitude of other risk-free offers.   So if the 2 outstanding oers above hadn’t been around or I was unable to do them, I still made a decent amount.

With casinos offers you can run hot and cold.  I obviously run very hot this month.  The best thing about risk-free offers is that if you run cold, you just win pennies for a while and not pounds.  Do enough offers and the bigger wins are proving to come along.

Examples of other big wins:

Casino.com Deposit £20 get 20 free spins x 20 wagering £99.07 (max was capped at £100).

Matchbook 10 free x 1 wager 

Coins of Egypt Won £22.50 on a free spins bonus round.  Matchbook often give away 10 free spins with just 1 x wagering on winnings.

William Hill 10 free £1 spins 

Not a massive win, but £1 free spins certainly would have seen big wins for some.

William Hill free spins

Low-Risk Casino Offers £142.49

This month I attempted 32 low-risk casino offers.   These are offers where you wager real money first, typically to get a bonus.  Your money is not tied up and you can stop anytime.

Profit was low this month, but with these low-risk casino offers you just have to do them knowing they offer Expected Value which should out in time and you’ll profit.  However, there will be plenty of lows and highs along the way.

I pretty much stick to overs that offer over 10% of value in relation to the wagering.  So if the offer is Wager £20, Id want at least £2 or 10% worth of expected value.

Examples of offers:

  • Wager £10 get 10 free spins x1 wager (Expected value £1.78)
  • Wager 10 get 10 free spins x 1 wager (Expected value £4.00)
  • Wager £50 get 50 free spins  (Expected Value £15.78)
  • Wager £90 get 100 free spins (Expected Value £16.20)
  • Wager £100 get 100 free spins (Expected Value £16.20)

Typically most offers are in the £10-£20 wager range.  This month there were 8 offers wagering £50-£100.

In doing low-risk casino offers you have to accept losses.  If you have a small bank or don’t like losing at all, just don’t do them.  I would certainly focus on risk-free when starting out.

Here are the highs and lows;

  • 11 offers in profit
  • 21 offers in loss
  • Biggest profit £86.42
  • Biggest loss £42.65

Big Win Highlight Grosvenor Wager £100 get 100 free spin – Hit a £83+ Win from a 20p Spin

This was a low-risk offer in which I hit a big win during wagering.  I’ve used this slot a lot in the past to wager offers and never a hit a win anywhere near this big, x 416 the 20p stake.    Hit the Lion Wilds early in the free spins and winnings just grew.

October Matched Betting Total £4905.17

My best ever month by far.   Having such success on the risk-free offers has certainly whetted my appetite to find out more about the potential of finding even more risk-free offers and how to maximize profits from low-risk offers.

Past Months Income Reports

This was an awesome month, and like I said above I can’t expect to make this month every month.

Below are my past Income Reports.

Have a look at some of my past month’s income reports to see where made more money.

Including October’s profit, I’ve made £12,028.92 in the last 12 months.    Just goes to show you can keep making money well after the first year of Matched Betting.  Best of all, it’s all tax-free.


While this may not be a typical month on average, it does show what’s possible if you are in the right place at the right time.

Make sure you follow my social media channels as I sometimes highlight the best offers I’m profiting from while they are still live.

Any questions, feel free to ask.


4 thoughts on “£4905+ My Best Ever Month of Risk-Free Profit”

  1. Mental mate. Well done on these! Never done any casino offers before with this. Looks Awesome! Hopefully you can repeat it soon! Either way that’s a nice tax free Xmas gift!

    1. I’m doing more on casino every month. Mostly risk-free. This particular month was a one-off special with the long lasting offer of a lifetime, but I’m still hoping to boost future months with what I’m learning.
      Certainly makes Xmas spending easier. Have a good one.

  2. Nice work, this is really inspiration stuff to someone who’s just getting there teeth into matched betting. I never thought it would be possible to generate this level of income online. Your a bookies worst nightmare – keep it up !

    1. This was an exceptional month, it’s not the norm to make £4900+
      However, there’s so many elements to Matched Betting, the potential is definitely there to make very good money. Especially with current 0% commission deals available at some exchanges.

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