Is OhMyDosh Legit? | Oh My Dosh Review 2024 -Make £20-£30+ Fast

OhMyDosh is a potential option for you if you’re looking for a quick and simple way to make a few extra pounds.

Simply get paid to choose from a wide range of simple tasks with easy to follow instructions.

OhMyDosh Review 2019


Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate or referral links that earn me some commission if you sign up through them.  However, this is at no extra cost to you.  Read more here. Thank you if you do use them as they help to support my blog.

Oh My Dosh Review

In this OhMydosh review, I’ve highlighted some of the best earners and options to start with if you currently have no money or need money fast.

Plus I’ve highlighted offers to make £30+ in less than an hour to help get you off to a great start as well as an extra £1 bonus.

As well as these Oh My Dosh has introduced a Welcome Bundle to help you start earning faster and rewards you with an extra bonus.

Let’s take a look at what’s on offer and how to make money from OhMyDosh.

What Is Oh My Dosh?

OhMyDosh is a cashback type website set up in a way you can actively use to make money.

Here’s a quick 34-second advert for their site.

To sum up their message – “Turn time into dosh!”  “Start Earning today”

This OhMyDosh review will show more specifically how we can do just that.

Is Oh My Dosh Legit?

OhMyDosh is a legitimate site that pays you cashback on a wide range of offers on the site.  It was shortlisted in the ‘Cashback of the Year’ category at the Moneyfacts Consumer Awards 2020.

Oh My Dosh Reviews

Review ratings can be a good indication of how legit a money-making website is.

On the front page of their website, you can see the TrustPilot Reviews rating is Excellent.

As you can see below the Oh My Dosh TrustPilot rating is 4.4 along with accompanying the latest 5-star reviews.

Oh My Dosh Reviews

OhMyDosh Categories
Some OhMyDosh Categories

Is OhMyDosh Safe?

You do not upload money directly to the site, so it’s totally safe in that respect.

In my own experience and that of others I know they pay out earnings nice and quickly upon request.

I’ve had no issues with cashback offers tracking and rewarding earnings.

If however, you do have any issues with the site in any way they have an active support option via the online Helpdesk which you can find a link to in the site menu.

Is OhMyDosh a Scam?

No, OhMyDosh is not a scam.

I have personally withdrawn over £100+ in cashback.

They have been around for a few years now and their review reputation has remained excellent.

How Does Oh My Dosh Work?

OhMyDosh offers a range of tasks for you to complete to earn money.

Tasks such as:

      • Completing Sign Up Offers
      • Completing Free Trials
      • Surveys
      • Entering Competitions
      • Switching Utility Bills
      • and much more

By signing in to OhMyDosh and selecting and clicking the task you wish to complete a cookie will track the transaction to your account and upon you completing the task your payment will soon be marked as pending.

You will then have to wait an estimated number of days to receive payment for the offer.

This is because OHMYDOSH will be getting paid themselves for referring you to complete the task.

Once they have been paid, they then pass on the majority of that payment to you.

A huge range of online businesses of all kinds offers sign-up incentives to new customers.

These offers aren’t always directly available to the customer, but often many are available to the referees.

Therefore there is always a wide range of opportunities available via a site like OhMyDosh.

How To Get Started With Oh My Dosh?

You can get started with OhMyDosh immediately.

Claim £1 Sign Up Bonus

It’s totally free to sign up to OhMyDosh, and if you’d like you can sign up through my link and claim a £1 sign up bonus just to get started.

Once signed in you can search for money-making opportunities via the “Earn Dosh” categories menu which you can see on the left image.

Have a look through the offer categories to see which have offers which are most suitable to you.

Next, you simply choose a specific offer you are interested in.

You go to the offers page which provides you with the following information:

      • Offer Description
      • How To Earn
      • Offer Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions give you a clear indication of how long it takes for the offer to show as Pending and also once Pending the Average time for the offer to become Payable.

The website itself is very well laid out and easy to follow.

How to Use OhMyDosh to Make Money Fast

Firstly, set yourself an earnings target.

I would set a target of £20 to £30 in your first hour.

Let’s look at how this could be achieved.

Oh My Dosh will guide you when you log in you may see a pop up like:

Make fast money with Oh My Dosh

Select the “Welcome Bundle” and you’ll be taken to a page that will reward you extra for completed 4 of 6 chosen offers.  You’ll earn a quick £10 including a £4 bonus and you’ll be able to cash out within 3 working days.

OhMyDosh Categories

Every category page of OhMyDosh presents you with the opportunity to make some money.

However, there are a few stand out categories that may be more useful to certain people who require specific money-making requirements, such as receiving some earnings as soon as possible or making some money with no actual money to start with.

Make Money Fast Option

Look for the “Lightning Payouts” option in the site menu.

On this page will be all the offers that should show as pending within 24-72 hours and for which you will then receive a payout within 24 hours.

These are generally small payout opportunities like free trials, small initial signup trials like pay 99p to earn £4.50 and signing up to survey sites.

Make Money With No Money Option

OhMyDosh has a “No Spend” Category” which is ideal if you are starting with no money and can’t do some of the bigger payouts offers that need you to make a small purchase or deposit first.

At the time of this OhMyDosh review, there were quite a few opportunities spread over 2 pages.

Here’s an example screenshot of a view opportunities available, and notice the “Lightning Payout” at the top of some of the images, another way of highlighting the offers that payout within 3 days, so if you need money quickly you know to do those first.

OhMyDosh Offers

As you can see, some of the amounts you can earn amounts are quite high at £7 to £27.  Although that specific £27 offer would involve you being able to change energy deal, which often leads to more significant savings.

Use OhMyDosh For Boosting Matched Betting Profits

My favourite UK side hustle is Matched Betting which is a way to exploit bookmakers and casinos offers for-profit without gambling.

One way we can boost our Matched Betting profits is to combine making a direct profit from the signing up offer using Matched Betting tactics and tools with a form of sign-up cashback offer that the likes of OhMyDosh offer.

Or at the very least, as Matched Bettors, we have a better understanding of how to profit from the Gambling offers.

In the OhMyDOsh menu, the Gambling Category can be filtered into 4 separate categories, as you can see in this image I highlighted the Bingo offers.

OhMyDOsh Gambling Category

Oh My Dosh For Casino and Bingo Cashback

For Bingo alone there were a total of 9 offers, which offered a total of £88 cashback.

Not all of these would have been risk-free as some required a bigger deposit than the cashback.

However, some were risk-free free in that the cashback was larger than the deposit, so even if you deposited and played the full amount and lost you would still be better off.

Examples were:

      • £5 Deposit and play to  Earn £17.50  (2 of these)
      • £5 Deposit and play to get £7
      • Deposit £10, Play with £20 Earn £12.50 (so guaranteed £2.50 better off)

When doing these types of offers I only do them if I’m happy with the minimum profit.  If I win from the offer itself or have any money left after wagering the deposit I consider that a bonus.

Here are some examples of Casino offers.  There were plenty more.

OhMyDosh Casino Offers

You would have to check the terms and conditions of each offer and determine whether the offer is worth your while.

I’ve personally made £1000’s from casino offers via my Matched Betting.  I have a Make Money from Casino Offers guide if you are interested, it’s something well worth checking out before diving right in.

How to Make £30+ In One Hour with OhMyDosh

So bearing in mind some of these options may change over time if you act now, here is how you can make at least £30+ real quick.

      • Switch our bills for free to “Look After My Bills” for £20 (plus average person saves £259)
      • Use Nielsen Computer Panel £7.50 (only need to keep it live for 48 hours)
      • Try GoHenry for kids 6-18 for free earn £3.25
      • Buy 10 Euromillion Entries For Just £1 get £3 = £2 profit and potential win

Total over £30+ in way less than 1 hour.

At other times there have been offers such as:

      • Which £1 Trial – Earn £7 (for £6 profit)
      • Playster 30 days free trial £7.50
      • Readly 1 month trial 99p Earn £4 (£3.01 profit)
      • Now Tv free trial Earn £5
      • Hayu 30 days free trial Earn £4
      • Apple Music Free trial Earn £3.20

That’s another £27+ and there are plenty more options.

You don’t have to do them all at once.  Just get into the habit of doing one daily, or a set tie each week.  Before you know it the balance will be increasing.

How long does it typically take to sign up for a free trial?

Typically just minutes, and cancelling is usually a lot quicker than that.  Do remember to note that cancellation date though.

How Much Can You Earn In Total With OhMyDosh

To get an idea of the earning potential this is a screenshot of Top Earners during October 2019.

As you can see the top 5 earners have all made over £155 each in just one month.  The top earner has made £247.50.

Oh My Dosh Top Earners

Whether this is all profit, we won’t know, but it at least gives you an idea of the potential if you use all the income streams it offers.

OhMyDosh Refer a Friend

OhMyDosh has a refer a friend program whereby you can earn £5 for every friend you refer that earns £10 to cash out.

This is ideal, as you’ll only earn the extra money if the people you refer benefit from making some extra money too.

This is just another option to bear in mind once you’ve made some money yourself and experienced how it all works and know how easy it is.

You can then share referral links across your social media platforms.

At the time of writing, OhMyDosh were also offering a weekly draw with a £50 prize dropped into your account of one of the lucky winners drawn from people who shared the referral links.

Daily Dosh Winner

If you get in the habit of logging in often, just to complete one offer or survey.   Or to check the latest highest cashback offers, make sure to look at the “Daily Dosh Winner” as it might be you.

If you are a winner you’ll see a green Claim button next to your name and profile picture. Click that button to claim your £10 prize.

When I last checked, out of the last 10 days there were 3 Claimed prize winners, so it just goes to show that people are logging in often to check and complete offers and ultimately claiming the prizes.

How Long Does Oh My Dosh Take to Pay

OhMyDosh cashback can be withdrawn once you have earned a minimum of £10.

You have the choice of withdrawing directly to your bank account or a Paypal account.   Expect to wait 3 days to receive your payment.

OhMyDosh is just one of many ways to make free Paypal money.

My referral link will get you started with a £1 bonus, so if just testing the site out, aim to get another £9 and withdraw your first £10 payout in 3 days.

OhMyDosh Tips

OhMyDosh works best as one of range of extra side hustles.

  1. If you sign up for any free or paid trials make sure you set a clear reminder of when to cancel so you don’t incur further charges.
  2. Consider setting up a new email address just for offers and free trials.
  3. Consistency and creating a habit is key.  Set a goal to earn a certain amount (say £50-£200) and set aside 5 – 10 minutes a day to complete an offer and the earnings will soon add up.
  4. Take advantage of checking the daily competition winners as well as exploring the different categories for not only earning money but also finding cheaper alternatives for your household bills.
  5. If you like it, refer your friends via social media channels etc and earn £5 for everyone that cashes out the minimum.

Alternatives – Sites Like OhMyDosh

To start with I have collated my own long list of free money offers, some of which much higher cash rewards, but are usually only available for limited amounts of time so you need to act fast.

OhMyDosh is just one of many cashback sites, although they don’t all guide you to actively make money from them.  Some you just earn from passively whenever you spend.

Topcashback and Quidco are typical cashback sites, most often used for passive cashback on online spending and changing bills but can also be used actively to make money.   However, it’s not made as obvious that you can do this as it is with OhMyDosh.

They are both rated highly as two of the best cashback sites and well worth joining and using as a habit every time you spend money online.

I’ve actively used both to make money from, which I’ve covered in my

Another site that is similar in some ways is Swagbucks UK.  It rewards you in Swagbucks for completing similar cashback type offers as well as surveys and polls.  It also has many more options for earning such as getting paid to play free game apps.


Now I’d like to hear from you.

What money-making category or specific offer are you going to try first?

Have you tried OhMyDosh, how did you get on and do you have any further tips to make the most money from the site?

I’d love to hear.

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