20 Cogs Review: Scam or Legit Way To Make £200+

Is 20 COGS a scam or a genuine one-off legit way to make real money from the comfort of your home?  Typically it’s said you can make £100-£200+ depending on which of the highest paying tasks you are able or choose to do.

Read my full 20 Cogs review to find out how I got on when I fully put it to the test.

20 Cogs Scam or Legit

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate or referral links that earn me some commission if you sign up through them.  However, this is at no extra cost to you.  Read more here. Thank you if you do use them as they help to support my blog.

20 Cogs Review & Can You Make Money From It?

20Cogs has been used by tens of thousands of people.  However, there is a little preparation and a few tips that you should consider beforehand to make sure that your experience goes as smoothly as possible and to ensure that you make the most money without any hiccups.

*£15 Sign Up Bonus*

To give you an added boost  I have arranged a special short term £15 bonus offer to get you started.

You can simply sign up for free and see what it’s all about before committing.

Make sure you read my tips if you decide to continue and start completing the COGS.

Alternatively, if it turns out not to be for you, I have many other ways you make money from home in the UK.

What is 20 Cogs?

The clue is in the name, it’s 20 tasks to be completed from offers that fall into the following categories:

  • Competitions
  • Offers
  • Gaming
  • Surveys

These are exactly the type of tasks you will be asked to undertake in order to complete each of the 20 Cogs, earning money towards your final 20 COG payout.

How Does 20 Cogs Work?

You complete varying tasks for money each of which counts as a COG.  Each individual COG offers a choice of tasks for you to complete.  Once a COG is complete you are awarded payment.

By the time you have completed 20 Cogs, you should have earned approximately £100-£200+ at no cost or very little cost to yourself.

When you complete a task, the status of the COG changes to Amber, meaning it’s pending.  This might take 24 hours so don’t worry if it doesn’t change straight away.

Once the advertisers have confirmed you have completed the task correctly, the Cog status will turn to Green.

Only when you have completed all 20 COGs will a CLAIM button appear. This will allow you to request payment to your bank using your BACS details or request payment to your PAYPAL account.

Free and Easy to Start

20 cogs is totally free to sign up to and get started with, you can even get started with a £15 Welcome Bonus that you won’t find everywhere else 🙂

Click my links on this page or the image below and you should see the following on the page you go to:

£15 Welcome Bonus

However note, some tasks require you to use a credit or debit card and make a small payment in order to earn a much larger commission payment.

Also if you do not cancel some sign-ups in time you will be charged.

You can do all 20 COGS at once and wait for them to turn green over the next 30 days or just take your time and do them as and when you get time.

Is 20 COGS a Scam or Is it Legit?

20 cogs is not a scam, in fact, it has a 4-star rating on Trustpilot.

On reading some of the reviews it was clear most people who had a slightly negative experience had jumped to an early wrong conclusion and not contacted the Helpdesk.  However, as you can see 84% has an Excellent or Great experience.

One thing you must be very clear on before you start is that you have to complete all 20 COGS before you can get paid.  You can’t cash out or withdraw what you appear to have earned after completing each COG.

Even when you have completed all the COGS you have to wait for them all turn green.  This again can take up to 30 days.

Understand these key points and you should get along fine.

Any problems use the Help Desk, there is a link to it at the top of the page.

How Much Can You Earn?

Ultimately this will depend on which tasks you choose to complete at every COG level.  In total, you should be able to earn £100-200+.  I’ve seen some people say they have earned up to £300.

One thing that might hinder your earnings is if you have completed some of the tasks before.  The bookmakers or online casino, bingo sites are some of the highest paying offers, but you may have signed up to these previously if you have done any Matched Betting which is an excellent way of earning lots more cash and is NOT GAMBLING).

The payout figures you see are not representative of the final profit you’ll make.  In order to achieve an expected payout of £170, I needed to spend approximately £54.

Therefore I would only consider undertaking 20 COGS if you think it’s worth doing for a final profit of around £100+.   

How Long To Withdraw / Cashout Payment?

Don’t expect a quick payment from 20 cogs.  It is a relatively slow process moving through 20 Cogs and some individual tasks can take 30+ days to be verified.

Don’t give up.  Once you have started, keep going.  If you are not sure what to do with a particular COG, take a break and see if the offers change to something more suitable to complete.

Preparation Before Starting – Tips for 20 Cogs

20 Cogs ReviewAlthough 20 COGS is a legit way to make money, there are a few pitfalls worth avoiding.

Remember the companies paying a commission to 20 COGS are trying to make money.  So they will want to market themselves or get you to subscribe to full paying services.

However, knowing this in advance you can avoid these problems as I outline below.

Set Up A New Email Address

Never use your main email address for money-making sites etc. I would suggest setting up a new email just for 20 COGS and its related tasks.  It takes literally takes a couple of minutes to set a new Gmail account. This will mean you avoid wasting time on any spam in your main email accounts.

Avoid Using Your Mobile Phone Number

You will receive spam phone calls from some of the offers, so seriously consider not using your main phone number.

You could use a PAYG SIM or another option is to use a fake phone number.If you just try and make up your own random phone number, there is a chance a real person will, unfortunately, be receiving a load of spammy calls thanks to you.

The solution is to use  https://fakenumber.org/united-kingdom which for free has mobile phone numbers you can use that are not in use.

Keep Records Or Set Phone Notifications

Some of the offers will involve you signing up for a free trial or possibly very low costs subscription services.

You will, therefore, need to keep a record of when to cancel these services by. This could be over any number of timeframes, for example, 2 days, 7 days or even 30. If you don’t cancel, you will be charged.

Read Instructions Carefully

Make sure you read and follow the instructions for each task carefully, so you do everything correctly and satisfactorily enough to qualify for the payment.

Double-check the small print if giving bank details.  Some offers require you to be a member for a set number of days but will actually charge you earlier within that timeframe.

Take Screenshots As Proof

Take screenshots and just save them in a designated 20 Cogs folder on your laptop or tablet etc. This is just-in-case there are any queries down the line where an advertiser might question whether an offer was completed correctly. You will then be able to easily prove it was.

Where possible include your name and date in the screenshot so 20 Cogs can match up with the click data.

Bank Account Choice

You will need a bank account to sign up for some free trials and paid subscriptions.  If you have more than 1 bank account, I would consider using the one that has the least transactions.

Fortunately, I used a bank account that I only use for savings so it had very few monthly transactions.  This made it a lot easier for me to see transactions leaving the account that related to 20 COGS as well as any Direct Debits being set up on the account.

20 Cogs Freebies or Very Low Price Trials

Not only are you getting paid to use 20 Cogs, but some of the offers involve giving you items or services for free. Or a very low trial price.

Here are some examples:

Plus various other options depending on which COG tasks you choose to complete.

How to Earn Even More From 20 Cogs

Once you have completed your 20 cogs and know exactly how it works and that it’s not a scam you have the option to make more money.

You have to wait until you have completed 20 COGS before you can withdraw your first payout.  However, once you have completed all 20, you can carry on doing COGS and get paid out whenever you like.

Take some screenshots of your payouts as proof and recommend to your friends and family along with a referral code.

You can also currently earn 5% of referrals payments and 20% when they complete all 20 Cogs. Plus, because you’ve completed the process yourself, you will be able to assist and motivate them along the way.

20 COGS Tips Checklist

Here’s a bullet point checklist of the points I’ve made above to help your 20 COGs experience go as smoothly as possible.

  • Set Up New Email
  • Use Fake phone number
  • Keep Record of any sign ups and dates you need to cancel
  • Read small print for dates for any offers you submit bank card details for
  • Must complete all COGS to claim payment
  • Be patient – Can take 30+ days for some tasks to be verified
  • Take Screenshots as you go to prove tasks completed
  • Contact support if any issues

My 20 COGS Review Progress

20 Cogs Progress
20 Cogs Halfway Progress – £87 Earned So far

At the time of writing, have completed 10 COGS.  3 are still marked grey after 3-4 days.  I simply click the Help Desk link.

I read the “Frequently Asked Questions” and chose the one that asks “I’ve completed an offer, why is the Cog still grey”. From there I can submit a support ticket and I can the form already knows which offers are still grey and I can submit information on.

I do have a reservation about the timing when to cancel a direct debit or bank payment, in time to still qualify for the offer but also not get charged.

I will keep you updated on how it goes from here.

26th February Update

20 Cogs Complete Pending
26 days in & 19 days after completing the last COG

I started working through 20 COGs on 1st February 2018.  As you can see in the image on the right, I have completed all COGS and some are beginning to turn Green.

I’m on course for a £170.69 payout.  However, many of the offers involve spending money to make money.

I’ve also let an extra charge slip through, so I will calculate the total profit after receiving my payout.  It should easily be over £100.

I had to contact the Help Desk a couple of times to get some of the COGS to turn from Grey to Amber.   This included sending a screenshot I had already taken.  Again this is really easy to do and you just attach the image as part of sending a message via the support tickets.

My Matched Betting experience helped in wagering one of the casino offers and I chose a high RTP slot game.  I deposited £10 & received a £20 bonus all of which needed wagering.  However, I came out with a £240.49 profit (see my February Extra Cash Report).  I won’t be including this in my final 20 COGS profit as it’s primarily luck that I earned it, so instead, I count it as Matched Betting earnings.

COG 17, I couldn’t complete it because I had already completed the offers available at other times as part of my Matched Betting.

However, this was an easy fix as they told me to choose any other offer from one of the 20 COGS, complete it, and just let them know.

20 COGS say at wait at least 30 days for the COGS to turn Green before contacting them, so I’m just playing the waiting game now.

In the meantime I’m keeping an eye on my bank account and my spreadsheet to check for days I should cancel free and paid trials.

Cogs starting to turn green

6th March Update

At this point, many of the offers have been completed for the full 30 days.

Most of the COGS have started to turn from Amber to Green.  I haven’t had to chase any of these up.

I’ve been logging into my bank often to check no extra charges are being taken and no new DD’s are appearing on my account.

Fortunately, I chose a current bank account that I just used for savings.  So any transactions clearly stood out.

I have been checking my spreadsheet on a regular basis, to double-check for dates I should be cancelling free trials, etc.

For a few of the site offers I have had to log back in and cancel subscriptions.

COGS 11, 13 and 19 I completed between the 5th and 7th February, so I will give another 7-10 days to see if they turn green.

I’ll be sure to share a screenshot when I’m given the option to cash out.

At the same time, I will calculate my overall profit.  The payout minus any charges to complete the offers.  I’ll then give my final verdict.

20 Cogs Complete With Proof of Payout

20th March Update:

7 weeks after starting, all 20 COGS have turned green.  As you can see in the image on was now given the option to “Collect Earnings”.  This appears just above your 20 green Cogs.

Upon clicking to claim my earnings direct to my bank accounts I was presented with this confirmation message:

Within 3 days the money was in my bank account.

20 Cogs Final Profit

The 20 COGS total payout is only part of the picture.  This is because it costs money to complete some of the COGS.  You earn more than you pay so this is worthwhile.  However, these costs do add up.

Also, I found some offers extremely tight as regards following instructions to qualify for the cashback and not incurring extra charges.

In total including an extra charge, it cost me £41 to complete all COGS.

It took 7 weeks to complete all 20 COGS and actual working effort of approximately 10 hours, which includes all the record-keeping and cancelling trials.

The final profit is £129.60.


20 Cogs Extra Update – Hit £200+ Profit 20 Cogs

May Update

As you can see in the highlighted area of the image on the right I have now achieved over £200+ profit from 20 Cogs.

These extra earnings are from a few referrals I have made which again goes to show the process has been completed by others.

You yourself can also refer friends, just be clear like I have been in this 20 Cogs review about what’s involved as it isn’t for everyone.

Extra earnings can be collected as previous earnings, straight to your bank account or to a Paypal account.

Alternative Sites Like 20 Cogs

There is no other site specifically like 20 cogs.  Once you have completed 20 Cogs you will have an understanding of how and why it works.

It does feature on my list of more ways to make money from home if you are looking to make an extra £500+ a month that pretty much most people can have a go at.

Advice: If you have already started 20 COGs, it’s best to complete it before trying other alternatives, otherwise you risk doing offers that are on future COGS and will reduce your options for completing it.


OhMyDosh is a site that is actively set up to help you earn cashback and rewards from completing very similar tasks to those on 20 Cogs.

The advantage of OhMyDosh is that you can choose which tasks to complete or avoid.  You also earn money per task and don’t have to complete a set number.

The site is very well set up and has instructions for completing each offer.

Find out about Lightning Payout and No Spend offers in my full OhMyDosh review and claim the £1 sign up bonus to get you started.


Free to join Swagbucks is one of the most well-known rewards sites in the world and has paid out millions of pounds to members over the years.

Instead of pounds and pence, you will be paid in Swagbucks or SB for short.  These SB can be converted and withdrawn via Paypal or Amazon gift cards as well as other brands.

The key differences to 20 Cogs, are that you can work through the various reward tasks at your own pace.  Similar to 20 COGs these choose a range of sign up for cashback options.

However, at times Swagbucks have promotions like Swago Boards, which act as a Bingo card encouraging you to complete offers in a certain pattern for which you’ll get an extra reward.

You can get paid for such things as:

  • Cashback on site and app offers
  • Downloading and playing game apps
  • Surveys and polls
  • Watching videos
  • Daily Search

You can find out more including tips to earn more in my UK Swagbucks review.

Or just sign up to Swagbucks here for a 300SB bonus if you earn 300SB in 30 days.  Perfectly doable in a day or via just one offer.

Other Cashback Sites

Another perfectly valid option is to look for your own sign-up offers and free trials on the other best cashback sites.

The best 2 cashback sites:

Definitely always worth checking both.  See how I’ve made over £1000+ combined in my TopCashback Review and Quidco review.

In fact, you might find many more lucrative opportunities.  I’ve made often made between £26-£36, even £69 on occasion on for bookmaker signups as part of my Matched Betting.

Both the cashback sites have free money and no spend options too.

Matched Betting

If you didn’t mind signing up online bookmakers and casinos, you may well be interested in earning a lot more money this way.

Check out my Ultimtate Matched Betting Guide (with profit-boosting tips) (note Matched Betting is NOT GAMBLING it’s primarily taking advantage of bookie sports free bet offers as well as many other related promotions.  Many of which are available daily to existing customers.

I’ve made well over £30,000+ over 3 years from this tax-free side hustle.

You can learn everything you need to get started with a Profit Accumulator free trial (nothing to cancel) and you should make £30-£40 profit.

A number of the sign-ups can also be combined with cashback offers with the sites I listed above.


As you can see 20 COGS is a legitimate way to earn a decent amount of money relatively easily from home.

Do note, the payouts don’t represent the final profit because depending on the cogs you choose you to incur some costs. However, you should make at least £100+.

The process does need constant monitoring, and a certain amount of record-keeping, so it won’t be for everyone.

However, there are things you can do to make sure you earn this money as smoothly as possible.  So be sure to check my tips checklist and scan the page for more in-depth reasoning and information on those tips.

If you have tried 20 Cogs yourself please let me know your experience.

Any questions please ask in the comments below.

57 thoughts on “20 Cogs Review: Scam or Legit Way To Make £200+”

  1. A very informative post, I saw this being discussed on a facebook group and hadn’t heard of it before. I think I would have been a little wary of starting this but your post has broken down the risks really well. I think I will give it a go following your tips and make sure I keep a close eye on things!

  2. 7 weeks to make £129.60. And what about when you’ve been doing these offers a few weeks won’t the well run dry. It doesn’t seem like a good long term plan for earning an actual living. And if you keep records but somehow lose track of something you’ve signed up for you could find yourself in a bit of a pickle. I get that it’s not for everyone and and is legit but it seems to be a short term solution to finding an income with an element of risk and long wait times to get paid. If you’re someone that doesn’t ‘need’ the extra money but rather would like a bit of extra pocket money then I reckon this is for you.

    1. Hi John,

      20 Cogs isn’t meant to be a “long term plan for earning an actual living”.
      It’s a one-off way for earning £100+.

      Although it took 7 weeks to make and receive the £129.60, it only took about 10 hours of work time, if that, so £12+ per hour.

      It’s certainly not for everyone as I tried to point out in the review, but the earn rate beats that of many survey sites and many people are happy to dedicate hours to those a month, so this might be an interesting option.

      Thanks for your comment.

      1. I read your review and tried it. Surprise surprise every single click requires you to commit to some trial or other and pay for some service you don’t want so with respect I don’t think you have painted an accurate picture of what this is.

        1. MoneySavvyDaddy

          Hi Chris,

          Thanks for your feedback.

          How many COGS did you complete? What exactly were you offered?

          Sorry, you’re not too happy, but my review totally represents my genuine first-hand experience.
          I spent £41 completing all COGS which included an extra charge for not canceling one of them on time.

          The profit I state is after deducting those charges so I think my review makes it pretty clear what can be earnt profit-wise.

          My first COG was a free sign up and survey. I also had other such offers as completely free trials with well-known names such as Audible and NowTV.

          Many of those COGS with an offer charging a fee, were for just £1, including good profitable ones like spend a £1 and get £15. Even though you spend a £1 it still beats the sign up for free to get £10 COG offer in terms of profit of £14 to just £10.

          Let me know if you decide to continue and how you get on.

          1. Much of it is trial offers for things like graze snacks that cost a quid for a box of snacks delivered to you which is very reasonable and if you don’t want more, simply cancel it and lick your £1 loss wound for three or so seconds.

            I joined one of the bingo sites, Foxy, played through the bonus and won an extra £15, then I deposited an extra £10 in the slots for an extra tenner bonus money and won £70 and spent a bit more in some fairly empty bingo rooms and came out with around £100 total.

            Add to that 20cogs gives me £20 for joining and I’m up over £100 on only one cog. I just won £30 on ladbrokes bingo and still have some games to play out. So yes I paid a bit of money in but with luck, in that case, bagged up. You don’t need luck to make money on this though.

            You don’t get owt for nowt but it’s not insulted me, for the most part, so far. Search engines and review sites are your friends to avoid any hassle you can’t take…

          2. Thank you, for sharing your experience. You summed up how it works in action. I also lucked out on a casino offer, although didn’t include that win in my final profit figure.

  3. Hi there

    Really great article. You say above that it ca provide a one off payment of £100+, but does that mean once you have received your payment, you cannot restart the cog process once again?

    Many thanks.

    1. Hi Lorraine,
      It’s just a one-off process, you can’t start over again, unfortunately. If you know anyone who also might be interested in doing it, you could always refer them and see if that earns you a bit extra.
      If you don’t mind the betting, bingo, casino type cogs, you might be interested in Matched Betting, some of the sign up can be combined with cashback. See my Topcashback examples and also Quidco is another option. I’ve made money from both for different types of offers. Very lucrative especially when combined with Matched Betting (profiting not gambling).

      Have you completed the COGS? If so, how did you get on?

  4. Yup, seemed Ok when i started … now all offers in the upcoming Cogs require me to sign up for a free trial and just pay £0.99 or £1. So imagine i do that 17 times…… would i have the time to go and unsubscribe from all of them before they start charging me?
    On top 20Cogs do not give me any other options……….
    I am so disappointed…
    Would not recommend!

    1. 20 COGS is a valid way of earning over £100+ but I agree it’s not for everyone.
      As stated in my review it cost me a total £41 to complete the COGS, so I made £129 profit from a payout of £170. That included letting an extra charge slip through, but I aimed to complete my COGS as quickly as possible so had a number of subscriptions on the go at the same time.

      You chave the option to pace yourself and aim to complete all 20 COGS over a number of weeks. Maybe write reminders in your diary, phone or calendar.

      The round of COGs you are on now might all be pay to subscribe but others down the line might not be. You have to decide if it’s worth paying 99p to earn £10 or whatever the offer is.

      If you reach a point where you have completed all offers on a COG and only have a couple left to go, you can ask 20 COGS if you can complete a previous offer you skipped on an earlier COG.

      Obviously, don’t start spending any money unless you are fully intending to complete all 20.

      Either way, thanks for sharing your experience.

  5. Hi, I found your review very helpful. I have completed my 20 cogs: was wondering if you would know the answer to this quick question.
    The grey cogs that I have (and have raised tickets for) has the bonus offered for completed these added to my total or does it only get added to my total once it turns amber?

    1. Hi,
      Glad you found the review helpful. The Green “Confirmed Total” figure means the transactions has been checked by the advertiser and they are happy to pay for that offer. Therefore this would only show once the COG has turned green.
      Hope that helps.
      How was your overall experience?

    1. MoneySavvyDaddy

      Thanks. Spread over the 7 weeks to complete it took at most 7 hours to complete. That’s everything, the recording of offers, checking bank account transactions etc.

        1. As long as you are given the option to complete the next COG you can keep going and do as many as you want in a short timeframe.

  6. Beware of this! Total spam, by the time you complete 5 cogs you have already wasted lot of your time and money. They also have their own people giving fake positive reviews on trust pilot. You will not find one genuine person in real who is satisfied with 20 Cogs. They should be banned. I am not sure how much was this ´MoneySavvyDaddy has been paid for this article. Shame on them!!

    1. My review represents 100% my true genuine first-hand user experience of using 20 COG. The only payments I have received are those I’ve earned directly from using it.

      Key points from the review warts and all:

      1)You must complete all 20 COGS to get paid

      2)I spent £41 to complete the 20 COGS

      3))After those expenditures my final profit was £129.50

      4)It took me approximately 10 hours of effort spread out over time (that includes setting up tracking spreadsheet, check bank accounts, etc)

      5)It’s a one-off way to make money not recurring (which some people mistakenly think it is).

      My review mentions pitfalls and tips to avoid them.

      I know of lots of other people who have completed 20 COGS, which was one of the reasons I gave it a go myself.

      While I personally think there are better ways to earn a £100+, 20 COGS is a valid way, albeit maybe not suited to everyone.

  7. So do u have to pay for some of the servays or is there a way of completing all 20 with no cost wot so ever? And is it 30 days from the 20th cog complete so if it takes say 3 weeks to do all 20 cogs ill have to wait another 4 weeks at most to get the payment and once i have the payment can i start the process again?4

    1. Hi Mark,
      To complete all 20 COGS you will have to spend some money. I spent a total of £41 which unfortunately included incurring an extra charge because I didn’t cancel a trial in time.

      For some offers, there is little margin for error when it comes to qualifying for the COG to be completed and incurring an extra charge.

      They ask you to allow 30 days for all COGS to turn green individually. Any issues you can contact support. Once they are all green you can claim payment. Payment should then arrive relatively quickly.

      No, you can’t start the process again. It’s a one-off method. This is where some people get disappointed.

      Where did you get the impression it was something you could repeat? I’d be interested to know where people are getting this impression from.

  8. Hi MoneySavvyDaddy, Could you go into a bit more deeply exactly when should i cancel any subscribes?
    I am not sure about there is any time gap between after the free trial and when i will be charged. How much time i have to cancel? minutes? hours? a day?

    Thank You

    1. You’ll have to check the T&C’s for each individual offer and make a note. Some you may be able to clearly cancel before a set date. Although I had at least one offer it wasn’t too clear and I ended up being charged and couldn’t get a refund. I deducted that from my profit. Sorry I can’t be of more help, but it really does vary.

      1. I think that may have been TIDAL? I say this because I have just completed 20 COGS and that’s the one I’m not sure when to cancel. It says 30 days but then surely I’ll be charged after 30 days…oh well I’ll still be up on profit.
        I found your page after completing it so hopefully I’ll be quids in soon 😁

        1. I didn’t have a TIDAL COG, so I don’t know for sure (maybe someone else can help if they completed it – please comment if so).
          I would set a reminder to cancel on the 30th day and hope it works out.

  9. Thanks, MSD for this great post, I signed up yesterday and will smash my way through them. I also signed up for Oh My Dosh on Friday and have made over £80 profit with very little work. Its a lot of the same type of offers so I dont think I will have too many issues with 20cogs. Thanks again and great post.

    1. Hi Lee,
      Let me know how you get on. If you have completed lots of similar cashback offers then you may find some of them again on 20 COGS, which will restrict your options as regards which ones you can do to complete a COG. (I had this issue with some of the gambling options as I make money Matched Betting.

  10. I completed 20 Cogs a few weeks ago. It took me about 6 months because I refused to take offers that cost more than £1. In total I got £141 and they paid me within the week.

    You have to be careful to unsubscribe the trials and such or it’ll end up costing. They also reward for referrals so here’s my link if anyone is interested in giving it a go.


    I would also recommend researching how to cancel the subscriptions to some of the trials cause some of them (particularly lotto syndicates) are quite sneaky and it turns out you have to email them or phone them or something. I was caught out of £7 from one so I reckon in total I probably only spent around £18 to get £141. Mainly because there are also free offers. Obviously the less costly ones payout less.

    Most of the negative comments on here are from people who seem to think it’s all free money. I spend a lot of my free time completing surveys and playing games for money. This one’s a bit different to that but still. There’s no such thing as free money so if you’re getting annoyed that you signed up and it’s taking more effort to get £200 then you haven’t read the reviews or even the information 20cogs gives you before signing up.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience. £123 is a worthwhile profit.

      Some interesting points you made, proving 20 COGS can be completed without spending more than £1, even if it does take longer. I personally was happy to spend more for some of the better offers and to complete the COGS quicker.

      Good tip to research how to cancel a subscription in advance as I had a similar issue with one of my subscriptions that I was overcharged for.

  11. Very good review- thank you very much MSD. Just a quick question – once you’ve done your 20 cogs and receive payment what happens next? Does it reset and you go again?

    Many thanks

    1. Hi Yasir,
      Once you have completed the 20 COGS that’s it.
      It is a one-off opportunity. You could consider referring friends for a little extra.

      If you were okay with doing any of the Bookmaker, Bingo or Casino COGS, you may be interested in long time earnings from Matched Betting (not gambling).

  12. What happens is you are already signed up for some of the cogs so can’t complete them?
    Or as one says you earn your cog when you change supplier but it’s for gas and I don’t use it?
    Do they change the cogs regular or is it the same 20? If so I can’t complete them

    1. If there was an obvious on a previous COG that you didn’t choose to complete the COG you should be able to message support and be able to complete that instead.
      If at any point you have completed every offer available you’ll have to wait as the offers do change over time. I’d recommend setting a reminder to check periodically over time.

  13. Very good review- thank you very much. I have a question – once you’ve done your 20 cogs and receive payment can you re-do it using a different e-mail ? you’ve already mentioned that it’s better not to use your e-mail address.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Rita,
      You wouldn’t be able to do all the sign up offers again because nearly all of them would be for one person only. Some may be one per household only.

      20 COGS is really just a one-off way to make money. If you are looking to make more money you can profit from multiple more bookmakers and casino sign up offers via Matched Betting. You can also pick off individual opportunities at OhMyDosh, but don’t do those before completing 20 Cogs incase some of the same offers are on the COGS and limit your options.

  14. Hi,

    When it says you need to complete the trial for the full duration or you will not receive cashback, if the trail is for 30 days, they expect you to cancel on day 30 and not 29? Would It would only come off pending and go green on day 30? It sounds a bit risky, I always cancel a day before with free subscriptions but 20cogs seem like they really want you to lose money… What’s your experience with cancelling subscriptions?



    1. Hi RJ,

      Unfortunately, I did get some extra charges, as I outlined in the post. With hindsight now, I would consider whether the cashback is higher than the first monthly charge. I’d hope to avoid the charge if it’s advertised as a free-trial COG offer though.
      I also found some subscriptions difficult to find where to cancel from, but apparently some of these are covered online, so I’d use Google if I was having any difficulties.
      Hope that helps.

  15. Click on the link and Give it a go!!
    Takes a few months but does payout!
    Took me 2months in total.
    I swear on my dogs life this is not a scam.
    Prolific is another good survey site at paying out.

  16. Hi,

    I am looking at this as way of earning a more substantial income. I can commit quite a lot of time to the COGS (I work from home and have spare time for projects like this) but from what you said it sounds as if there is only one set of COGS to complete and once you’ve completed them there are no more – is that right?

    It’s not the case that you could do a new set every week for example?


    1. Hi Colin,

      20 COGs is a one-off way to make money, once all 20 are completed that’s it in terms of completing COGS.

      You could always manually look for similar cashback type offers at Oh My Dosh which is a sister site of 20 COGS, and there’s plenty of opportunities available on Topcashback and Quidco if you check regularly. Have you tried Matched Betting, that can often be combined with cashback on Bookie, casino and bingo offers.

      Hope that helps.

  17. Hi mate, I have just started 20 cogs myself I’m currently on number 8, I’m just pacing my way through making sure I write everything down, money out, trial dates ect ect, I’m simply writing to ask what exactly is match betting? And how do I try this myself? Also is there any similar sites that you know to 20 cogs? That pay out like this for taking trials ect?

    Cheers lee

  18. Hi, I have a question. When all cogs turn green and you are good to cash out, what happens with the remaining pending offers that I have completed? Can I return and cash them when they are registered or you have to cash everything at once? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi, Please excuse late reply.
      You should only have 20 COGS green by the end. There shouldn’t be any left pending if I’m understanding what you mean correctly.
      Once all 20 are complete and green you’re done.

      1. Hi and thanks for your reply.

        I have asked the same question at 20cogs’ customer service and they said that after all cogs are green you can do multiple withdrawals, but minimum withdrawal is £5. Note, after all cogs turn green, there may still be some pending offers, as you can complete more than one offer per cog.

  19. I’ve been confused about when exactly to end free trials without incurring charges, so have just done an internet search and found an answer on the 20 Cogs helpdesk:
    In case you can’t find this link, there is a paragraph in it which states:
    “For the offer to update you only need to stay a member of Which? for the 7 day free trial. You must stay a member for the entire 7 days for the offer to update but you may cancel any subscriptions on the 7th day.”
    I haven’t tried this yet as I only joined 20 Cogs a few days ago, but hopefully it will work…..

      1. if there is an offer which I already done I should skip it ? If I will use a different email I can do it twice ? Thank you!

    1. Hi Omar,

      Yes, the £15 bonus is still available.

      If you go through my link you will see “Join Now for a £15 Welcome Bonus” on the page you go to which is a great way to start off.

      All the best with it.

      1. Okay, perfect savvydaddy, most I have seen the max. bonus is 5£, your is amazing!
        About the tips, fake number there is no problem at all? And I checked Sage for example, (I dont have account yet, im gonna create through your link) they ask that you have to have you bank details in the account to have the cashback, this is common? I thought with paypal details was enough,

        Thanks again 😉

        1. You’re welcome.
          Fake number is fine, many people use it for these kind of offers. You are using purely to stop needless advertising texts.
          I’m not sure what you mean by “Sage”?
          You should be fine to complete every offer safely because 20 COGS have picked the best offers, but it’s always good to be wary.

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